Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Say 'Tak Nak' to online gambling

Chinese New Year had just ended not long ago. So wat does chinese new year meant to me?Haha.Since i'm the so called maths student i'm going to show u the meaning of chinese new year to me in equations

Chinese New Year= Ang Pow + FireWorks (no more)
Ang Pow = Money
Money = Can Gamble
Gamble = Lose all ur Money
No More Money = Jump from Komtar or KLCC

Meaning if i follow my nafsu,i will end up 6 feet underground liau lor hor.Haha.Of course i'm not that stupid la.Anywayzz,because of this ,my group decided to pick 'Say No to Online Gambling' for our Science and Tech Media project.

First of all ,let me memperkenalkan the super duper famous actor in our short movie.

The main actor for our movie is the super duper famous 'AH BOO'.Haha maybe not that famous yet la.But soon he will be la.hahaha

Next is SH Chian.Ah Booz roommate aka gay partner hhaha.Acting as Ah booz roomate too

Then my ex-roommate 'chee kang'.Acting as my 1 and only 'leng'.

Calvin,acting as Ah Booz BUDDY and our camera man.

Last and the least is me.Acting as Ah Long.Which part of my face look like Ah Long har?I try see from all the angle also cannot see my AH LONG face wor

Enjoy The Video.HAHA.

P.S.Dun comment on mine bad acting pls.


CY said...

Hey, the along's so friendly, keep smiling wan. See already I also want to borrow money from him! :P

Ping Ping said...

heheheh..so lawak....hee...the fren very kacau la...summore so free go cari the card...give me ace give me ace...give me k give me K..ah long,ur interest is KFC nia ah???like tht one ah long everyone oso want la...that kawan so lawak.."I help I help..owe me 1000 bucks..." hee..ah long macam mau ketawa ajer

CheNsEnG said...

cy:hahaha i got no money to borrow u la.ah boo nv give me bak money.

ping ping:hahaha told u dun comment on my bad acting dee lor.hahaha