Friday, March 16, 2007

Malam Kebudayaan kk4 (Video)

This is the video i promise u'll.But itzz a bit cacat after i convert it to a smaller file to upload to youtube.The title i add cannot be seen.Nvm la i lazy do again dee.hahaha.Enjoy.

P.S. My aunts modem kena strike by lightning la,so i won't get to blog so often liau.Now blogging from my other cous place.Haizz.This year full of bad things.


seok yeng said...

If Aunty Alice were to fix the internet soon, u'll read this without me arnd. If not, i'll be posting this and u'll read it here too. =p haha! My house shall be your temporary internet supplier. =P see, u benefit by getting to use the net, I benefit by learning Physics. =) haha!

CheNsEnG said...

hahaha.Seimbiosis itzzit?Aiks i'm replying ur msg when u're just next to me.This is so weird.Might as well tell u straight la.hahaha.

Wan Yean said...

chen seng bodoh.

hahaha modem rosak.

by the time u read this must be months after i posted it. so u still dunno i call u bodoh.


CheNsEnG said...

wan yean:hahahaha
wat i dunno har.i can still online from other place u knoe.