Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ah booz BDAY

4 Dayz before exam(Last Sunday),Itchy was busy studying playing pool.
Why??Because,chee booz bday mar.
(Got alasan to not study wakaka)
The Bday Boy arranging ball like a pro

My Poser Ex roomate (Chee kang Ni Hen Chou Shuai)

Bday Boy with his matrics card.(Don't look like him rite?)

SH CHian with a drawing of him by the Bday boy

Bread cutting ceremony.(bdayboy allergic to cakes ,so ganti with bread)

Free big cup of Teh Ais for the bday boy!!

Biggest cup of tea of course must drink with the longest straw la

Ppl there.All ex-bestarian(4th college!!YeaZAa!!)

Man in BLACK!!Opps not only man :P

One little two little three little GAYZ
Fat Ugly Itchy!!

P.S. Somebody Pls revive Itchy after the examz.Going to be murdered in the exam hall.Kayy time to go bak to my books.*crawling off my blog*

Monday, April 7, 2008

Cool Coffins

Arghhh!!!!!Finalz in 2 weeks time.So not ready for it yet :(
By the way,if my lecturer decides to kill ITCHY in their deadly exam papers,will anybody be kind enough to donate ITCHY a cool coffin??
Born COOL,Live COOL,Die also must COOL la :P

Dragon Fruit Coffin

Nike Shoe Coffin!!For those hardcore NIKE fanz

Shark Coffin(right view)
Shark Coffin(Left view)

NoKIA Coffin!!!Can still sms when you're inside

Frilled lizard??(Front view)

Frilled Lizard (Side view)

Bawang??I have no idea
Kay thatz all for now.Must start Pia-ing for my examz d.No matter how cool those coffins are,itz still TOO EARLY for ITCHY to use 1 :P