Monday, March 5, 2007

Safety First,Kap Lui/Chai later

Last friday,2 of my peng you (Jason aka mamason and Norman aka Norbit Normy) was havin dunno wat sui luck.Maybe because they nv kutip enough ang pow during chinse new yr ar.So now must kutip somemore with their cars la.

Now lets play a logic game haha
heres the question:
2 drivers(J and N) met with an accident(different place and time)
1 of then bang ppls backside(in the wrong) and 1 kena bang(not his mistake)
Driver J is known as the safe driver who drives at 40km/h on highwayz
Driver N is known as a car rempit hahaha jkjk who drive at 180 km/h on lorong kecil
can u'll guess whose the 1 that bang ppl and the 1 that kena bang?

The anwser is............

Picture stolen from

Curi curi take when Norman pay for the parking at The Curve

Judge from the photos la.haha

Oo ya almost forgot,i would like to dedicate this song to all my friends who drives(no matter wat u'll driving-cars,bike,bicycle,tricycle,bumper car,...etc etc) first ,kap lui/chai later


hua chia si ke so sit chai ho ci toh
oo lang speeding,oo lang tok ban ban so
oo lang cit chiu hua chia cit chiu ka girlfriend poh
oo lang kua cha bo ,ki long tiok lau ah po

ang teng chi teng kua beh cheng cho,cheong koay to chut chia ho
lim chiu hua chia ki long tiok lang si di i shing eh tua cho
pager na hiang tiok ai loon,hand phone tiok samban
ai gip cbt tiok beh tua,bus stand ni tiok chai siam

hua chia si ke so mm si ho chi toh
na li bo se gi tiam li tok oo lang toh
hua chia si ke so chiam ban tok mai chi toh
na li ai thi ki......hehe
lesen tok balik ko

Translation for hokkien noobs

Drive car everywhere go is actually very fun
Some ppl speeding,some move super slow
Some ppl 1 hand drive 1 hand make out with gf
Some ppl see pretty girls and terlanggar old lady

Red light Green light cannot see properly,speed out is very good
Drink and Drive then go bang ppl is the worlds most serious crime
Pager beep u must be patient,Handphone u get summon
Want to go in cbt must buy ticket(i dun really understand this part),Bus stand u better move away

Drive car everywhere go is actually not so fun
If you're not carefull sure got ppl die
Drive car everywhere go better dun play play
If your stubborn......HEHE
Ur License will be gantung

P.S. Anybody can help me write the lyrics for the mandarin rap part and translate it.Me banana and dun understand a thing.And those who wanz their car number to buy 4d just msg me la.hahaha


Jonathan said...

lemma..ppl sakitzzz gila babi d u stil can blog 2 laugh at them

CheNsEnG said...

haha where got laugh
u're the 1 laughing nia ma

Anonymous said...

Y u so gai eh?? ishh...makin a joke 4 ppl 2 laugh at is even worst than laughing k...haha...

-ah Shan-

CheNsEnG said...

sobs.Mak shan ar.i where got make joke.Just reminding ppl to be carefull nia ma hahaha

Anonymous said...

OO really...den wat about da song ha??? easier for ppl 2 take note

-ah ShAn-

Wayne said...

its CBD... not CBT... means "Criminal Bureau Department"... LOL.... funny song....

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