Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ah Quanz Farewellll!!!

1 of my good,good-er,good-est friend (Ah Quan) going to leave for Australia this friday.So yesterday the 'five minus one' (Dr babiyun cannot come back in time=.=) had their last outing together.Arghhh 1 by 1 they are leaving,soon itzz going to be 'five minus two'.Kayy enough talking.

This show is worth a watch.Very Farneeee.
Triedd this BBQ steamboat restaurent.Too lazy to organize our anually BBQ d :P:P
Porridge and tomyam Souppp!!!
Ang Quan and DoggysonChew Chen and Ang Quan
Blur Blur Wong YewWent to Sunset bistro and spend the rest of the night/morning playing chor tai tee and bluff.Grandpa with grandaughther? wakaka
Nahhh Stefan with his moJOJOJO

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Harp Concert

The Lenglui and Talented Katryna Tan in action
Tai lo Kester leading his 2nd violin section
Mr J with the harppp

Apek Dawsonn singing with Alyssa :)

The 1 Eyed Barneyyyyyy :)

Grandma Sara laughing at Jeremyz joke

Tai Ka Che,Barneyy and camera shy GrandmaMe and Chor Chor Tasha

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Trip to Ipoh with the music club

Was helping out my 'tai ka che' with her church music club in IPOH last monday.Was there for 3 dayz and 2 nightz.Itzz very tiring but i enjoyed myself there :)
Reserved specially for us :) :)
Juan Shong aka RunFire at the balcony of the hotel
The super girlish UNO cardss.Couldn't belief that i actually play with it wkak :P:P
Han Chern the poser at Lost world of Tambun
Siu Keong is flying wkakak
Lets Get WETTTT!!
Xu Horng ,Han Chern,Catherine and C+
Mindy before flyinggg

Mindy,Angie and Kheong kheong in the pirate ship :)

Kheong,Allen and Xu Horng at IPOH parade

Non Smiling Han Chern and Matthew