Friday, March 30, 2007

5 thingz you never knew about Itchy

This post is explicit for my mom.If you happen to be itchyhandsengs mom.Pls stop reading now.Haha.Might get hard attack after reading it.haha.JKJK

Aikszzz.Kena tagged for the very first time.Thanx to our brother CY aka Karl aka Famous singer.hehe.So now i need to tell ppl 5 things that they never knew about me?Am i suppose to expose 5 of my dirty little secrets here?haha.Where can?But sudah kena tagged wattodo leh.So here are the five things majority(my close friends and family should knoe la) dunno about the itchy Mr Itchy.

Dirty Secret No 1
Lets start with the things i hate.I hate Green Stuff.
I hate plants-i find nth interesting in plants.I dunno why my mom and grandma are so interested in it.The plant collection in my house is increasing berkadar terus with the dayz.(which also means,the nyamuk is increasing==>i dun get good sleep at night)
I hate Vegetables-haha the only green vege i eat is broccoli
I hate st.xavierians also-just being a Free although already old offence(soree sis)

Dirty Secret No 2
I like to go round penang island after midnight with my Cute Little Kellisa and my peng you.Haha.Got lots of stories from my adventure dee,like going to jalan titi serong and 1 time stopped by 2 police carrying machine guns.Scary man.hahaha.Wan to knoe more?Ask me personally.

Dirty Secret No3
I play 5 instruments(flute,piccolo,piano,guitar and recorder(during primary haha)) and i'm slack in all of it.Haha.Dun belief me?Ask my friends or my mom.Maybe my auntie knoez also because alwayz cause noise pollution in her house.haha

Dirty Secret No4
I'm majoring in a subject that i failed almost all the time when i'm in form 4,form 5 and form 6?U knoe wat subject??MATHEMATICSSSS!!!Dun ask me why?I also Dunno.

Dirty Secret No5
I spend the whole of my form 4 and form 5 school life in the bandroom.Itz either for band practice or carrom session with my band buddies.hahaha.This explain my not so good result for SPM (shhh dun tell my mom)..(Mom u're not suppose to read and if u're reading just close 1 eye or better both hahaha)

Haha so those are my five BIG BIG secret.Dun tell anybody har.
Thanx CY for tagging me.And if i'm going to get any lecture from my mom,i'm going to blame it on you.hahahaha.jkjk.

Hmm who should i tagged?
Jlshyang,Erin,NNCY,Big and little Tengzz,(mom??haha) and whoevers thats on my link that belum di tag lagi .

tagged ping ping,mak shan and (greensterzisme because bully me).haha

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Anwsers to SMK Itchyhandseng first ever exam.haha

Masa sudah time !!!Masa sudah time!!!
Pls stop typing and put down ur pencils fingers.
Students are not suppose to talk when ur papers are being collected haha.
kk cut the crap

Anwsers for the test.
Feeling nervous dee?Got feel like when u going to get ur PMR,SPM or STPM results time?Whole night cannot sleep?hahaha

Question NO.1
What is a 4 letter word that ends with 'k'and means the same as intercourse?
Of course is TALK la.(The first word that comes in to ur mind is the F word right?)

Question NO.2
What is it that a cow has four of and a woman has only two of?
This is the easiest question.Almost all get right.haha.You see cikgu itchy so good give bonus question.
The anwser is none other than LEGS

Question NO.3
What can you find in a man's pants that is about six inches long,has a head on it,and that women love so much that they often blow it?
Dollar Note or Ringgit Malaysia
Aiyar.This 1 girls should know better mar.But y almost all girls get wrong 1?

Question NO.4
What word starts with 'f' and ends with 'uck'?
The un-vulgar anwser for this is FIRETRUCK.

Question NO.5
What four letter word begin with 'f' and ends with 'k',and if you can't get one you can use your hands?
FORK la.
This 1 all correct wor.But some cheat 1 hahahaha

Question NO.6
What is hard,six inches long,has two nuts and can make a girl fat?
Almond Chocolate bar produce by some kiamsiap conpany that only put 2 almond nuts.haha

Last Question(NO.7)
What is it that all men have one of,it's longer on some men than on others,the pope doesn't use his'and a man gives it to his wife after they're married?
Last Name or your surname in Malaysia la.Dun think bukan bukan ahaha.

So now got anwser dee lets see the result la.haha
Zero Booz:(50%)
1) pluck(hello 4 letter word la)
4) fluck(wats the meaning of fluck?)
6) chocolate(jawapan tak tepat.half mark for this nia(haha))
7) time (interesting anwser.but wrong.haha.Ur time all use for dota only la no time for wife.)

Jia Hou:(100%)
Wah do research somemore.Memang first class student.haha.But i didn't say open book wor.hahaha

Mak Shan:(29%)
1.erm erm my vocab not dat wide yet...
3.wisel(wisel got so long meh?) obvious f+uck=fuck(makshan dirty minded.hahaha)
7.(no more time mah copy ppl lor)hahaha

Ping Ping:(71-10%)
1. Cikgu *raising my hand*. Soalan susah... 1st question sudah tak tau buat..
Soalan susah somemore can score so high.haha.-10% for copying hahahaha

hahahaha.sengaja tak mau tunjuk kehebatan.hahaha
Next time study before come exam lor.Commit suicide is not a solution.

1) masuk(aiks masuk represent intercourse?hahaha)
7) his second last finger(wah u kejam la.wan to keep ur future husband finger)

Hui Hui:(29%)
1. Dick (Dirty dirty hui2 hahaha)
2. Cikgu....cow got 4 stomach la....girl where got 2 oh? I think you have made a mistake in this question here....hey...(cikgu itchy where got make mistake 1)
3. Men got always carry piccolo inside the pants meh? Next time I must remember to check this out.(Wastala interesting anwser.hahah i used to bring piccolo in my pocket last time during band practice)
4. First-timer-always-get-stUCK ?? Correct mah?(Word la.Not sentence.swt)
6. Sausage just taken out from fridge...hey cikgu, which brand sausage got nuts one, why I dun know? tell me tell me...(hahaha new brand 1.The itchy hand sausage.i call it Nutty Bak Tiau)

Anybody wan to claim more marks?For those who ponteng exam,0 marks for u.hahaha

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How un-dirty minded are you?

Test Test Test.I'm so sick of test already.At last itzz all over for the moment but the finals are coming.Study week is in a weeks time.Swt.Dun care la.Enjoy 1 week first.hahaha.
Hmmm,since every single school and uni torture their students with exams and test.Cikgu Itchy from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Itchyhandseng also wan to join in the fun la.haha
So here are the question for the yr1 finals in SMK I.H.S.

(1)Anda boleh menaip jawapan anda dalam Bahasa Melayu ataupun Bahasa Inggeris.
(2)Jawapan hendaklah ditaip dalam ruang comment dibawah kertas ujian ini.
(3)Anda tidak dibenarkan meniru(bincang cukuplah)
(4)Sila berhenti menaip apabila masa sudah time.

(1)What is a 4 letter word that ends with 'k'and means the same as intercourse?

(2)What is it that a cow has four of and a woman has only two of?

(3)What can you find in a man's pants that is about six inches long,has a head on it,and that women love so much that they often blow it?

(4)What word starts with 'f' and ends with 'uck'?

(5)What four letter word begin with 'f' and ends with 'k',and if you can't get one you can use your hands?

(6)What is hard,six inches long,has two nuts and can make a girl fat?

(7)What is it that all men have one of,it's longer on some men than on others,the pope doesn't use his'and a man gives it to his wife after they're married?

(Selamat Maju Jaya)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Charity Interaction Day 07

2 months ago,i've participated in the Charity Interaction Day organised by the engineering society, University of Malaya.Oo by the way, i'm not from the engineering faq.I'm so not going to work as and 'engine'-er after i graduate from Uni.I prefer to be a psycho-mathematician who spend my whole life in my hospital bahagia,tanjung rambutan bedroom counting numbers.haha

Anywayz i get to knoe about this meaningful event from my long lost friend (Wei Yun aka Panda....(chian not urs)) who is now studying engineering in UM.Known her from the Konsert Kementerian Pendidikan 2003,after that kind of lost contact till now.haha

The whole thing is kind of Fun and also quite tiring.Had to spend almost the whole day(7am to 7pm) there with all the cute,adorable but malangnya very cheeky punya orphans.haha.Each of us(the volunteers) are given an anak angkat to jaga.Thank god my anak angkat was 1 of the most kuai wan among the rest.1 of my friend gave up on his anak angkat not even half way through the event(itz nv easy to babysit)haha.

Me and my (kuai and cute like me) anak

The first thing we do there is the ice-breaking thingy.Itz kind of stupid aka hilarious aka bodoh but i can see the kids really do enjoy the game.This game is called the spiderman,superman and cicak man game.Itz simple too,when the 'simon' calls out one of the superhero names above,then the players have to do the lawak action of the superhero which is shown before the games start.For example,when the leader says cicak man,u will have to raise ur hand,stick out ur tongue and also ur butt.

After that,we're treated to a McD breakfast,then separated into groups.We had to named our groups with an animal name so my group chooses 'the man best friend' DOG.So wat do u think our group cheer will be????


Doggy Group

After that,we went for a UM detour.We are separated into 3 or 4 buses according to our group(This is the first time i'm on UM bus after 2 yrs studying there).haha.In the bus there is this so called tour guide who will explain all the buildings and faculty that we pass.After finish detouring,we stop at the most famous spot for cam whoring among UM students.Thats opposite our Dewan Tunku Chancellor(This is my first time cam-whoring there too).

Picture in UM-ers famous photo-taking spot

After all the detouring and camwhoring,we went bak to 12 residential college(the nicest hostel)to have our RM2.80 'chap fun' lunch.Then after lunch we started to play all the station games.

Doggyzz playing games

During the games,we are suppose to compete againts all the groups but we got this 1 very special musuh utama.Anybody knoes wat Dogs hate the most?????????
Sudah tentunya musuh utama anjing ialah kuching la.haha
When the cats gets bored of losing?They decided to curi the dogs cheer to perli the dogs haha.
Cat group:Who let the dogs out?Meow Meow Meow Meow
and the creative dog group will counter with someting like this
Dogs group:Who chase the cats out?Woof WOof WoOf WOOF :P

Dogs and cats decided to be friends

Because of sabotaging each other group too much.Both the cats and dogs lose the competition and end up with the consolation prize only.haha.So akhirnya both cats and dogs sudah insaf and become friends and they live happily ever after.

After the games,got ronald mcdonalds show.(Also the first time seeing ronald after eating mcD for so many years).He played some very simple but fun games with the kids.And the whole thing finishes with a finale performance by the organizing commitee.And i also get to tapau free dinner sponsered by McD home.(Pa Da Papapa I'm loving it)

Nowadayz alwayz go McMamak to eat supper,sure going to be lagi fat.hahaha

Friday, March 23, 2007

Wan to judge how entau/pretty u are?Go to McD

Hmmm.After my super hard 'prob and stat' exam and my so so boring punya replacement class.I went to mid-valley to watch 'STOMP the YARD' with boo,Desmon and Teongzz.Actually wan to go watch MrBean with NNCY wan,but since Teongzz already booked the ticket dee,so i just follow la.

The movie was not bad,but the storyline almost the same as Tokyo Drift 1,just that this is about dancing and that is about drifting.The dancing steps wasn't too impressive.Thats about all la,dun wan to spoil the movie .

Bak to my topic,after the movie,me and my peng you went to McD to have our dinner.Since itzz still too early for dinner,we end up kapsiauing for almost an hour before we decided to order our food,and spent 2 more hours to finish our food.Imagine...3 hours in mcD haha.So wan to know how entau or pretty you are?Go to McD,look for the most pretty or entau cashier and ......
Read this conversation.

Booz :Eh why that girl in the counter give me 2 tissue only 1?
Dez :Because you bo entau la.You see she give me 5 ,seng got 3 and teongs only got 1. Hahaha.Me most Entau.
Teongz:Wah,like that you're saying that i'm the most tak entau la.Your theory wrong dee la.Actually the 1 that get the least tissue is the 1 that most entau lor.
Itchyzz:Why leh??Why leh??
Teongz:That girl give me 1 tissue only so that i will go take tissue from her again ma.She wan to see my entau face more time.
Booz:Tui ar Tui ar.You see she give u so many tissue paper,in her mind she must be thinking(pergi jauh jauh la,tak mau nampak muka lu yang hodoh lagi,jangan balik refill har)
Itchy:Oooo like that 1 hor.At least i'm not the most ugly here.hahahahaha
:....................(Swt-ing hahah)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Say 'Tak Nak' to online gambling

Chinese New Year had just ended not long ago. So wat does chinese new year meant to me?Haha.Since i'm the so called maths student i'm going to show u the meaning of chinese new year to me in equations

Chinese New Year= Ang Pow + FireWorks (no more)
Ang Pow = Money
Money = Can Gamble
Gamble = Lose all ur Money
No More Money = Jump from Komtar or KLCC

Meaning if i follow my nafsu,i will end up 6 feet underground liau lor hor.Haha.Of course i'm not that stupid la.Anywayzz,because of this ,my group decided to pick 'Say No to Online Gambling' for our Science and Tech Media project.

First of all ,let me memperkenalkan the super duper famous actor in our short movie.

The main actor for our movie is the super duper famous 'AH BOO'.Haha maybe not that famous yet la.But soon he will be la.hahaha

Next is SH Chian.Ah Booz roommate aka gay partner hhaha.Acting as Ah booz roomate too

Then my ex-roommate 'chee kang'.Acting as my 1 and only 'leng'.

Calvin,acting as Ah Booz BUDDY and our camera man.

Last and the least is me.Acting as Ah Long.Which part of my face look like Ah Long har?I try see from all the angle also cannot see my AH LONG face wor

Enjoy The Video.HAHA.

P.S.Dun comment on mine bad acting pls.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Malam Kebudayaan kk4 (Video)

This is the video i promise u'll.But itzz a bit cacat after i convert it to a smaller file to upload to youtube.The title i add cannot be seen.Nvm la i lazy do again dee.hahaha.Enjoy.

P.S. My aunts modem kena strike by lightning la,so i won't get to blog so often liau.Now blogging from my other cous place.Haizz.This year full of bad things.

My Poor Cute Little Kelisa

Another 'sui luck' wednesday for me.haiz.Last week baru late for exam.This week my clk ass rear kena rape bang by a kembara .Sobs Sobs.Sad man.Dunno kena wat curse.Park in Uni also can kena until so teruk.The driver too pro dee.haha.Anywayzz thank god the driver very baik hati wan.She waited there until my friend (mr normy) came to class and told me about the 'good news'.I think alot of ppl will just drive off as soon as possible and hope that nobody seez the incident.
My poor little kelisa

Thank god everything is settled simple and fast.My Kellisa is bak to good shape the next day.The cosmetic surgery for my car ass cost RM480 .Pity the driver also la,she need to pay both side because the kembara was her friend's car.

The light also fall off ,need to tape it up.haizz

Anywayz this accident thing is like a chain curse.First it was Jason,then Norman,then Me,and on thursday my friends housemate also.That 1 lagi hebat,he forgot to pull up his hand break when he park in the house.So the car end up slipping down to the gate,knock it open,then went down the road, bang into a wall and cause serious damage to the wira.So who's next?haha choi choi ,touch wood.I'm not trying to curse anybody,just reminding ppl to be carefull.Sometimes u carefull also other ppl knock u,haizz.haha

My new number plate.Nice bo

my brand new ass

Monday, March 12, 2007

Malam Kebudayaan KK4(Bestari) 2007 PANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

(ex 4th ppl ,still remember this cheer?haha)

Last Thursday i attended the first ever Malam Kebudayaan Bestari organized by the CC of KK4.I wasn't expecting much from it because this yr baru first yr organize sure got a lot of kekurangan here and there 1 mar.Mana tau ,they surprise me with a superb performance.Really unexpected.Very much better compared to other kolej-est that had organise this event for many many years before.Well Done to all that work so hard.

The first performance,right after those boring speaches and perasmian was the lion dance.Hmm this is no ordinary lion dance u alwayz see that only shake their heads and butts from houses to houses.This lion over hear can fly like superman.Hmm maybe not as kheng as superman la,but still can fly on the spot.You will understand better after seeing the video i take.(but i havent finish editing yet,maybe post later la)

Next come the Tarian cina,i dunno wat is it called in chinese la.Forget what the MC said dee.Anywayzz this Tarian is dance by six leng luiz with their umbrella's ,sapu tangan and ribbon.Because of my not so good quality camera and the photography noobness of me i wasn't able to show u'll the leng lui faces.haha.Just show u'll the umbrellazz can dee la.

They also did a Drama which compares 3 Zaman.The first generation was the sixties(ah kong and ah mazz time),then the Eighties(Lao Pa and Lao Buz time) and finally our generation time(zaman modern).In this play they also included 3 types of dances.First was the tuah hee thing(dunno wat is it called in english).Then the cha cha(they use song from 'old time buddy show').Finally,the nightclub dance and modern dance.
The night club dancers
(Eh,I taught we're not suppose to wear sleeveless in hostel compound)

The modern dance .

Next,is the YOYO time.Ermm i'm not talking about the once so famous ProYo that u can do all type of tricks with it like 'walk the dog','sleepers' or 'looping'.The yoyo that i'm talking about is called the chinese yoyo.Actually chinese yoyo is not much different from those normal yoyoz.The only thing different is the size of chinese yoyo is way bigger than the normal 1 and the strings are not attach to the yoyo.You still can do plenty of stunts with chinese yoyo.Before this concert ar,my pandangan on chinese yoyo performance -boring,sien,waste of time.But after i see my friends perform,i so wanted to learn chinese yoyo liau.haha but too bad nobody wan to teach me.

The so gaya chinese YOYO

Last but not least,the fashion show.Got lots of leng chai and leng luiz 'model' displaying the many types of tradional costume.Got cheong sam and samfu,indian tradional costumes,malay traditional costume and the 'Wan chu ka ka' punya costume also have.

This is the best pic i took from the fashion show.haha.model leng chai or leng lui bo?

After the consert,my camera memory was so full but i manage to take afew pics with some of the performers and my ex hostel mates.

With the CC president Mr Happy

Aiks,orang kadazan kena rape

My ex-roommate,me,wan chu ka ka and ah booz

Ex 4th kolej entaubazz

(P.S. Hopefully i can post the video up soon.)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The difference between KiaMSiaP(stingy)-ness and TaT(Worth)-ness

In Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan ItchyHandseng

Cikgu Itchy:What's the first thing that come to your mind when somebody say's Penang?

Student 1 :Char Koay Teow!!!
Student 2 :Asam Laksa!!!
Student 3 :Hokkien Mee!!!

Cikgu Itchy:How about when somebody say's Penangite?
Student 1 :KIAM SIAP!!!
Student 2 :SUPER KIAMSIAP!!!!

Alamak,primary school kids also knoe that Penang ppl kiam siap ar?HAHA.I'm not saying that all penangite are kiam siap but i do believe that majority of them is.Me myself is also a penangite lor.Am i kiamsiap ar?Dunno lor .Ask my friends la.

Anywayzz,i've divided the kiam siap ppl into 2 categories.I called them the 'KIAMSIAP' kiamsiap ppl and the 'TAT' kiam siap ppl.haha.Lets see wats the difference between this 2 type of kiamsiapness


KIAMSIAP kiamsiap ppl
Worker:Boss makan apa?
Mr kiamsiap:Apa yang paling murah har??
Worker:Murah???? Roti la
Mr kiamsiap:Roti ar?Roti mana murah?
Worker:Roti semua pun murah la.
Mr kiamsiap: Paling murah leh?
Worker:SWT.Roti kosong la
Mr kiamsiap:Ok 1 roti kosong.Boss kalau tak mau kuah dan gula boleh kurang 20 sen?

Worker:Balik la lu.Tak mau buat lu punya buisness.
Worker:Tadi baru halau satu orang gila yang tanya kami ada jual 'pork'.Sekarang satu lagi mari cari pasal.

TAT kiamsiap ppl
Worker:Boss makan apa?
Mr tat :Boleh bagi menu?
(worker give menu to mr tat)
Mr tat :Nanti datang balik.Belum decide
(After 20 minutes)
Worker:Boss mau order?
Mr tat:Nanti Dulu(Busy calculating the price)
Mr tat:Eh itu roti pisang ada berapa pisang di dalam?
Worker:Satu sahaja la.Lu mau berapa?
Mr Tat:Satu sahaja ar?
(Hmm cit tiow kin chiow 70 cents,roti is 60 cents,total baru RM1.30 nia.They charge RM 2.BoTAT boTAT)
Mr Tat:Roti telur ada berapa telur?
Worker:Satu sahaja la.Boss mau roti telur?
Mr Tat:Nanti dulu nanti dulu.BoTAT la.
Worker:Eh Encik kalau lu mau TAT lu keluar makan RUMPUT di luar sana la.FOC punya.

Can see the difference?hahaha.
The morale of the story is pg ppl dun be too kiamsiap abo later go which shop also kena halau ar.haha

Thursday, March 8, 2007

What An Interesting Day

Wow today(Wednesday,07/03/2007) can be considered 1 of the most interesting day of mine this year.HAHA.It all started with a phone call from 'ah boobz' .


Me: Hello (YAWN)
Ah Boo:OI!! You knoe wat time it is dee ar?
Me: Errmm.....8 oclock lor.AIKSSSS..........SHITZZZZZ.....die ar?
Ah Boo:How somemore?Faster come la.


You knoe'll y i'm in such panic?I got POP test today and it starts at 8 oclock.
So after the call ,i quickly change and rush to ah booz house to get him.Ho jam mm jam,today when i'm in such a rush got traffic jam.So sui ar.We manage to reach the class only at 8.30.Thank god our lecturer very baik hati and give us extra 10 minutes to finish up our anwser sheet(but i think i'm going to fail also la).The funny thing is there is alot more ppl who reach later then us.Today must be a sui day for alot of ppl.But the most sui person of all is ah booz la,he's late because i cannot wake up mah,not his fault.haha Soree boozz.

Interesting event No.2.After the exam and a class after it,there is an hour break before the next class starts so me, booz and normz decided to visit the ICT fair which is held at 12kolej(hostel).Because the place is quite far away and the pigginest in us,we decided to drive there lor.When we came bak to my faculty ,i decided to park at the library(bottom) instead of the usual place we park (ISM on top of science faq bukit) because nearer to my S&T class ma.The S&T class is alot more interesting than usual because itzz still the presentation week.The students were suppose to gather in a group of 6 and present something using the media on certain topics given by the lecturer.(I will post my groups presentation up soon,so those who wan to see my bad acting stay tune to the blog lor).Anywayzz,during 1 of the presentation,1 of the groups give us a puzzle to solve.It was suppose to be a heart shape because they were presenting on 'Kempen Cinta Bersih'.But lets see wat i did to it......

A pinky SunAnd an Triangle man


That's not the interesting part yet,after the class me and boozz went UP to the ISM Carpark to get our car.Something fishy?haha.Remember where i park my car today?..When we reach the parking spot where we park our car this morning(exam time).I turn to AhBoo and started laughing.He was stunt for a moment and join me after that.2 of us laugh all the way bak to the car.Ppl must think that 2 of us are 'seng ching ping'(Crazy).Maybe they get ready their cell phones to call Tanjung Rambutan already lor.haha .(See la UM life so sien,everyday do same thing until our head also programme liau,can go on autopilot)

At night,i drop by DIGITAL MALL to get my new pendrive.I lost mine 256mb last year,right after i baught it.So sad man.Thats y i bo ka muan buy new pendrive and use my older 64 mb pendrive till today lor.This time i decided to buy the penskin together with it.Eventhough itz bigger,but i will reduce the probability that i will lose my pendrive again ma.And the penskin also very KE AI like me ma.haha

Ke ai like me bo?hahaha

After that ,went to the Longest Pasar Malam In Malaysia (Cheras) with my cous(Jolene),Booz,Normz and Jlsyang.Baught a pressy for my bro since his bday is coming and i still got some left over money from my ang pow collection hahaha

Guess wat i baught??

After pasar malam i went to the ( er se uu hou(number 25)) house to give Wei Chean(did i get ur name right?)a surprise bday party and here are the pics ...

Bday Boy Blow Candle
BdayBoy kena Punish as usual.HEHE
The Delicious Cake (one of the strawberries stuck at the bday boyz nose haha jkjk)
Members of the 'er se uu hou' with an outsider 'me'

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Chap Goh Mehss PANTUN

Happy Belated Chinese Valentines Day

Chap Goh Meh

Hoi kim chenh,
chap goh meh,
chia lu eh koowah lai lim teh,
teh seoh seoh,
kia lor bay kin cheo,
kin cheo beh kee peh,
kia lor beh cheh.
cheh beh kee tark.
kia lor beh or bak,
or bak beh kee uwa,
kia lor beh chua,
chua beh kee liak,
kia lor beh karh kiaq,
karh kiaq beh kee cheng,
kia lor beh kar leng,
kar leng koh cheanh loo lai chit toh,
chit toh chia ,
chiak kam chia,
kam chia tee,
chiak leng chee,
leng chee pong,
chiam tambong,
Tambong pek,
lu ki chiak ke leng nga eh tek tek.:P

Monday, March 5, 2007

Safety First,Kap Lui/Chai later

Last friday,2 of my peng you (Jason aka mamason and Norman aka Norbit Normy) was havin dunno wat sui luck.Maybe because they nv kutip enough ang pow during chinse new yr ar.So now must kutip somemore with their cars la.

Now lets play a logic game haha
heres the question:
2 drivers(J and N) met with an accident(different place and time)
1 of then bang ppls backside(in the wrong) and 1 kena bang(not his mistake)
Driver J is known as the safe driver who drives at 40km/h on highwayz
Driver N is known as a car rempit hahaha jkjk who drive at 180 km/h on lorong kecil
can u'll guess whose the 1 that bang ppl and the 1 that kena bang?

The anwser is............

Picture stolen from

Curi curi take when Norman pay for the parking at The Curve

Judge from the photos la.haha

Oo ya almost forgot,i would like to dedicate this song to all my friends who drives(no matter wat u'll driving-cars,bike,bicycle,tricycle,bumper car,...etc etc) first ,kap lui/chai later


hua chia si ke so sit chai ho ci toh
oo lang speeding,oo lang tok ban ban so
oo lang cit chiu hua chia cit chiu ka girlfriend poh
oo lang kua cha bo ,ki long tiok lau ah po

ang teng chi teng kua beh cheng cho,cheong koay to chut chia ho
lim chiu hua chia ki long tiok lang si di i shing eh tua cho
pager na hiang tiok ai loon,hand phone tiok samban
ai gip cbt tiok beh tua,bus stand ni tiok chai siam

hua chia si ke so mm si ho chi toh
na li bo se gi tiam li tok oo lang toh
hua chia si ke so chiam ban tok mai chi toh
na li ai thi ki......hehe
lesen tok balik ko

Translation for hokkien noobs

Drive car everywhere go is actually very fun
Some ppl speeding,some move super slow
Some ppl 1 hand drive 1 hand make out with gf
Some ppl see pretty girls and terlanggar old lady

Red light Green light cannot see properly,speed out is very good
Drink and Drive then go bang ppl is the worlds most serious crime
Pager beep u must be patient,Handphone u get summon
Want to go in cbt must buy ticket(i dun really understand this part),Bus stand u better move away

Drive car everywhere go is actually not so fun
If you're not carefull sure got ppl die
Drive car everywhere go better dun play play
If your stubborn......HEHE
Ur License will be gantung

P.S. Anybody can help me write the lyrics for the mandarin rap part and translate it.Me banana and dun understand a thing.And those who wanz their car number to buy 4d just msg me la.hahaha

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Interesting signs for Interesting guyzz Room

Kids.Read only when ur parents are not around.

For all the guyz thats so "ke ai" out there,you'll should stick this sign in front of ur room.Eh eh,the ke ai i mean here is not cute leh .Its just the short form of "ke lian mei ren ai" (pity nobody wanz you)haha.Dun worry la,i've found out that itzz not that nobody wanz you.Itz because the shy leng luiz out there have no idea on how to tackle they mah bo take action lo.
So ar...u'll better print this sign out and stick it infront of ur room or house ar just like ur ang kong hu.Besides berfungsi to halau ghost,this ang kong hu here will also attracted ur ideal gf to ur life.

The next sign i would like to introduce is for those guyzz who got big 'kuku' like mine.haha. Wat!!!Dun believe me ar???Okok i prove to u'll.Definitely i'm not going to show u a pic of my precious la.I'm going to prove it using a well known theorem(among pfs ppl) called the 'Hukum L'.This theorem very simple only,u learn 1 time then sure can remember ur whole life 1.haha.This theorem states that the lenght of a guyzz "kuku" is inversely propotional to their height.In other words,it works like the letter L(refer to the diagram below).Oo ya,btw i'm short.hahha.At last,something to be bangga about being short.:P.Hukum L works for females too but i'm too lazy to explain dee.

So shorties,faster paste this up and u will see a long line queing up at ur doorstep.

The 3rd sign is for those lelaki kejam who only care about womens physical outlooks.Although i'm not that type of guyzz,but since i'm so kind i decided to put this sign up to help them.Teacher say we must alwayz tolong menolong 1 ma.haha.With this sign,those guyz will safe up alot of their time.Only those in the correct category will knock at their front doors .

Last but not least,actually the most important sign i wan to introduce.Make sure all of u have this sign in front of ur doors.

Say NO to controlling girls even how pretty or hot they look.Itzz just not worth it.When u regret,it will alwayz be too late.SMACK SMACK

Friday, March 2, 2007

PohPohzz Bday

2 dayz before Chinese new year(28th night) was my beloved PohPohz belated bday.She celebrated it late because she wan to wait for his beloved grandson (siaukiazz SOON aka my bro)to come bak from his NS training camp ma. haha.Poor bro become black like arang dee,but mana tau still as big and prosperous as ever.Swt

Anywayzz we(Pohpoh and her kia-soon(child and grandchildren)) went to the fisherman wraft for some good seafood.All the dish seems to be good except for the fish,so celaka not fresh wan,just like eating bubble gum nia.Oo ya,because i was too busy enjoying and the food,i totally forgotten to take any picture till all the plates were squeaky clean. usual after feeling up my big spacious stomach,my hands starts to itched and i start taking photos .

Presenting my 4 leng luiz cousin
Which 1 prettier ar?Wanna vote?hahaha.

1 of the 3 sisters?

or the older 1?or maybe my god mum??

Did you say shezz ugly?
Beware ar!!Posing like tai ka che dee with all her lengs at the back

kzz now back to the main actress.haha
Poh poh and all her grand children

Time to light the candles

eh mom wat are u looking at?The entauba infront la
You see PohPoh also knoe where
PohPoh making her wish
(Must be wishing that her entau grandson gets more entau from yr to yr la)
After wish do wat ar?BLOW candle la
AFTER THAT?Pose for the camera before u cut ur cake