Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Funny Song about 4D

P.S. Don't buy 4d anymore.If got buy and kena chi lang chi phua mah beh pai xPxP

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some Cool Youtubes to SHare

I got a Feeling Mob Dance,Super Cool Audience

Cute F**k You Song

Song that sound racist but is actually not .

Signing Out,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

An Evening with my Colleagues

Introducing Itchy's great bunch of colleagues

At Yuen Steamboat for Wenny's farewell
Even though its not really a long period we're working together in the company but i guess the stress of work has bond us really well.At least something positive from my work.

Signing OFF,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

2+4=24 (Late Post)

This is where i celebrated my birthday (3 weeks ago ahahah i know its very late) with some of my friends and my cousie'sssss
Welcome to Tenji!

Freshh Sashimi!!

Oysters (Yum Yum??)

More Food!!!

Haagen Dazz Ice Creamm

Carlsberg Anybody??

My Cous and her Keong Keong

My Other Cous,Ben Ben and Itchy

Itchy's Graduation

Last week was my long waited graduation day.Didn't have time to post this pics earlier because of my !@#$%^ long hours work.Anyways this is some of the pics which i took with my friends
(not much because i Graduated a year later)
Anand (The Guy who always let me copy his tutorail anwsers xPxP)

Api@Adrian Benjamin Lim@Pi Boy

Angeline @Lousy Coursemate


Ying Sing and Ming Zhen

My Cousin @ Jolene

My Moody Dad xP

Tired Itchy
Didn't know that Graduation day can be so tiring.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yesterday, went to watch Pengambilan KTM Satu Dua Tiga (The Taking of PELHAM 123) with my new housemate Jia Hou aka 'Good House'.
The movie was so so to me ,but its much better than 'Blood:The last vampire' which I watch 2 weeks ago with my Cous.
Anyways,me and goodhouse went to baught the tickets early (the cinema/mall is walking distance from my new place =] ).Guess who we saw there??

The FLY FM Pagi Show and Rush Hour Djz
Taking their PMR Exam's,busy cheating away.

Although i'm not a big fan of them,i listen to the Pagi show everymorning on my way to work.I find them better compared to Hitz FM JJ and Ean.
Here are a few pics i captured with my ciplak camera (So ngam i bring out my cam because i've decided to blog actively again)

Prem Busy writing his anwser while Ben trying to Cheat.
Nadia actually look like a real student in her pinafore.

Fat Fabes so happy that he gets his anwser right

This is how they get the questions,nowadays PMR so hightech d

A scholar??

I didn't know who wins this competition or rather PMR exams because i went back when they are having their 'recess time' (and i don't listen to radios on weekends xP)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Life Sucks

Hi All,

How long had it been that i haven't update my blog??
So long That i even forget my blog password.
Just to update my friends who still doesn't know,
I'm now working in KL.Wait let me rephrase that,
I'm now sold as a cheap labour in KL.Wakaka.
I had to work from 830 in the morning to 930 at night.
And the salary is not even attractive.And no OT.

I never like staying in KL even during my life as a Student
Working life in KL is worst.It make me a lifeless person.
Wake up--> Work--->Sleep
Don't even have time for anything else.

I don't even get to play my flute anymore.
Not like i'm good in it,but i really do enjoy playing it.
especially with all my friends in the orchestra.
I really do miss those times which i guess i will never have a chance to do that again =[
I miss you ppl in PG

Anyways i better get off to bed already before i get more stress up at work tml.
Don't mind my ranting =]
Hope the old Itchy will be back soon

Monday, April 6, 2009

.weekend with my baby.

.my baby and I at the

both also sleepy d.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday My beloved DarDar!!

Wish i could be there to wish you Happy Birthday!!
Wish i could be there singing you a Birthday Song!!
Wish i could be there to give you a Birthday Kiss!!
Wish i Could be there to give you a Birthday Hug!!
Most of all,i wish i could be there to smash your face on the Birthday cake!!!!
Wkakakaak =O=O Just Joking
Happy Birthday Darling!!!
*Will Celebrate your belated 18th birthday with you once we have the chance*

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Day Of Work!!!

First of all,would like to wish everybody Happy April Fools day.
Scary right?Have to start working on April Fool.
Manatau,suka suka the manager come to you and say 'APRIL FOOL,you didn't get the job'
Anyways,it had been a peaceful day.Haven't been pranked or prank anybody (See i good boy xP)

My first day of work is boringgg.
All i have to do there is seat in front of the computer and read stuff a bout the company and also the procedures/work that every single section and department of the company there.
Ohh by the way I'm working at SCOPE INTERNATIONAL,its a subsidiary of Standard Charted Bank.Things will get much more interesting when i start the real training next week i guess.
And i really hope that i get to go to Singapore for training.(free trip)
Anyways thats about all........wait.............oh I've met a great bunch of friendly colleagues.(they are new to the company like me)Haven't really talk to the 'old' colleagues yet.

My reporting manager turns out to be a nice young lady.Very friendly.Should be fun working under her.Ok that's all about my job.

For those who don't know yet,I'm already back in KL =[
So remember to include me in your yam cha session if there is any kay.=]

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Just testing around here.. :D

And who am i..?
Thats a secret i'll never tell.

**LOL my name written below so visible** WakakA~

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shih Tzu Puppies for sale!!

Trying to help my DarDar~ sell off her 4 super cute Shih Tzu Puppies.
They are 4 and a half weeks old.
Price can be negotiable.
Aren't them cute??
The 1 on the most right is the male and the rest are females.

My dar even teach them how to kiss each other already (Bad Influence) haha jkjk
Faster Grab them before you're too late.
If you're interested,you can contact me or email my dar at