Sunday, April 29, 2007

If Girlz are treated like Guyz

Girlzz alwayz wan to fight for equallity with Guyz .But u'll got ever think before wat will actually happen if Girlzz are treated 100% like guyz?

1)You won't get to enjoy ur 'ladies first' rule anymore

2)There will be no more 'I dun hit girls' thinking from the guyz.Ngek Ngek.Dun get to hit guyz without being hit bak dee.

3)No more ladies night.Must pay for clubbing

4)Nobody will care when u cry

5)When u go out for a date,dun expect ur bf to pay for u anymore.

6)No more flowers,teddy bears,chocolate on ur bday or valentines day

7)Kekurangan 1 job profession to choose dee,no more 'House wife' job.

8)When u're down,ur bf won't be there to gently conforting u and listen to ur probs anymore.You will get a hard pat on the back and invited to go to the bar and get drunk instead.:P

9)U must learn to like DOTA and computer games because that will be the kind of 'dating' u get.No more movies,candlelight dinner and bla bla bla.At most also candlelight dinner in 'maple story' hehe.

10)I'm out of ideaz and kekurangan time to think because i got less than 10 minutes to post this up.

So guyzz if u can come out with more pls tell me.And girlzz dun get angry because this is a true fact joke.And if u're angry scold me after tml because tml is a day of silence dedicated to the victims of Verginia Tech.Let us be silence for those innocent ppl killed

One Day Blog Silence

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Examz Over?Time for games.

Yahoo Yahoo.My examz are finally over.Time too play.Recently i'm addicted to this Desktop TD game.Although itzz not as canggih as the 1 in DOTA but itzz quite fun la.Since now so bored got nth to do and my aunts com tak adak game so mah play this lor.Hehe.

So those sudah finish exam 1 and those chiak pa bo su cho 1 come join me play lor(Warning:addictive game,those got exam pls stay far far away from it).hehe.Go to Play the medium or hard mode.Then send ur scores to Itchy (group name).:P

See la so far only 3 ppl in the group.So sad.:P Enjoy the game.

P.S. Who wan go hang kai with me?I'm very the bored lo.After examz dunno wan to do wat.Going bak to PG next week.So orang orang pg.We go yamcha everynite starting from next week K?

Friday, April 27, 2007

Why is the coffee gone?Opps i mean the Rum

Why is the Rum gone?Aiyah Why somemore?Itchy and friends already finish it last week mah.Lupa liau ar?Hehe.
Any fan of Captain Jack ass Sparrow here? Itchy is 1 of them.I'm sure all those fans out there tak sabar sabar waiting for Pirates of the Coffeebean 3(Did i get the title right?).Next time you go to coffee bean remember to look out for Mr Jack sparrow.His black pearl might be hiding inside ur black coffee.(Nonsense End Here)

NuffNang(takkan you dunno apa itu NuffNang) booked an entire cinema hall at Cineleisure for the Opening Night of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and they’re giving away tickets to Nuffnangers FOR FREE!!! There is only place for 250 nuffnangers.(So wat the hell are you waiting for?*from Numb*)Aiks forget to tell wat are u'll suppose to do.(Refer below *itchy getting lazy*)

So whoz planning to go?Now itchy tak adak kawan to go together gether.And somemore i will be bak in Pg at that time.Hehe.But i really do wan to go for it.Will try my best.Boss STEWIE I wan the TICKETS.(Dun wan to dress like pirate can ar?:P)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chee Boo and Yee Sze Bday (Part 2:Aloha)

After makan full full in Saisaki.We walk to Aloha club(very near only down the road nia).This is my first time clubbing.You see la i so kuai 1.haha.This Ah Boo kak pai wa nia.haha.jkjk.On the way there we pick up Captain Oh(my ex-classmate,not some kind of superhero)

Itzz so pack in there,maybe because itzz Saturday night.We can't even find ourself a table.Have to share with 2 apeks and a women.But the apek very cool 1.I think they are more high then most of the youngsters there.Somemore belanja my friend some of their beer.So wat is there to do in a club beside Drinking ,Dancing and loooking at hotbabes?haha Maybe can camgig abit also.haha
Me and birthday boy.haha.Still birthdayboy because this pic is taken before 12 am.

Cheers or Yam Seng.I dunno watzz the drink called.Some kind of whiskey.
Did u realise the extra glass?The club is haunted.hahaha

The guyzz acting cool.(except for me,i look stupid) Desmond was suppose to do a strip tease for the bday girl.hahaha
Picture in the dance floor.You see la call the camera man to take our group pic ,he go take pic of the hot girls dancing at the back.As u can see the girls there are so hot until some ppl need to wear Sun glasses as if there is a hot sun there.

This is a perfect picture.But then u see la those 2 guyzz .Guess wat are they looking at?

Haha the most important thing that nite is to get the birthday boy and girl drunk.Looks like we've done a good job in the pics,but actually they are not drunk.:(

We left Aloha at 3am then went for breakfast/supper then after that we went to CC for counterstrike and Dota somemore.I reach bak home at 830am.:P Really enjoyed the whole night and morning.:P

P.S. And i forgot to buy any presents for both the Bday Boy and Girl.Next year i pay bak with a big big present ok?Boo u wan Big Big Bear or Big Big Monokuro BOO?haha.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Chee Boo and Yee Sze Bday (Part 1:Restaurent Saisaki)

Birthday lagi.Haha.This time is Chee Booz aka Ah boo aka Zero and Yee Sze time.Actually their bday falls on different dayz.Boo on sat and Yee Sze on Sunday.So to celebrate together,we celebrate from Sat nite till the Sun morning la.

The first part of the party is held in...............................................ta daaaa.Restoran Saisaki Japanese Buffet.1 of the best buffet i had ever eaten.Super banyak choice 1.I can't finish trying each and every type of food there.My perut got no space for dessert also lor (my perut very big u knoe).And all that for just RM52++(around 60 la).Considered cheap for japanese buffet liau.
Should i let the pics do the talking?Today itchy no mood to crap la.

I had to come up with this since the Saisaki ppl dun allow me to take a pic on their 'chiew pai'.Wan to promote them also so susah.The innocent baby itchy crab cute bo?

Bday boy and friend tak sabar sabar wan to eat dee.*Kena marah after take this picture isshhhh*

Oyster baked with cheese.Sedapz betul.Ur trip there will be worth it if u hentam 10 of this oyster.The other solution is drink 50 cups of milo haha.I use my maths skills to count liau.*My mouth still smell like oyster*

The delicious sushi.What sushi also got ar.I'm a sushi noob(dunno watz it call and can't differentiate the taste).But at least when ppl ask me if i tried this bla bla bla sushi?I can anwser yes because i try all dee.

Over here we have the Tempurazzz.Used to be my choice over Sushi.But now i prefer sushi alot more than tempurazz.Most tempuraz taste the same to me too.(And is still dun eat green vege even after itzz deep fried)

After feeling up each and every empty space in my stomach.Itzz camgig time.*haha like the new name for male camwhorez?*

Birthday Boy with the (few overs later) Birthday girl.

The 4 entaubazz.Actually got 1 more.I think he still busy eating until forget to camgig.:P

The 3 leng luiz

And when u group the leng chai and leng luiz together u will get a whole bunch of good looking ppl :P
*And the other entauba is bak on the left*
P.S This post is also to promote the bday boy.He say he needs to sell ass because sudah pokkai.Anybody wan to buy? hehe.Anywayz he and the bday girl combined to belanja all of us.Thank You har Boozz and help me thank Yee Sze also.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

My lil Cousinz 7th............17th B'DAY

Hello everybodyz.Welcome bak.1 week bo see Itchy got miss Itchy bo?hahaha
Yeah Yeah at last my exam is over........aiks not yet over actually.1 more paper to week.At least my curfew is over la.haha.Nobody can scold me anymore.haha.Can't believe it that i berjaya tahan my Itchyness for 1 week.(
Eh clap abit la,bo support itchy 1)

As stated above,todayz post will be on my cous Bday.Her birthday was last Saturday la,but because of my stupids examz,after 1 week only get to post about it.Anywayz this cous of mine very special 1 lor .One birthday increase 10 years old 1.(See the picture below).One day before her bday she was this cute little girl on the left.Then when the clock struck 12...ta daaa..she turned into a princess.(Forgive me for crapping,1 week bo crap liau)

(found this young cute pic of hers on my aunts com)

I was suppose to help my cous start fire for the bbq party.The problem is i dunno how to start fire leh,i'm not a Scout ok.So after hours of trying and some help from my auntie and my cous friends.The charcoal finally started to burn.And soon it became..................

(Bila kecil jadi kawan,bila besar jadi lawan)

*itchy fighting fire*

Lets see watz in the menu for the party.Chow Huai Ta chicken wingz,Beef satay,fried mushroom,BBQ pineapple and much much more.The most important factor of delicious food is................the chef.haha.See la i berusaha so hard till my whole shirt also wet dee.:P

(Anybody wan to hire me as their chef?)

When my cous send me the pics she took,i realise she tak adak satu pun group pic with her friends.B'day girl where can dun have picture with all her friendzz during her party 1??So her baik hati punya cous help her to group all her friendzz into 1 pic with her in the centre la.U see i so good :P

(Her friends all kawaii bo?Ah boo u wan their numberz?)

The only bad thing that can happen to u on ur Birthday is.........................kena bully by ur friends after blowing the candle.haha.But this girl over here looks so happy after kena bully wor.See the 4th pic.Smilling so happily.(means can bully u more right cous?)

Thatzz the end.The morale of todayz story is dun get angry when ppl(Itchy) bully you.Must be happy like my cous and say thank you.:P

By the way,todayz is Ah Boobz bday,so let us together shout and wish him

Friday, April 13, 2007

Itchyhand DNA

Countdown:5 More Dayz to Stupid Exams

5 more dayz nia.And i still bo kiasi(not scared dead) can blog.haha.Wattodo leh.Hands too itchy wat.But hopefully this is my last post before my examz Endss :P Must tahan itchyness for a week.So now i would like to apply for study leave for a week (till my exams over) .Approve anot?
Whoever see me blog another post before next friday(20th april 2007) pls scold me and report to my mum ok? haha.U see la i so good give free pass for ppl to scold me.haha.(Bulliers dun take advantage har)
Haha for those of u that dun have EXAMS can slowly see and kaji itchyz DNA ok.Miss Lehbit says my itchyhand so itchy so i have to do this DNA test wor.Scared i got 1 extra mutant gene in my hands.Hehe.Dun worry,this is not the boring stuff u learn from Biology class.Itchyz DNA canggih 1 mah.Got pics 1.haha.So buta huruf also can read 1.

K la better go bak to maths.
1+1=3 right?
U see itchy so smart.hahaha.Must add carrot oil dee.
*itchy goes bak to study table*

My List

Anybody interested to increase their blog popularity?Now'zz the chance haha.Participate in this My List thingy(will help u to improve ur page rank and technorati rank)hahaha.I also not very sure how it works.No time to go read and understand.So this is roughly how it works.(From 5xmom's blog)
1)go to Daryl's site(read the instructions)
2)copy down the list
3)put the list on ur blog
4)Go chio all ur friend to participate(like wat i'm doing now)
5)Tell Darly u already posted and he will add ur blog in the list
6)closing date is 31st of May 2007
7)Do 1 more post of the list in june(so that the late commers also get to enjoy the benefit)
8)aiks forget to state...this is for Malaysian bloggers only or those that blogs about Malaysiaz stuff

My List Participants

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The World at My Fingertips
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Organic Parade
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Daryl's Discovery Journey
The fluff must go somewhere

Lets get fehmes together...........................weeeeeeeeeeeee.*itchy goes back to his books*

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Last Post

er..for the week??(examz sobs).Anywayz was tagged again by wise 5xemak and this naughty Erin.This tagged was started by John Lampard(from dunno wat urban monk) brother of Frank Lampard(just crapping).Apparently he's going to derma 1 bug for each 1 who do this tag(max 500 bugs).So ppl 1 to do charity i also help lor.hehe. Haizz,i just started blogging for a month only,now have to write my last post liau.Really dunno wat to write la(itchy cracking his head)

KK i start with the thank you first lor.First of all i would like to thank my blog father who lahirkan me into this blogosphere.Knoe who bo?Jlshyang la.After reading his blog for yrs and hearing his blogging stories,i've decided to give up on my pegangan "blogging is for chiak pa siau eng ppl"(eat full too free).Manatau once i started hor,hands to itchy liau cannot stop.Eh jason,u got bluff me bo on ur stories?I start blogging dee still bo get to meet up with celebrities,lengluiz and get famous 1.All i get is 'kena bully' from other fellow bloggers.haha.jkjk.

Next i wan to thank is those 'bulliers'(you knoe who u are).Haha.Thanx alot for bullying me.Makes my blogging life so much more exciting.Who else wan to thank leh?Oo ya my fellow friends and readers who non-stop giving farnee comments on my post.haha.And also thanx to all the silent readers(dun be silent la,i dunno who u are).Did i miss out any1?

Then wanna say wat somemore ar,really dunno la.Maybe sing this song to you'll la haha.Used to be one of my fav.Actually itz still 1 of my fav haha.

*Itchy singing*
The Sun,has gone ,to bed and so must Itchy
So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, Good bye

(Starts to rain dee??)

P.S. I'm so not going to let this apocalyspe happen.Itchyhandseng is just a 1 month old baby,haven see enough of this blogosphere yet.Wan to happen also wait till this blog is 80 yrs old ma.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Hitz fm 10th Birthday Bash? NO
Speed Zone Tour Rave Party?NO
Then where did Itchy go yesterday night leh??
Actually i dun plan to go for any of the above because my examz is like so near(next week).But since my cous keep bugging me and my idol (ah niu )is going to sing so i mah go lor.U'll might call me ah beng for idolizing MrCow,but i dun care la,i tai ko mar :P My most fav song from him is 'Sui Cha Bo' anybody haven't listen before?

Bak to the concert,
Actually we need invitation pass to masuk this concert 1 which,me,my cous and booz didn't knoe.So reach there dee how ar?Takkan wan to go bak meh.So we sneak in la.The guards there also SH SH(stupid) abit wan.

This picture is taken when on my way down to Sunway Lagoon(the concert is held there).Alot of ppl right?hahaha.Wait till u see the pic below

Ta Da.A colony of Ants opps i mean Humans.So crazy la,dunno how many ribu ppl went.Pack until got ppl fainted halfway through the concert.And as u usual,Me 'banjir' dee la.

This is some local artist,i dunno who la,but her style of dressing ,singing and dancing almost same like Jolin Tsai 1.

This is my idol,Mr Cow.haha.That day he nv sing my fav song la.sobs sobs.Sing all new song which i dunno.

Hmm,Janice Wei Lian.The star of the night.First time in Malaysia,after her performance everybody belah liau lor,pity Cao Ge who perform after her.Half the audience is gone

Hmm u see,the guard stop the other ppl and let my go bak first haha.Y leh?Because i'm the VVIP la.hahaha.The actual reason is because i'm a PPIG.They scared me spoil the escalator because i'm too heavy.hahaha

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Itchy Got Logo Too

White Logo: 3 voters

Red Logo:8 voters
The Tribe had spoken,white logo,u have to leave this blog immediately and nv come bak.:P

After Itchying around from blogs to blogs,i found quite a number of blogs with their own designed personal logo.For example,little teng,pinkster,cedric,5 x mom and bla bla bla.So as usual,the gen tau ness (oh noooo since when i'm so gen tau) in me makes me 1 a logo for my blog also la.So i ordered my worker(because he alwayz call me boss,i dunno why,me too bossy i guess) Little Teng to create a logo for me.Aiks i sound so mean,haha actually i ask very nicely la(right tx?MUAHAHA).Anywayzz thanx TX,Ur logo damn cool and funny.hahaha.But now i can't decide on the colour.Any1 can help me decide??
The white 1???

Or the red 1?

Talking about designing stuff,once upon a time,in a land far far away,Mrs fluoboe aka Ytian design this(see below) for me.Haha Just wan to thank her.

I belanja you 2 eat roti canai next time ok?hahahahahahah

Thursday, April 5, 2007

RoTi CaNaI Promotion

Still remember the post on Cikgu Itchy teaching their students not to be kiam siap?haha.Those of u that missed it can check bak here.

A month after the incident itchy visited the mamakz.

Itchy:Hey Boss apasai duduk sana pak bang(hit mosquitoe)??
Worker:Tak ada customer,tak pukul nyamuk mau buat apa?
Itchy:Tak ada customer pergi sebelah punya CC main DOTA la.
Worker:Gilakah,Nanti Boss cincang saya masak curry.
Itchy:Hahaha.Lu takut Boss macam takut isteri saja.Mana customer semua lari?
Worker:Hari itu saya halau itu dua kiamsiap punya orang lah,customer lain salah faham ingat service saya tak baik.Lebih lebih lagi customer sekarang lebih suka pergi MacMamakz.Haiz
Itchy:Nvm Nvm.Saya ada idea.Kita buat promotion roti canai.
Worker:Apa promotion?Saya tak ada duit untuk bayar you la.Sudah hampir bankrupt.
Itchy:Tak payah bayar.Tiap tiap hari bagi free 2 keping roti canai cukup.haha
Worker:Boleh boleh.Saya bagi free curry juga.
Itchy:Yeah buat tak kiamsiap di balas tak kiamsiap.:PSerahkan kepada saya la.

So herez how itchy going to promote Roti Canai.....

and the song (not i sing 1 lah)

Cerita diatas adalah rekaan itchyhandseng semata-matanya.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Weekend in Penang

Soree for posting something ugly and disguisting on my previous post.It was Rinns fault haha.jkjk.Promise i won't do that again.haha
So last weekend i went bak to my home town.I'm so called the vice president of the PBSM club by my friends.PBSM is not persatuan bulan sabit merah lor.haha itzz Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu.haha.The president of this interesting club is jlshyang haha.But at least now we improve abit liau,dun go bak everyweek dee haha.
Anywayz wat did i do in PG.I reach on friday night.Was so tired,so i spend the whole night sleeping after some small chat with my family and my dog jackie.

On sat morning,i spend most of my time on the net(blogging and reading blogs).Then kena jadi my mom's driver in the afternoon.Haiz.By the time i reach back home,itzz time to go dinner liau.We went to Seoul Garden in gurney plaza to have our dinner.There is where i met smashpop.But didn't wan to kacau him because he'zz enjoying his dinner with his family(i think).
Here are some pictures i took in the bbq steamboat:
Didn't expect to find pizza in a korean bbq place.
The 'char siew' chicken and the fish are my favourite dish for the night.It taste so good.
I drank infinity cups of drinks and most of them are coke hhaa (my fav drink) since itzz free flow.The pic below is a coke float with jagung icecream.Taste really weird.
BBQ banana.hahaha.Learn that from Grandma Sara but i dun dare to eat after BBQing it.haha

Ice Cream Kacang.haha.Just like ice kacang,just replace the ice with ice cream.Yummy(caution:very fattening haha)

After consuming so much oil and fat of course must exercise la.So my poor bro had to be my punching bag.hahaha.Since he is fatter.hahaha
Then at night i went for supper with Dawson and Stella.Was suppose to go with Wenqi manatau......Anywayz,of course i didn't eat dee la.Perut also wan to pecah liau.Just had a drink and talk(more like gossiping).haha.I'm so pat por.haha.Dun worry not gossiping about any of U.

Sunday woke up late,went to visit wenqi again,this time in her house,She looks fine i guess(right wenqi?)One to look at her pic after the accident?Go to Boss Stewie's blog.Met Boss stewie in wenqi's house and he passed me the nuffnang stickers.Thanx Boss.(Itchy Supporting nuffnang all the way even though my blog still not good enough for any advertisers.haha)

After that i broke the Itchy Books of Records.I took 8 hours to reach KL.8 is like more than 2 times my usual time.Broke jlshyangs record too.I drove at 20km/h in the high way.Gosh terrible jam.Iguess the front drivers must be playing an april fool joke because there is no rain,no accident and no nth.Eaten my dinner at 1230am that day.Teong li and Khai chuin misses the last lrt and had to stay in booz and auntyz house.Sad case man.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Itchy Bean

Warning Warning.This post is not for the faint hearted.Many readers fainted after reading this post.
Haha lately saja kena tag by our famous blog singer CY,now kena tagged again by Rinn.Nampaknya she wan to balas dendam.Launch her attack right after i go attack her country(blog).hehe.Anywayz here it goesss...........

1) How do you look like ? (explain or attach your latest pic)
Hehe.This are the words that explains my looks.
ITCHY-haha of course la,my name also tell u that dee
DUMB -dumb enough for pinksterz to alwayz bully me.SWT SWT SWT
STUPID-in hokkien ppl call this 'GONG BIN'
Anything else ar??Dun think so la horrr.Anywayz look at my pic for further illustration

Most recent pic(5 minutes ago)

2) Are you satisfied on how you look currently? If no, which part do you wish to change?
Of course i'm satisfied with my looks.hahhaa.So 'leng chai' dee wan to change wat somemore?Maybe i wan to add another mouth to my face.My current wan doesn't seems to be able to cope up with my stomach punya appetite haha.Lets get fat together .hahaa.-I'm joking-

3) Who do you want to look like ? i.e idol / movie star

Dun we look the same?hahahahahaha

4) If you're given a chance to star in a movie , which movie would you like to take a role in? Why?
Ermm i want to act in my own created movie called 'robb-Bean-hood'.I would like to take the role of the baby(mr bean junior) called Itchy Bean haha.Why???Ermm because i dun have to say anything throughout the movie haha not even 'BEAN'(in Mr Bean funny voice).haha

Cute bo?i think cuter than 'Matthew' in robb-b-hood.haha


Haha.So now i've done it,i pass on the meme to CY ,PINK/GREEN/RAINBOW-sterz and maybe bak to Rinn since u belum buat ur own meme haha.