Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back being a PLAYER!!

After surviving the aftermath in 2012,

I was looking forward to a new beginning in 2013

First of all with a new career which is starting in early February
Secondly , finally being back to Single (This have nothing to do with me being a player xP)
 Joining the gym was a new experience for me as well, hope to lose my tummy before CNY arrives.
And one of the most important changes is being back playing the flute in an orchestra. Joined the Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra (Thanks to my Godsis who suggested this)

Thanks to Mr Chan the conductor who warmingly accepted us both in the orchestra.

We will be having a concert on 26th Of January (2 weeks from now)
For those interested in orchestral music,do come and support us!!
Tickets starting at only RM15

Thats all about me for now =]
Have a whole long bucket list of things i wanna do in 2013!!
Will only shared it once i achieve it one by one x)