Friday, March 16, 2007

My Poor Cute Little Kelisa

Another 'sui luck' wednesday for me.haiz.Last week baru late for exam.This week my clk ass rear kena rape bang by a kembara .Sobs Sobs.Sad man.Dunno kena wat curse.Park in Uni also can kena until so teruk.The driver too pro dee.haha.Anywayzz thank god the driver very baik hati wan.She waited there until my friend (mr normy) came to class and told me about the 'good news'.I think alot of ppl will just drive off as soon as possible and hope that nobody seez the incident.
My poor little kelisa

Thank god everything is settled simple and fast.My Kellisa is bak to good shape the next day.The cosmetic surgery for my car ass cost RM480 .Pity the driver also la,she need to pay both side because the kembara was her friend's car.

The light also fall off ,need to tape it up.haizz

Anywayz this accident thing is like a chain curse.First it was Jason,then Norman,then Me,and on thursday my friends housemate also.That 1 lagi hebat,he forgot to pull up his hand break when he park in the house.So the car end up slipping down to the gate,knock it open,then went down the road, bang into a wall and cause serious damage to the wira.So who's next?haha choi choi ,touch wood.I'm not trying to curse anybody,just reminding ppl to be carefull.Sometimes u carefull also other ppl knock u,haizz.haha

My new number plate.Nice bo

my brand new ass


Anonymous said...

Kesian is not ur wed u better stay at home la...locked urself up...haha...kesian ur kelisa eh sexy ass..nvm la at least u get a brand new sexy ass d....haha....

-aH ShAn-

CheNsEnG said...

stay at home also can kena bad luck 1 mar.hahahah.must go wear alot of ang kong hu dee hahahahahahahaha

seok yeng said...

*nod nod* your poor lil car! Had to get tape from me to stick that poor light back.. =s and had to drive me all the way to ss2 for exam. awww ~ and tadda ~ now its brand new. =)

Ping Ping said...

heh..wear garlics on wednesday..phek ass u got there...i'm talking bout ur car of course.. XD wah..such a pro driver..u better keep ur sexy lil kelisa away from me..i am as pro as tht person who drove and give ur kelisa a kiss..was it her 1st kiss? ^^

CheNsEnG said...

ping2:ermm first kiss in the ass la.hahaha.By the way my ass i sexy too hahahha jkjk