Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Photography Class

My Photography Class in UM

For the first few lesson of the class,i actually taught i ended up in the wrong class.Why leh?Because go class alwayz call us DRAW only.Not even a single photo taken.(Pic above is Jia Houz masterpiece)

This picture taken by me while waiting for the alwayz late punya lecturer.My ex-roomate.Leng chai MOU?

Last week,My lecturer brought his 18k punya photography equipment to class.So we had fun playing a fool with it.

The lecturer busy teaching the girls only.Haha.:P

The flash is super bright and turned my ex-roommate into a ghost liau.Haha.

This is my cincai do and rejected punya project(for hari KO-K).One of my coursemate say i turned UM in to a vehical dealer company dee.hahaah.

My 2nd project.No complains so far.But itzz not final yet.Any suggestion on how to improve it?

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Last Sunday,i decided to drive to Putrajaya to watch the Fireworks Competition.But then leh,that day was the Team Global day which means,the frie works is only for less than 10 minutes.(i think around 5 minutes only).Haiz,all the way there and watch for 5 mins nia.Damn bo kah muan.

The only fireworks picture that actually look like fireworks.(camera cacat and also tak dak skill).

Smart for 2 skinned with the competition poster.

After the fireworks,we went chiak hong around putra jaya and took pictures of the nice nice buildings.
View from the jabatan to PICC.


The dunno wat punya builidng.But itzz so nice.

The Mosque and the PMz office.

The Video of the fireworks(Dun Mind The Conversation)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Malaysian Food Festival (Tutti Fruits)

Last Friday,went to watch Rush Hour 3 at 1 utama with Jason,Jia Hou and Norman.Haha.I'm abit outdated in movies nowadayz,too busy to go to the cinema.Oh by the no spoilers,so dun stop reading here :)
To me rush hour is good although some of my friends told me is okok only.I like the part when the sifu goes 'I am Yu and He is mi'(Not spoiler:already in preview)

After the movie,we went downstairs and bump into the Malaysian Food Festival exhibtion.Since my camera is with me at that time,my itchy hands decided to snap a few interesting pics for my itchy blog
This whole house and garden is build with Malaysia's fruit.Got Mango,Langsat,Watermelon,Rambutan,Ciku and lots more.The ants going to have a big feast that nite.

Fruit Carving,This watermelons is too pretty to be eaten.

There is this fruit craving competition held at the time also.So we get to watch the sifuz carve the fruits LIVE.They are so skilled.

The hasil kerjazz of the participant.

So Ladies,would u rather received this(see below) on valentines day...
......OR this???

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Badminton World Championship(Round 2)

Last Wednesday,I went to Bukit Jalil to watch the Badminton World Championship.My first time watching a badminton tournament live.Usually i will be watching it infront of my tv.

The Super Big Shuttlecock

"Oi Taufik,bangunla" thats wat i heard from the supporters when i was there.The fanz was supporting him till the last point when they suddenly started to cheer for the indian player

Hafiz Hashim.Losing at first until he kena booed by the fanz.But in the end lose at 3rd round also.Haizzz

The Unsupporting Demmark player,Mr Molly.Kena yellow card that day.Padan Muka.And kena kicked out by our Malaysian pair in the 3rd round.

Malaysianz Women doublez from KLRC club.Lim phek sia(former national player) and the other 1 forget the name.Lose that day to(See below)

Demmark women doublez

Sony Ericsson Dwi Koncuro.Send our number 1(Lee Chong Wei) pair out in the 3rd round.Sobzz

Malaysianz favourite pair.KKK and TBH.But then they lose at the Quarterfinals.

The Satria Neo and the Gen2 or persona,displayed at the court

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Panda

Yesterday was Pandazz birthday.Eh wait,wrong panda.......
This 1 la baru correct.The skinniest panda on earth.
Her birthday cake baught by her bf Mr.SH panda CHian
Usual girls punya post.haha.
Right after singing birthday song,ah boo fast fast run bak to the room.Guess y?hahaha
Mr panda helping mrs panda cut cake

This is wat happen when u call a guy to cut a cake.HAHA
Happy Belated birthday to Panda!!(So use to calling her panda until i forget her name liau)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Itchyz Birthday Dinner

Yahoo,itchy is 1 yr younger dee....................i wish.Haiz sudah lah old now must add another year to my 21 years i collected so far.SO this yr 22 liau.By the way,i didn't had a big bday celebration this yr compared to my 21st.Only dinner with family and supper with friends.haha

After seeing this pic,i dun have to tell u'll where i went for dinner dee hor?

Hmm i thought i so lucky la,can get free starter.And u knoe wat starter they give me......

The super kiam punya 'heh bee' haha.
The interior design(Nth better to do while waiting for my food)

After waiting for quite some time,the first main dish came.See la my mom so hungry dee,cannot wait for me to take picture also.(the whole plate's finish within 5 minutes)

Why is this guy trying to burn my food?Oi dun make it chau hui ta har

The second main dish,dunno watzz it called.(Waited for half an hour after the 1st one finished)

Mussels.We called it 'thun' in hokkien.Bigger version of lala.
Last and the least,my pathetic birthday cake.haha.At least i dun have to share it with other ppl la :P

Monday, August 6, 2007

Pessoc's Concert (Next Tuesday,7th Aug)

All the details is writen in the poster on top,hehe,so datang lah beramai ramai to enjoy a night of classical music.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thank You Everybody

I would like to take the oppurtinity in this short entry to say
to all my relative and friends for giving me pressy,ang pow and most importantly lots lots of birthday wishes from calls,sms,msn,friendster and in this blog.Thank you all of u.And those who forget to wish can still wish me belated birthday ahah :P

Had lots of fun yesterday except for the 4 hours trip driving on the highway.Haizz.K i will try to update on my bday soon.hhehe.Bye for now.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ITCHY BOX 1 (Fei Ni Mo Shu)

2 years ago.before entering uni,i told myself that i must pick up the mandarin language but wat happens??After 2 years,the only hua yu that i knoe how to say is 'Wo bu hui jiang hua yu'.Trust me,i can say this sentence real good,till those ppl that i reply to dun belief that i can't speak mandarin.Haizzzz.

So now,i'm going to memperkenalkan ITCHY BOX to my blog hehe.Trying to kill a few birds here:

  1. Main Reason: To pick up and practice my MANDARIN.
  2. Practice my piano.haha.Haven't touch for years liau(I'm a noobie)
  3. Increase traffic?haha my traffic drop to below 20 liau.sobs sobs.(all my fault,for not updating frequently)

Without wasting anymore time,ITCHY presents to u the first song of ITCHY BOX.hehe.FEI NI MO SHU.Lehbit introduce this song to me sometime ago,she say after listening to this song then can get very LUM 1 haha.But that time i dun understand a word of this song.Now baru paham.

(This was played by ITCHY,so dun expect to much from it k?haha.I'm a noob) (can u'll listen to the full song?)

P.S Before you'll start singing,lets together-gether wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MITCHY.