Monday, April 6, 2009

.weekend with my baby.

.my baby and I at the

both also sleepy d.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday My beloved DarDar!!

Wish i could be there to wish you Happy Birthday!!
Wish i could be there singing you a Birthday Song!!
Wish i could be there to give you a Birthday Kiss!!
Wish i Could be there to give you a Birthday Hug!!
Most of all,i wish i could be there to smash your face on the Birthday cake!!!!
Wkakakaak =O=O Just Joking
Happy Birthday Darling!!!
*Will Celebrate your belated 18th birthday with you once we have the chance*

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Day Of Work!!!

First of all,would like to wish everybody Happy April Fools day.
Scary right?Have to start working on April Fool.
Manatau,suka suka the manager come to you and say 'APRIL FOOL,you didn't get the job'
Anyways,it had been a peaceful day.Haven't been pranked or prank anybody (See i good boy xP)

My first day of work is boringgg.
All i have to do there is seat in front of the computer and read stuff a bout the company and also the procedures/work that every single section and department of the company there.
Ohh by the way I'm working at SCOPE INTERNATIONAL,its a subsidiary of Standard Charted Bank.Things will get much more interesting when i start the real training next week i guess.
And i really hope that i get to go to Singapore for training.(free trip)
Anyways thats about all........wait.............oh I've met a great bunch of friendly colleagues.(they are new to the company like me)Haven't really talk to the 'old' colleagues yet.

My reporting manager turns out to be a nice young lady.Very friendly.Should be fun working under her.Ok that's all about my job.

For those who don't know yet,I'm already back in KL =[
So remember to include me in your yam cha session if there is any kay.=]