Thursday, March 29, 2007

Anwsers to SMK Itchyhandseng first ever exam.haha

Masa sudah time !!!Masa sudah time!!!
Pls stop typing and put down ur pencils fingers.
Students are not suppose to talk when ur papers are being collected haha.
kk cut the crap

Anwsers for the test.
Feeling nervous dee?Got feel like when u going to get ur PMR,SPM or STPM results time?Whole night cannot sleep?hahaha

Question NO.1
What is a 4 letter word that ends with 'k'and means the same as intercourse?
Of course is TALK la.(The first word that comes in to ur mind is the F word right?)

Question NO.2
What is it that a cow has four of and a woman has only two of?
This is the easiest question.Almost all get right.haha.You see cikgu itchy so good give bonus question.
The anwser is none other than LEGS

Question NO.3
What can you find in a man's pants that is about six inches long,has a head on it,and that women love so much that they often blow it?
Dollar Note or Ringgit Malaysia
Aiyar.This 1 girls should know better mar.But y almost all girls get wrong 1?

Question NO.4
What word starts with 'f' and ends with 'uck'?
The un-vulgar anwser for this is FIRETRUCK.

Question NO.5
What four letter word begin with 'f' and ends with 'k',and if you can't get one you can use your hands?
FORK la.
This 1 all correct wor.But some cheat 1 hahahaha

Question NO.6
What is hard,six inches long,has two nuts and can make a girl fat?
Almond Chocolate bar produce by some kiamsiap conpany that only put 2 almond nuts.haha

Last Question(NO.7)
What is it that all men have one of,it's longer on some men than on others,the pope doesn't use his'and a man gives it to his wife after they're married?
Last Name or your surname in Malaysia la.Dun think bukan bukan ahaha.

So now got anwser dee lets see the result la.haha
Zero Booz:(50%)
1) pluck(hello 4 letter word la)
4) fluck(wats the meaning of fluck?)
6) chocolate(jawapan tak tepat.half mark for this nia(haha))
7) time (interesting anwser.but wrong.haha.Ur time all use for dota only la no time for wife.)

Jia Hou:(100%)
Wah do research somemore.Memang first class student.haha.But i didn't say open book wor.hahaha

Mak Shan:(29%)
1.erm erm my vocab not dat wide yet...
3.wisel(wisel got so long meh?) obvious f+uck=fuck(makshan dirty minded.hahaha)
7.(no more time mah copy ppl lor)hahaha

Ping Ping:(71-10%)
1. Cikgu *raising my hand*. Soalan susah... 1st question sudah tak tau buat..
Soalan susah somemore can score so high.haha.-10% for copying hahahaha

hahahaha.sengaja tak mau tunjuk kehebatan.hahaha
Next time study before come exam lor.Commit suicide is not a solution.

1) masuk(aiks masuk represent intercourse?hahaha)
7) his second last finger(wah u kejam la.wan to keep ur future husband finger)

Hui Hui:(29%)
1. Dick (Dirty dirty hui2 hahaha)
2. Cikgu....cow got 4 stomach la....girl where got 2 oh? I think you have made a mistake in this question here....hey...(cikgu itchy where got make mistake 1)
3. Men got always carry piccolo inside the pants meh? Next time I must remember to check this out.(Wastala interesting anwser.hahah i used to bring piccolo in my pocket last time during band practice)
4. First-timer-always-get-stUCK ?? Correct mah?(Word la.Not sentence.swt)
6. Sausage just taken out from fridge...hey cikgu, which brand sausage got nuts one, why I dun know? tell me tell me...(hahaha new brand 1.The itchy hand sausage.i call it Nutty Bak Tiau)

Anybody wan to claim more marks?For those who ponteng exam,0 marks for u.hahaha


pinksterz said...

on answer of number 3:

that just prove that we, women are not money suckers. bwahahahaah!

CheNsEnG said...

prove that women suck moneyz without knowing it la
hahahahahahaha :P

Anonymous said...

from jia hou:
(passing by and overheard the conversation)
Maybe is women suck money from husband/bf then the business men/women suck money from the women and so thats a cycle?
(running away in light speed)

CheNsEnG said...

jia hou:hahaha true true
so i wan to be buisness man
so i will gain bak my money

CY said...

Eh cikgu. Hari tu lu tarak bagitau ada test... Saya ingat tarak skolah la...

CheNsEnG said...

haha.surprise test mah
to catch those ponteng punya students haha.Like wat uni lecturers like to do.Give stupid quiz.

CY said...

Eh sir sir. Jangan kata begitu. Wa tarak ponteng. It's just... kekadang you know kan, class you awal sangat...

sometimes clash dengan waktu tidur xD

Zer0 said...

tsk tsk...
i wan retake my exam!

Me : Guu oh guuu, boleh saya ambik exam sekali lagi? (Looking at cikgu itchy with a big cute round eyes)

Itchy : errr... (cannot resist the cute innocent face) haih... oklah, give u 1 more chance but in one condition... cannot follow the answers dat is posted... :D

Me : okok! Here's my answer!

1) Suc*
2) Brea**
3) Coc*
4) Fuc*
5) Same as answer feom Q 04
6) Same as Q 03
7) Same as Q 03 also

Itchy : Wah smart! i give 101% ^^. Actually thats the answer i've been looking for...

Anonymous said...

form jia hou:
zer0 is
p layful
e xcellent
r ational
v aliant
e nthusiastic
r espectful
t rustworthy

and trust me,he's a very nice person as i described.....
Claps for zar0 for getting 101%

haha,just kidding.:)

CheNsEnG said...

Zero Boo is a pervert.Girls beware.hahahahaha