Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Mash Up

 Very nice mash up done by this guy name Daniel Kim

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blogging from my iPad 2

Hi all.

Just testing if this works.Havent been blogging for quite sometime now.
(wondering if there is still anybody following)

Anyways,I've just gotten myself an iPad 2 a few days ago.Yay!.Haven't got much time to play with it though (......somebody busy cutting vege with my iPad).Only get to use it during the whee hours like now.hehe.

Alights ppl,gtg as I need to work tomorrow.

Below is a picture taken by my new toy.No more chatime for me,only pasar malam bubble milk tea :(

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hitz Fm-Monday Friday's Parody

Talking part:

J: Aicho !! Of all days, Monday ah?
E: And of all songs we're doing this song dude!
J: Ya la wat to do !?
E: Its started already u better think of some lyrics cus u're gonna sing 1st AHA!
J; No, im sleeping.
E: No "1 to joos" u lost, u had the water thing.
J: *snoring*

Singing Part:
Stuck in the jam very early in the morning gotta get to work gotta get to school..
Gotta look good then forget to brush teeth, use my finger OWH !! smelly!!
PON PON PON!! Tolong tepi finally get to where i need to be..
Gotta catch my breath present my assignment messing up my whole speech, projector not working I think I'm messing up I think I'm gonna fail..

Its monday monday got a big frown on monday..
Wish we could fast forward to weekend weekend
Monday, monday feel so down on monday
Really wish that we could fast forward to the weekend
And crying and crying, crying and crying,
Jam jam jam..when will the stupid jam ends!

Monday always sucks i never get it my way,
Taking so long so jam on the highway,
Jam jam, stuck in the jam,
You know how bad it is
I hate this you hate this when nothing seems to go rite,
At the office the office im still so sleepy
I'm napping on my desk, he's napping in the pantry
I feel like getting ice cream when is our lunch break??

Its Monday Monday got a big frown on Monday..
Wish we could fast forward to the weekend weekend..
Monday monday feel so down on Monday
We're wondering when this song is going to end..

**dudu - incoming email**
JJ & Ean: Hey you email hold on its from Bruno Mars he says..AH apparently he says his standing rite behind us WHAT THE? Bruno?
Bruno: Hey JJ n Ean that's a hot parody u've got going on how come im not in it?
JJ: OWH OWH OK ~ switch up

Today I dont feel like doing anything,
I just wanna lay in my bed, dont feel like picking up the phone so leave a message at the tone,
Today I swear im not doing anything, nothing at all ~ woohoohoo woohoohoo..

Bruno: Guys! hey YEAH! tats not bad~ thanks ya! JJ n Ean i have a suggestion~
JJ & Ean: Alright~ what what??
JJ & Ean: What like no singing??
JJ & Ean: Owh.... now what?

Its Monday Monday got a big frown on Monday..
Wish we could fast forward to the weekend weekend..
Monday monday feel so down on Monday
We're wondering when this song is going to end..

Lyrics taken from **

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just a dream~

Nicer version of Nelly-Just a Dream

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolution

Late for 4 days, had been a busy and exciting beginning for 2011
2010 hasn't been exactly a good year for me
Many things had happen,more bad than good ones
Anyways.....Lets leave everything behind in 2010 and head fresh to 2011

Itchy's Resolution 2011

  1. Save up enough to pay off my housing loan ASAP
  2. Work myself up the corporate ladder (Maybe Jump Hehe?)
  3. Get healthier and slimmer(Seems to fail every year...Badminton anyone?)
  4. Get myself more organize and start to learn how to plan for everything.
  5. Spend more time with my family .
Lets keep it at 5 and see if i can accomplish this in 2011 =]

Happy New Year Everyone!!