Friday, March 30, 2007

5 thingz you never knew about Itchy

This post is explicit for my mom.If you happen to be itchyhandsengs mom.Pls stop reading now.Haha.Might get hard attack after reading it.haha.JKJK

Aikszzz.Kena tagged for the very first time.Thanx to our brother CY aka Karl aka Famous singer.hehe.So now i need to tell ppl 5 things that they never knew about me?Am i suppose to expose 5 of my dirty little secrets here?haha.Where can?But sudah kena tagged wattodo leh.So here are the five things majority(my close friends and family should knoe la) dunno about the itchy Mr Itchy.

Dirty Secret No 1
Lets start with the things i hate.I hate Green Stuff.
I hate plants-i find nth interesting in plants.I dunno why my mom and grandma are so interested in it.The plant collection in my house is increasing berkadar terus with the dayz.(which also means,the nyamuk is increasing==>i dun get good sleep at night)
I hate Vegetables-haha the only green vege i eat is broccoli
I hate st.xavierians also-just being a Free although already old offence(soree sis)

Dirty Secret No 2
I like to go round penang island after midnight with my Cute Little Kellisa and my peng you.Haha.Got lots of stories from my adventure dee,like going to jalan titi serong and 1 time stopped by 2 police carrying machine guns.Scary man.hahaha.Wan to knoe more?Ask me personally.

Dirty Secret No3
I play 5 instruments(flute,piccolo,piano,guitar and recorder(during primary haha)) and i'm slack in all of it.Haha.Dun belief me?Ask my friends or my mom.Maybe my auntie knoez also because alwayz cause noise pollution in her house.haha

Dirty Secret No4
I'm majoring in a subject that i failed almost all the time when i'm in form 4,form 5 and form 6?U knoe wat subject??MATHEMATICSSSS!!!Dun ask me why?I also Dunno.

Dirty Secret No5
I spend the whole of my form 4 and form 5 school life in the bandroom.Itz either for band practice or carrom session with my band buddies.hahaha.This explain my not so good result for SPM (shhh dun tell my mom)..(Mom u're not suppose to read and if u're reading just close 1 eye or better both hahaha)

Haha so those are my five BIG BIG secret.Dun tell anybody har.
Thanx CY for tagging me.And if i'm going to get any lecture from my mom,i'm going to blame it on you.hahahaha.jkjk.

Hmm who should i tagged?
Jlshyang,Erin,NNCY,Big and little Tengzz,(mom??haha) and whoevers thats on my link that belum di tag lagi .

tagged ping ping,mak shan and (greensterzisme because bully me).haha


pinksterz said...

maybe i should change my blog to GREENisme. bwahaha!

haha! i tell ur mom 'watak' you dirty secrets.

CY said...

Hey, tag GREENsterz above la. (Lol!) Can know her dirty secrets :P

Anonymous said...

Form jia hou:
I only know 2 of ur dirty little secret:hates green and maths....
Actually vege is good for ur health since u can get fibre from vege....but as far as i know u consume fibre optic for that so i cant talk much about it...(How to eaat fibre optic?coook it like kang kong? =.=||)
Second,maths...Same here.Curse the lame lecturers that teaches nonsence all the time.Thanks to them my maths standard dropping like no tomolo....

CheNsEnG said...

cy:aiks i taught she kena tag before dee hahaa

pinksterz:bully me somemore la.Now i tag u.haha

jia hou:fibre optic taste good.hahaha.unexpectedly my maths standard go up.At least i dun fail anymore.haha.Not thanx to the lecturer but you and ur tutorial solution.haha

Wan Yean said...

machine guns? where u drove to, afganistan?

pinksterz said...

haha! silakan wahai encik gatal tangan mentag saya kerana saya tak kisah pun wahai encik gatal. kaka!

cy: you are so going to kena from me. wait for your turn hor.

CheNsEnG said...

Yup.My cute little kelisa can fly 1.You dunno meh

scratchy said...

Hating greens shouldn't be there actually.
I thought that you only consume "coke".

All you need to survive ;)

CheNsEnG said...

hahah mr scratchy
should have list that done too
but it ask for 5 secrets only ma