Thursday, March 8, 2007

What An Interesting Day

Wow today(Wednesday,07/03/2007) can be considered 1 of the most interesting day of mine this year.HAHA.It all started with a phone call from 'ah boobz' .


Me: Hello (YAWN)
Ah Boo:OI!! You knoe wat time it is dee ar?
Me: Errmm.....8 oclock lor.AIKSSSS..........SHITZZZZZ.....die ar?
Ah Boo:How somemore?Faster come la.


You knoe'll y i'm in such panic?I got POP test today and it starts at 8 oclock.
So after the call ,i quickly change and rush to ah booz house to get him.Ho jam mm jam,today when i'm in such a rush got traffic jam.So sui ar.We manage to reach the class only at 8.30.Thank god our lecturer very baik hati and give us extra 10 minutes to finish up our anwser sheet(but i think i'm going to fail also la).The funny thing is there is alot more ppl who reach later then us.Today must be a sui day for alot of ppl.But the most sui person of all is ah booz la,he's late because i cannot wake up mah,not his fault.haha Soree boozz.

Interesting event No.2.After the exam and a class after it,there is an hour break before the next class starts so me, booz and normz decided to visit the ICT fair which is held at 12kolej(hostel).Because the place is quite far away and the pigginest in us,we decided to drive there lor.When we came bak to my faculty ,i decided to park at the library(bottom) instead of the usual place we park (ISM on top of science faq bukit) because nearer to my S&T class ma.The S&T class is alot more interesting than usual because itzz still the presentation week.The students were suppose to gather in a group of 6 and present something using the media on certain topics given by the lecturer.(I will post my groups presentation up soon,so those who wan to see my bad acting stay tune to the blog lor).Anywayzz,during 1 of the presentation,1 of the groups give us a puzzle to solve.It was suppose to be a heart shape because they were presenting on 'Kempen Cinta Bersih'.But lets see wat i did to it......

A pinky SunAnd an Triangle man


That's not the interesting part yet,after the class me and boozz went UP to the ISM Carpark to get our car.Something fishy?haha.Remember where i park my car today?..When we reach the parking spot where we park our car this morning(exam time).I turn to AhBoo and started laughing.He was stunt for a moment and join me after that.2 of us laugh all the way bak to the car.Ppl must think that 2 of us are 'seng ching ping'(Crazy).Maybe they get ready their cell phones to call Tanjung Rambutan already lor.haha .(See la UM life so sien,everyday do same thing until our head also programme liau,can go on autopilot)

At night,i drop by DIGITAL MALL to get my new pendrive.I lost mine 256mb last year,right after i baught it.So sad man.Thats y i bo ka muan buy new pendrive and use my older 64 mb pendrive till today lor.This time i decided to buy the penskin together with it.Eventhough itz bigger,but i will reduce the probability that i will lose my pendrive again ma.And the penskin also very KE AI like me ma.haha

Ke ai like me bo?hahaha

After that ,went to the Longest Pasar Malam In Malaysia (Cheras) with my cous(Jolene),Booz,Normz and Jlsyang.Baught a pressy for my bro since his bday is coming and i still got some left over money from my ang pow collection hahaha

Guess wat i baught??

After pasar malam i went to the ( er se uu hou(number 25)) house to give Wei Chean(did i get ur name right?)a surprise bday party and here are the pics ...

Bday Boy Blow Candle
BdayBoy kena Punish as usual.HEHE
The Delicious Cake (one of the strawberries stuck at the bday boyz nose haha jkjk)
Members of the 'er se uu hou' with an outsider 'me'


jlshyang said...

apa jlshang, nickname sudah spelled salah lagi la. Anyway, no need to use my nickname to refer to me kua. You call me jlshyang wan meh? hahahaha.

CheNsEnG said...

told u deelor
i spell 10 times 9 times wrong 1
u faster change nickname la
i wanna practice writing ur nick name mah.thats y use jlshyang
mana tau fail again