Friday, June 29, 2007

Sorry for the late reply

Sorry every1 for the lack of updates and late replies.Just came bak from seremban(lousy place) yesterday.So pls maafkan itchy ok??By the way i'm going to reply all the comments(from last post) and cbox on this post.

Criz:Soree for not writing my address in the list,by the time i went bak to my table the list is gone.hehe.I sure go curi some pics from ur blog :P
Chris:Jason ordered that big fat bak tiau :P ahah.Wan yean memang alwayz sick 1 wat
Aaron:haha.Where got every gathering.Only the pirates and this 1 wat.hehe
Rabbit:haha.Dun die dun die.I derma carrots for u ok.
Babysa:?? really ar?
William:haha tai ko.where u now?come bak dee?

Gillian:Aiyor,everyday spam
Des:Mana ada makan bes hidup bes?
GummyBOy:Thanx for linking
DanielCTW:Dun cry,i'm sure nuffnang will organize lots of events in kl in the near future
Minny:Thanx for the link
Ying tian:Eh told u door bell spoilt dee lor.*must knock dee*
Ying Jie:U ikut ur sis press door bell also ar?
Michie:Weeeee....mitchy mitchy
JeremyCheong:Bulat.hehe.thanx for fav.Do u still blog?
G-devil:Okk.thanx for the link
Evie:*pengsan* thanx for tagging
Benjipapa:haha U sure a not??
Gillian:*pengsan second time* hahaha
tai ka che:Thanx for being my messenger
Al :Watz wrong with bak tiau?hehe
eve:haha thanx for dropping by
Ying jie and minny:Yes madamzz
Gummyboy:Wah leave chewing gum pulak.Later i terstep how?
Tai ka che:hehehe

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pearl of orient!!!

Hmmm wat can i say about this bloggers meet??Hmmm itzz absolutely great.I get to meet so many bloggers there.I would like to take the opportunity to thank nuffnang for organizing such a wonderful event.

We love Nuffnang!!!

First of all i would like to introduce the food we ate at foodloft.

Wanster gets the camera warm up.Fish and chips
Super Fat bak tiau
Some chicken forget wat dee!!
We've decided to share our food,So this is how my main dish look like.

The first 2 person who said Hi to me.Mitchy and gillian.

Wanster,itchy,KennySia and jlshyang

Beware,itchy hands are contagious.See wat happen to Minny

Kenny Sia sexy bulu leg,Hezz auctioning his bulu kaki.
Chee Hsien:Opps i'm too fast

Itchy with coursemate

Me and Boss
Me and Wenqi
Guess wat wansterz is doing?
Black Shouterss Shoutbox 1 big happy family


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Haha very long time cikgu Itchy dun have class dee hor??Cikgu having holiday mar.:P Today Cikgu Itchy going to give a short riddle.Anybody can tell me the anwser??DUn think senget ok..
What Goes In Out In Out
Juice Come OUt?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Penang State Marching Band Competition 2007(Result)

1st - SMJK JIT SIN, Bukit Mertajam
2nd - SMK Penang Free
3rd SMK Perempuan St. George

SMK Bagan Jaya, Butterworth
SM Sains Tun Syed Sheh Shahabudin, Bukit Mertajam

SMJK Chung Hwa Confucian
SMJK Perempuan Cina
SMJK Union

Best DM - SMJK JIT SIN, Bukit Mertajam

I LuV WhisKey,When i'm thirsty,Roti BOm ,Only For U

P.S Soree for the late updates.Was busy creating another blog.For more pics and vids for this competition pls visit

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Penang State Band Competition

Penang State Band Competition
Date:16th June 2007 (This Saturday)
Vanue:Penang City Stadium
Entrance Fee:F.O.C

Remember to come and support PFS band hehe :P Pic taken from Josh blog

The Penang Choralffest

The first ever penang choralffest was held last sunday.Itchy was there(not singing of course,i sing like a duck 1) performing.Ermm the orchestra was to accompany the choir for 2 songs,which is less than 15 minutes.
The logo for this event so ugly.haha.Wrong choice of colour.
Me,ka jie and stephanie,picture taken after dinner,before the concert starts*aiks i look so fat*

Ping Hwa Choir(soree guyz,was sitting at the back,no pics to show their pretty faces)

Mgs Choir(*same here*)

The super duper small PFS choir.Somemore thatz including some guest singer already

The combine choir.Big?Therez more ppl

Super duper big combined choir.They lighting makes them look so scary.
Christine buat Cute after performing.hehe.

The group picture,taken during the interval of the event.

and herez a video of pcghs chamber choir.Can say the most interesting song sang that night.The 'chu chu train' song.Enjoy

The final My list

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quaint melody
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Apartment Stay

Last Friday and saturday,i went for apartment stay with my 'tai ka che' and her music club members.Forget watz the name of that apartment dee,itzz at the end of the road next to penang chinese swimming club.Had a hard time finding the place,and did set up some kind of 'exercise' for my ka che because of my blurness.

This is the apartment we stay at.Nice right?hehe.If i'm not wrong,itzz Rm 200 per nite.

The view from the girls apartment(upstairs).

After i unpacked my stuff,straight away took out camera and camwhore :P.Me,tai ka che and Qin wen(correct name hor?)

The beach.Hehe,this beach looks clean.At least got no sampah sarap.

Sunset.Nice leh.I alwayz get to see sunset only,because sunrise time i will be on my bed and still snoring when then sun shines my butt.After dinner,there is some competition between the guyz group and girlz group.This 1 is the acting part,the guyz suppose to act out some scenes in snow white.*the witch offered snow white some tuna instead of apples*
The girls pulak,was suppose to act out something from cinderella.haha.Instead of the romantic ball room dancing,this prince and cinderella dance hip hop pulak.
Camp fire.And bbq at the beach.hehe.Ate more sand then food,hehe,Dunno y the sand can fly up to the food 1.

Then there is more gamez.The game planner mr.(opps i dunno how to spell his name) on right 1.hehe.Busy explaning the rules in mandarin.*tak paham langsung*

A group pic before we go bak the next day.

Guess wat this is?????????????????? Any idea???????(tai ka che dun tell har)

Just before we went bak,we found that some body broke the kaki of the bed.Hehe.DUnno who so fat sleep till it breaks.*itz not Itchy okay*.Oo ya,and i found myself a new son,the 1 fixing the kaki hehe.His name is James,u can call him Itchy James :P

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Free Food!!!Fun!!!Bloggers meet!!!The Orient's Voice!!!


The Orient's Voice

Need i say more??Bloggers faster go register here.Hope to see u'll there .

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Another Hokkien Poem

My mom showed me this poem she brought back from her office.hehe.I find it very funny and interesting.When u wanna break up with ur bf or gf can use this poem also.Somemore got 2 version,hokkien and english.Almost same meaning.(the colour part i make up myself,since my mom tak photostate habis)

Marriage of Yesteryear

Hak ku koh chah lang,
Kahwin chuei mui lang,
Bou than kakee keing,
Bei hiau u ai cheing.
Knia sai khui khee kin,
Balu khua tiouk bin.
Tong kim bou siang khuan,
Bou hoh peh bou kuan.
I love you,you love me.
Movies,parties,chin happy,
Kui jit luan ai tua jolly.
Tapi haku ei couple,
Ang pou ho ho bo trouble.
Bou siang thana ei siau lien,
Uu see luan ,uu see lien.
When kah each other khee sien,
Hong hiam sim knua chit eh pien.
Sui lang kia kakee loh,
Lu chua ang,wah chua boh.

Marriage of Yesteryear

In order to marry in the dayz gone by
A matchmaker's aid could not be denied
With Hobson's choice they wouldn't know what's in store
Neither did they knoe how to fall in love before.
Only when the groom lifted up the veil
Would then the bride's face tell a tale
But things are very different nowadays
For the parents now don't have much say
Today it's 'I love you' and 'you love me'
Young couples enjoy each other's company.
Movie going and partying so happily.
Romancing each other unreservedly
Yesteryear time couple,
Red packet big big no trouble.
Not like youngsters nowadayz
sometimes fight, sometimes okay
When get bored with each other,
Suddenly the heart sayz 'go no further'.
Each other walk their own way,
i find wife ,u find gay
P.S. If u dun understand the meaning of any hokkien words up there ,just ask itchy.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Penang Floral Fest. 2007

Yesterday itchy went to Pesta Bunga Negeri P.Pinang with his family.This Festival is a yearly event.Every year my parents will go there and buy a few plants to add to their collection .My house going to turn into a forest soon enough.hehe

My dad,poh poh and Itchy,waiting for my mom(busy buying plants)

Besides plants,they also sell this.......................................
The plantz,flowers,and cactus..................

The orchids that winz an award...............................

My Poh Poh posing with the plants... hehe