Monday, March 26, 2007

Charity Interaction Day 07

2 months ago,i've participated in the Charity Interaction Day organised by the engineering society, University of Malaya.Oo by the way, i'm not from the engineering faq.I'm so not going to work as and 'engine'-er after i graduate from Uni.I prefer to be a psycho-mathematician who spend my whole life in my hospital bahagia,tanjung rambutan bedroom counting numbers.haha

Anywayz i get to knoe about this meaningful event from my long lost friend (Wei Yun aka Panda....(chian not urs)) who is now studying engineering in UM.Known her from the Konsert Kementerian Pendidikan 2003,after that kind of lost contact till now.haha

The whole thing is kind of Fun and also quite tiring.Had to spend almost the whole day(7am to 7pm) there with all the cute,adorable but malangnya very cheeky punya orphans.haha.Each of us(the volunteers) are given an anak angkat to jaga.Thank god my anak angkat was 1 of the most kuai wan among the rest.1 of my friend gave up on his anak angkat not even half way through the event(itz nv easy to babysit)haha.

Me and my (kuai and cute like me) anak

The first thing we do there is the ice-breaking thingy.Itz kind of stupid aka hilarious aka bodoh but i can see the kids really do enjoy the game.This game is called the spiderman,superman and cicak man game.Itz simple too,when the 'simon' calls out one of the superhero names above,then the players have to do the lawak action of the superhero which is shown before the games start.For example,when the leader says cicak man,u will have to raise ur hand,stick out ur tongue and also ur butt.

After that,we're treated to a McD breakfast,then separated into groups.We had to named our groups with an animal name so my group chooses 'the man best friend' DOG.So wat do u think our group cheer will be????


Doggy Group

After that,we went for a UM detour.We are separated into 3 or 4 buses according to our group(This is the first time i'm on UM bus after 2 yrs studying there).haha.In the bus there is this so called tour guide who will explain all the buildings and faculty that we pass.After finish detouring,we stop at the most famous spot for cam whoring among UM students.Thats opposite our Dewan Tunku Chancellor(This is my first time cam-whoring there too).

Picture in UM-ers famous photo-taking spot

After all the detouring and camwhoring,we went bak to 12 residential college(the nicest hostel)to have our RM2.80 'chap fun' lunch.Then after lunch we started to play all the station games.

Doggyzz playing games

During the games,we are suppose to compete againts all the groups but we got this 1 very special musuh utama.Anybody knoes wat Dogs hate the most?????????
Sudah tentunya musuh utama anjing ialah kuching la.haha
When the cats gets bored of losing?They decided to curi the dogs cheer to perli the dogs haha.
Cat group:Who let the dogs out?Meow Meow Meow Meow
and the creative dog group will counter with someting like this
Dogs group:Who chase the cats out?Woof WOof WoOf WOOF :P

Dogs and cats decided to be friends

Because of sabotaging each other group too much.Both the cats and dogs lose the competition and end up with the consolation prize only.haha.So akhirnya both cats and dogs sudah insaf and become friends and they live happily ever after.

After the games,got ronald mcdonalds show.(Also the first time seeing ronald after eating mcD for so many years).He played some very simple but fun games with the kids.And the whole thing finishes with a finale performance by the organizing commitee.And i also get to tapau free dinner sponsered by McD home.(Pa Da Papapa I'm loving it)

Nowadayz alwayz go McMamak to eat supper,sure going to be lagi fat.hahaha


pinksterz said...
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pinksterz said...

college 12 is definitely the nicest!!! me always envied with it last time. look at our college 11.

*sob sob*

pic 3: memang betul! i oso got a snap there. bwahaha!

anyway, u r in which faq?

CheNsEnG said...

wow!!didn't knoe that u're from UM also.hahaha.Me from science faq.You from medic right?
anywayz thanx for the link.

pinksterz said...

i was in UM one. kaka! but for the asasi sains program only.

registered out already last year after got another offer.

anyway, i add u on my msn ^^

Ying said...

So syok wan...