Thursday, January 31, 2008

Itchy Box:Missing You composed by Itchy

Missing You

Lying on the floor,
Staring out that door,
Never thought i would,
ever feel like this before,
Can't concentrate,
On anything I do,
Just you,
and nothing more,

Missing you,
every moment apart,
Miss you,
From the bottom of my heart,
Oh do you know,
How hard life goes,
When you're not here,
So far from near,

Missing every single smile u gave,
Every single little moment planted in my head,
Nothing's going to make it go,
Not even an evil soul,
Will stop me,
from missing you,

Crawling up my bed,
Placing down my head,
Wiping off my tears,
Which flows into my ears,
Missing you,
could turn from pain to pleasure,
if,oh if i knew,
you Miss me too.

P.S. My 2nd song :P Comments good or bad will be very much appreciated.So better give kay!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Masterclass+Recital+Supper Pics

The Masterclass

Have to practice with the small stick first before u can handle the big long 1

The first thing u must do before u play is to pray to FLUTO the god of all flutes.

'The plastic bag must be as big as ur stomach'

*Distracted by the colourfull stand*

The Recital
The 3 blur UshersSPOT the soloist

Yuta!!! Mr Hiroshi'z Son
Alyssa and Kikiz at the lobby of the hotel
Whoz itchy hands is that?
Supper at NorthamBeach


2 camwhore girls and 2 camera shy guyz

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Flute Masterclass And Recital

Hiroshi Matsushima Flute Recital
Piano: Reiko Yamadera
-German Flute Sonatas-
Date : 20 January 2008 (Sun)
Time: Opens 7.30 pm / Starts 8.00 pm
Venue: City Bayview Hotel Georgetown, Level 16 25-A Farquhar Street, 10200 Penang
Profile of musicians
Programme Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Sonata in f-minor, Op.4 Carl Reinecke: Sonata in e-minor, Op.167 “Undine” Carl Maria von Weber: Sonata in A-flat major, Op.39 Paul Hindemith: Sonata for Flute and Piano

Sunday, January 6, 2008

KL why must u Suck so MUCH

1)First moment i reach kl,he already greet me with his famous 'Traffic Jam'
2)Then reach my Aunts house,found out that Modem kena struck by Kl'zzz Famous 'Lightning'
3)Then at night Kena raped by mosquitoes.I kekurangan darah d kay.Somebody pls donate me blood
4)When i finally decided to keep fit and go swim,u knoe wat happen?UM close the pool for renovation.WTF
5)Then i realised i forget to bring back my badminton racquet and also my pencil box


Wat else can go wrong?
P.S. looking forward to go bak in 2 weeks time

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Changed Man

Was too busy,blogging about wat i do on New Years eve yesterday and forgot about my New Year Resolution.So i'm going to blog about it today.
Itchyz New Years Resolution
1)Dawson had challenge me to DIET and be FIT in 6 months time-KL friends,better help me out in this,badminton and swimming everyweek?:P
2)Master my PIANO and FLUTE skills-have been negleting them especially for piano
3)Score well in my Uni examz no matter how much i hated the subject :P
4)Make a TIMETABLE for myself and follow it STRICTLY-i think this is the toughest.
5)To improve on my PEOPLE SKILL
6)The sixth and final 1 will be a SECRET - dun even DARE try to ask wat it is :P:P

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goodbye lousy 2007,Welcome 2008

2007 has not been exactly a good year for me,many unwanted things happened(not going to mention any of it).Ah so.....welcome 2008,u better be good,but i'm positive u will.First good news,finally i can get my first paycheck from nuffnang.Although itzz not much,but then itzz the money i gain from my hard work sitting infront of the com and blogging about nonsense stuff :P

By the way here are some pics on the things i did on new years eve......................

First I went to Nagor Road steamboat with my (4 minus 1) best friends and Ah Soz
Longo Yewmeng and Ju On Cindy

Angkong Quanzen with Jazzsica

Then we went to Gurney to Countdown.....

Itchy with AngQuan

Itchy and AngQuan again

Everybodyz so Happy 2008 is here

Then we went to McD but didn't take much pic there,only 1..... wkaka

OO ya,and today is DAWSONZ BDAY.Everybody say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Bday BOy!!