Sunday, August 23, 2009

2+4=24 (Late Post)

This is where i celebrated my birthday (3 weeks ago ahahah i know its very late) with some of my friends and my cousie'sssss
Welcome to Tenji!

Freshh Sashimi!!

Oysters (Yum Yum??)

More Food!!!

Haagen Dazz Ice Creamm

Carlsberg Anybody??

My Cous and her Keong Keong

My Other Cous,Ben Ben and Itchy

Itchy's Graduation

Last week was my long waited graduation day.Didn't have time to post this pics earlier because of my !@#$%^ long hours work.Anyways this is some of the pics which i took with my friends
(not much because i Graduated a year later)
Anand (The Guy who always let me copy his tutorail anwsers xPxP)

Api@Adrian Benjamin Lim@Pi Boy

Angeline @Lousy Coursemate


Ying Sing and Ming Zhen

My Cousin @ Jolene

My Moody Dad xP

Tired Itchy
Didn't know that Graduation day can be so tiring.