Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wasade Brass Band Concert 2007

Last Sunday Was the Wasade Brass Band Concert.....................
The people i went with....................
The 3 pro trumpeters................
The Elephants.............opps i mean Trombonezzz..........
The conductor on the FLUTEEEEEE...............


In the mood

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Art using Oranges Skin

Lion??no idea wat this is

Dragon!! Where to find green colour oranges?


Gold fish with small eyez

Dragon Vs Lion,who will win??

Monday, November 19, 2007

Pesta Music Concert 2007

Date: 28th November 2007 (wed)
Venue: Auditorium Dewan Sri Pinang
Ticket: RM 10 (Students only) / RM30(Free Seating!)
Programme :
Geoffrey Bush : A Summer Serenade for Tenor Solo,
Chor, Timpani, Piano & Strings Orchestra
Chorus Mistress: Khoo Hooi Lay
Tenor Soloist : Khaw Liang En
Johann Strauss, II
"Die Fledermaus" Ouvertuere ("The Bat" Overture)
Annen-Polka, Polka francaise, op. 117 (Anne's Polka)
Leichtes Blut, Galop, op. 319 (Light Blood)
Eljen a Magyar! Schnell-Polka, op. 332 (Long live the Magyar!)
Unter Donner und Blitz, op. 324 (Under Thunder and Lightning)
Rosen aus dem Sueden, op. 388 (Roses from the South)
Tritsch Tratsch Polka op. 214 (Trish Trash Polka)
An der Schoenen blauen Donau, op. 314 (Beautiful Blue Danube)
Johann Strauss, II & Josef Strauss
Pizzicato Polka
Josef Strauss
Ohne Sorgen, op. 271 (Without Worry)
Penang State Symphony Orchestra & ChorusConductor: Jascha Y. Shimano
Co-operator : Johann Strauss-Gesellschaft Wien (Johann Strauss-Association Vienna)
Main sponsors : TEXCHEM, Dato' Toshiaki Oshimo, Japan
For more info pls visit
Datang la beramai ramai untuk menyokong Mr Gatai :P

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist

This is a damn funny video by standing comedian Jeff Dunham ,a must watch,

ENJOY......................SILENCE!!!! I Kill YOU

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Itz Finally OVER

My examz are finally OVER.Yahoo.I dun have to see this place anymore.........ermm for at least 1 month zzzzzz

Hopefully,this will be the 2nd last Exam i will have in the rest of my examz.Didn't do well for the last paper through,anti climax betul,sudah mau merdeka baru come hard paper ZZzzzZZ dun care la.Pray hard that i won't fail,if not i might have to extend which meanz more examz.

So anybody outthere got anything interesting for me to do????Damn bored here leh,everybody still sitting for exam .Wanna call them out also i rasa bersalah.ZzzzZZZ.Peng you ar......faster finish exam la!!!!!!

By the way i will be bak to PG this SAT!!Hooray!!

P.S. I will try to update my blog more often now since i'm so free,so do visit often ya :)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Sicko Comedian(For open minded ppl ONLY)

As usual,during exam season,i will entertain myself with a couple of songs while i'm studying.So this time,itzz this sicko comedian named Stephen Lynch.To me his songs are super funny and nice,but u need and open mind to appreciated it,if not he will sound like a F___king A__H___ to you.ENJOY.

SENSITIVE ppl pls do not click and for 18 and above only.

She gotta smile


Caught me


Voices in my head

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Story Behind OH WHY

Hello everyone,THANX for all those nice comments.Will reply all the comments at the end of this post.

This post is to explain the weird lyrics for my songs.haha.The story goes like this:

Once upon a time,in a land far far away,there was this crazy student called ITCHY.Itchy was the laziest student in University Itchy.Okay enuff crap...straight to the point.
Itchy was taking this course called Monte Carlo STIMULATION opps itzz SIMULATION.The lecturer teaching this course is VERY GOOD and also VERY BAD.Why i say so.........?
Lets start with the Bad.Hezz very BORING.U will fall asleep after 5 seconds if u concentrate in his class.So wat happen???His class will alwayz be a Quarter full only.The rest of the ppl like me........PONTENG la.ahaha.
Now come the good part of him.hahaha.There was once when Itchy attended class,guess wat the lecturer sayz?
"Hey my dear beloved students.whoever haven't sign attendance for all ur previous class pls come here and filled in the empty spaces"
Itchy couldn't belief his ears,hahaha,where got lecturer so good 1?This is the first time.
But now Itchy knoe why he is so good d,He likes to murder all his students in his examz haha.
The whole class kena shoot using PARA gun *trrrrrrrr trrrrrrrr trrrrr.BANG BANG BANG*
Counter Terrorist win :P
Shit,got too carried away.hahaha.Bak to the story.So Itchy went bak home,moodless,sitting in front of the piano,and thatz how this song was born to Itchyworld.And they lived happily every after.
-The End-

I knoe the lyrics is very weird and maybe it dun sound suitable with the song.But nvm la,won't change it since itzz the first.I promised to come up with better wanz when i come up with new songs.Thanks again everybody
Replyz to COMMENTS:
Evil Coursemate:Yea,decided to post up my....lousy song :P but get good comments very happy hehe.Like the new ending ma?
Ricky:Thanx for the compliment.Opps forget to thank her yet haha

Bell:haha dun mind the lyrics,aiyar i noobs only how to major in music wor.
Scbone:hahaha thanx for the compliment and ur truthfull comments :P

Replyz to CBOX

TX:Still in ur head kah?Dawson ar,he very the busy nowadayz
Lengchai:Hahaa Glad u like it tai kor.Must let OSH listen
Deviline aka coursemate:Thanx for the advertisement coursemate
Ralph:Thanx alot,Glad u like it lorrrr
Devience:Soree i was tak siuman when i'm writing the lyrics haha
Jade:panjang tangan?i go ur blog curi stuff hahaha
Eric:Thanx alot
Yapkevin:u play music too?I will link u up also
Saewei:here can't release itchyness 1,can get more only
Pls go support my evil coursemate site :P(pss pss got plenty of ahpeks pic oppps i mean leng lui pic)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Itchy Box-Oh Why(composed by itchy)


Came back from a sickening test
Spoil my mood and my wish to rest
Hold me back,from all the fun i planned
to do after the test,

Right before the F#$%^&& Test
Sitting at the last row Desk
Studying Hard,and not like i am
busy playing chess

Oh Why You,have to do this, to ur students
a week before their hols
Are you trying to remind us,itz bad to ponteng
the monte carlo course

Oh why you,have to wait,till this moment
to tell us we're bad
Why can't you just sent us off,
scold us there or bar us from our test

Nothing can be said or done,
Why not just go have some fun,
though u can't,ignore the 'machine gun'
from parents which is so mafan

See them u will have to run,
Go hide in the small jamban,
Stay in there,till ur parents wake
and ready go 'cho kang'

repeat chorus*

(My very first time writing a song.I knoe my composing skills and my piano playing skills is kinda of cha....But I would like to share it with my readers la.Ur comments (good/bad) will be very much appreciated)

P.S. i didnt sing it because my voice kinda suck,anybody free and kind enuff to help me sing ?