Tuesday, December 30, 2008

J and K Online Boutique

My Cousin and I had started our very own small online business.
Its an online boutique.Surprise???haha
Better belief it.
Anyways i had design a few posters/header/adverd for our future use
but i can't decide which look best.
Help me decideeeeee plsssss
1.Blue(My Darz Fav)




By the ways do pay our blogshop a visit.
It doesn't matter if you're not planning to buy anything from us.
Just go and have a look and maybe drop us a comment or maybe give us some advise
on how to improve our site because we're still very new in this.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tak Nak!!!

Itchy's Anti Smoking Campaign

Smoking kill's your little brother

How near are you to your coffin??

Smoking will only ONLY lead u to Cancer

Good luck Smokers

I think you know what this advertisement trying to say xP


Digging your own grave??

Tick Tock Tick Tock.How much time you have left?

How much of your life do you wanna trade with a puff of cigarrete?

Smoking make death very predictable

Smoking is like having fun hanging yourself

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Linda Chung Ka Yan in Queen's Bay

Itchy is not really a fan of meeting up with celebrities,
but being too free and bored,
he decided to follow his cousin's to queensbay mall today to see Linda Chung ,
a well known TVB actress/singer.
See the amount of ppl there =.=
That's just the top part,it is too pack for me to take a picture of the ppl on the ground floor.

A super fan brought along a huge poster of her =]

Shez not really a good speaker but did amused all her Penang fanz with her newly learned hokkien language.
Shez even prettier in person but her make-ups is pretty heavy.

A song she sang during the short meet up (forgot the title) haha.Enjoyy =] =]

Friday, December 5, 2008

ItchyFooD:Sister's Char Koay Teow

Heard of it so many times (especially from KL ppl) but haven't tried it before
So Itchy and his cous went all the way down town just to eat
the so called Penang Famous Sister's Char Koay Teow
It's located at the start(one way road) of Macalister Road hiding at the right side
Didn't know it existed at all till i search for it today =.=

Itz directly opposite this k-9 petshop
(which i never failed to notice every single time i drive past it)

Tadaaaaa.The Char Koay Teow.

Lets have a closer look on the big prawns.YumYum!!

The 2 sisters in yellow and pink.So colourful xP

This is my cous who always upload my ugly pics up on net

Itchy's Review: I've tasted better Char Koay Teows's but this do have it's own special taste.
will give it a 6/10 considering the small portion and pricey-ness.RM4 for a plate.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My New Wife (Sony Ericsson C902)

My Mom baught me a new toy yesterday.
Had been longing for a new phone for quite sometime since my old nokia 3230 giving me so much problems.
Tadaaaaaa,my new wife SE C902.Sexy marrr??
Spend my whole day exploring and experimenting my new wife.
Itz a cool phone with quite a number of cool application to play with.
Love it alot.
(At least now i got something to teman me while my dardar is away in kl =[ )

Check out the specs HERE if you're interested to knoe more about this phone.