Sunday, March 4, 2007

Interesting signs for Interesting guyzz Room

Kids.Read only when ur parents are not around.

For all the guyz thats so "ke ai" out there,you'll should stick this sign in front of ur room.Eh eh,the ke ai i mean here is not cute leh .Its just the short form of "ke lian mei ren ai" (pity nobody wanz you)haha.Dun worry la,i've found out that itzz not that nobody wanz you.Itz because the shy leng luiz out there have no idea on how to tackle they mah bo take action lo.
So ar...u'll better print this sign out and stick it infront of ur room or house ar just like ur ang kong hu.Besides berfungsi to halau ghost,this ang kong hu here will also attracted ur ideal gf to ur life.

The next sign i would like to introduce is for those guyzz who got big 'kuku' like mine.haha. Wat!!!Dun believe me ar???Okok i prove to u'll.Definitely i'm not going to show u a pic of my precious la.I'm going to prove it using a well known theorem(among pfs ppl) called the 'Hukum L'.This theorem very simple only,u learn 1 time then sure can remember ur whole life 1.haha.This theorem states that the lenght of a guyzz "kuku" is inversely propotional to their height.In other words,it works like the letter L(refer to the diagram below).Oo ya,btw i'm short.hahha.At last,something to be bangga about being short.:P.Hukum L works for females too but i'm too lazy to explain dee.

So shorties,faster paste this up and u will see a long line queing up at ur doorstep.

The 3rd sign is for those lelaki kejam who only care about womens physical outlooks.Although i'm not that type of guyzz,but since i'm so kind i decided to put this sign up to help them.Teacher say we must alwayz tolong menolong 1 ma.haha.With this sign,those guyz will safe up alot of their time.Only those in the correct category will knock at their front doors .

Last but not least,actually the most important sign i wan to introduce.Make sure all of u have this sign in front of ur doors.

Say NO to controlling girls even how pretty or hot they look.Itzz just not worth it.When u regret,it will alwayz be too late.SMACK SMACK

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