Monday, March 12, 2007

Malam Kebudayaan KK4(Bestari) 2007 PANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

(ex 4th ppl ,still remember this cheer?haha)

Last Thursday i attended the first ever Malam Kebudayaan Bestari organized by the CC of KK4.I wasn't expecting much from it because this yr baru first yr organize sure got a lot of kekurangan here and there 1 mar.Mana tau ,they surprise me with a superb performance.Really unexpected.Very much better compared to other kolej-est that had organise this event for many many years before.Well Done to all that work so hard.

The first performance,right after those boring speaches and perasmian was the lion dance.Hmm this is no ordinary lion dance u alwayz see that only shake their heads and butts from houses to houses.This lion over hear can fly like superman.Hmm maybe not as kheng as superman la,but still can fly on the spot.You will understand better after seeing the video i take.(but i havent finish editing yet,maybe post later la)

Next come the Tarian cina,i dunno wat is it called in chinese la.Forget what the MC said dee.Anywayzz this Tarian is dance by six leng luiz with their umbrella's ,sapu tangan and ribbon.Because of my not so good quality camera and the photography noobness of me i wasn't able to show u'll the leng lui faces.haha.Just show u'll the umbrellazz can dee la.

They also did a Drama which compares 3 Zaman.The first generation was the sixties(ah kong and ah mazz time),then the Eighties(Lao Pa and Lao Buz time) and finally our generation time(zaman modern).In this play they also included 3 types of dances.First was the tuah hee thing(dunno wat is it called in english).Then the cha cha(they use song from 'old time buddy show').Finally,the nightclub dance and modern dance.
The night club dancers
(Eh,I taught we're not suppose to wear sleeveless in hostel compound)

The modern dance .

Next,is the YOYO time.Ermm i'm not talking about the once so famous ProYo that u can do all type of tricks with it like 'walk the dog','sleepers' or 'looping'.The yoyo that i'm talking about is called the chinese yoyo.Actually chinese yoyo is not much different from those normal yoyoz.The only thing different is the size of chinese yoyo is way bigger than the normal 1 and the strings are not attach to the yoyo.You still can do plenty of stunts with chinese yoyo.Before this concert ar,my pandangan on chinese yoyo performance -boring,sien,waste of time.But after i see my friends perform,i so wanted to learn chinese yoyo liau.haha but too bad nobody wan to teach me.

The so gaya chinese YOYO

Last but not least,the fashion show.Got lots of leng chai and leng luiz 'model' displaying the many types of tradional costume.Got cheong sam and samfu,indian tradional costumes,malay traditional costume and the 'Wan chu ka ka' punya costume also have.

This is the best pic i took from the fashion show.haha.model leng chai or leng lui bo?

After the consert,my camera memory was so full but i manage to take afew pics with some of the performers and my ex hostel mates.

With the CC president Mr Happy

Aiks,orang kadazan kena rape

My ex-roommate,me,wan chu ka ka and ah booz

Ex 4th kolej entaubazz

(P.S. Hopefully i can post the video up soon.)


Wan Yean said...

night club dance never show enough skin wan. mana syok. or u save the nice pics for your own viewing pleasure? share la! :D

erickoay said...

memang that was me in tV! hahahhaa botak head go to birmingham watch all england!

CheNsEnG said...

wan yean:aiyar in UM wat skin u wan to see that very good dee

eric:hahaha u'll buat lawaks there until the malaysia opponent all also beng itzzit