Friday, March 2, 2007

PohPohzz Bday

2 dayz before Chinese new year(28th night) was my beloved PohPohz belated bday.She celebrated it late because she wan to wait for his beloved grandson (siaukiazz SOON aka my bro)to come bak from his NS training camp ma. haha.Poor bro become black like arang dee,but mana tau still as big and prosperous as ever.Swt

Anywayzz we(Pohpoh and her kia-soon(child and grandchildren)) went to the fisherman wraft for some good seafood.All the dish seems to be good except for the fish,so celaka not fresh wan,just like eating bubble gum nia.Oo ya,because i was too busy enjoying and the food,i totally forgotten to take any picture till all the plates were squeaky clean. usual after feeling up my big spacious stomach,my hands starts to itched and i start taking photos .

Presenting my 4 leng luiz cousin
Which 1 prettier ar?Wanna vote?hahaha.

1 of the 3 sisters?

or the older 1?or maybe my god mum??

Did you say shezz ugly?
Beware ar!!Posing like tai ka che dee with all her lengs at the back

kzz now back to the main actress.haha
Poh poh and all her grand children

Time to light the candles

eh mom wat are u looking at?The entauba infront la
You see PohPoh also knoe where
PohPoh making her wish
(Must be wishing that her entau grandson gets more entau from yr to yr la)
After wish do wat ar?BLOW candle la
AFTER THAT?Pose for the camera before u cut ur cake