Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday, went to watch Pengambilan KTM Satu Dua Tiga (The Taking of PELHAM 123) with my new housemate Jia Hou aka 'Good House'.
The movie was so so to me ,but its much better than 'Blood:The last vampire' which I watch 2 weeks ago with my Cous.
Anyways,me and goodhouse went to baught the tickets early (the cinema/mall is walking distance from my new place =] ).Guess who we saw there??

The FLY FM Pagi Show and Rush Hour Djz
Taking their PMR Exam's,busy cheating away.

Although i'm not a big fan of them,i listen to the Pagi show everymorning on my way to work.I find them better compared to Hitz FM JJ and Ean.
Here are a few pics i captured with my ciplak camera (So ngam i bring out my cam because i've decided to blog actively again)

Prem Busy writing his anwser while Ben trying to Cheat.
Nadia actually look like a real student in her pinafore.

Fat Fabes so happy that he gets his anwser right

This is how they get the questions,nowadays PMR so hightech d

A scholar??

I didn't know who wins this competition or rather PMR exams because i went back when they are having their 'recess time' (and i don't listen to radios on weekends xP)