Saturday, September 27, 2008

Addiction to moonlight resonance??

Guess what Itchy saw when hezz attending his super boring maths lecture??
(Jeng Jeng Jeng)

2 of his unknown coursemate sitting right at the back of the class
watching Moonlight Resonance

See how addictive that drama is?
Students can sacrifice listening to their 'oh-so-knowledgeble' lecturer to watch the next
'chi kek and dramatic' episode of that drama.:P
Whats worst is this 2 person was enjoying a packet of lekor and practically making every 1 in the class hungryy with the smell of the delicious lekor......and itz like puasa month =.=
(All my Muslim coursemates were like turning around looking for the inconsiderate person)

Maybe they just forgot that itzz puasa month,so 1 of Itchyz friend wrote a love note to them to remind them :)
(Hopefully this will remind them to be more sensitive to the surroundings and ppl around them next time)

P.S Itchyz excited to go back to PG tml but he still haven't pack his bags =.=

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update for the sake of updating

OMG!!Itchyz had been neglecting his blog for more than a month already!!
Itzz time to clear off the kulat and bring back the itchyness to this blog.
But not today la,lazy and i have 2 super nice drama to finish
(which is 1 of the reasons this blog is berkulating)

Moonlight Resonance
The best TVB drama i ever watched -very recommended
(Itchy had been influencing quite a number of ppl to watch this already :P)

Gossip Girl
Hey....don't give me that look.Itchy still haven't turn into a poh hiau ok.
(Had been influenced by a lot of friends and my Mui~)
But itzz really nice and the girls are kinda hot in a way :)

So yeah,Thatz all for now...............(Off to drama-ing).
Would like to say sorry to my blog and also the loyal readers :P
Promise will update my blog more frequent.

P.S. Itchy will be back to PG this Sat.Looking forward to it.Remember to include me in outingz and yam chaz sessions kay PG peeps :P