Friday, March 23, 2007

Wan to judge how entau/pretty u are?Go to McD

Hmmm.After my super hard 'prob and stat' exam and my so so boring punya replacement class.I went to mid-valley to watch 'STOMP the YARD' with boo,Desmon and Teongzz.Actually wan to go watch MrBean with NNCY wan,but since Teongzz already booked the ticket dee,so i just follow la.

The movie was not bad,but the storyline almost the same as Tokyo Drift 1,just that this is about dancing and that is about drifting.The dancing steps wasn't too impressive.Thats about all la,dun wan to spoil the movie .

Bak to my topic,after the movie,me and my peng you went to McD to have our dinner.Since itzz still too early for dinner,we end up kapsiauing for almost an hour before we decided to order our food,and spent 2 more hours to finish our food.Imagine...3 hours in mcD haha.So wan to know how entau or pretty you are?Go to McD,look for the most pretty or entau cashier and ......
Read this conversation.

Booz :Eh why that girl in the counter give me 2 tissue only 1?
Dez :Because you bo entau la.You see she give me 5 ,seng got 3 and teongs only got 1. Hahaha.Me most Entau.
Teongz:Wah,like that you're saying that i'm the most tak entau la.Your theory wrong dee la.Actually the 1 that get the least tissue is the 1 that most entau lor.
Itchyzz:Why leh??Why leh??
Teongz:That girl give me 1 tissue only so that i will go take tissue from her again ma.She wan to see my entau face more time.
Booz:Tui ar Tui ar.You see she give u so many tissue paper,in her mind she must be thinking(pergi jauh jauh la,tak mau nampak muka lu yang hodoh lagi,jangan balik refill har)
Itchy:Oooo like that 1 hor.At least i'm not the most ugly here.hahahahaha
:....................(Swt-ing hahah)


Norman Ng said...

like always....
"never chio 1..."
nevermind la, kuan si dee

CheNsEnG said...

kuan si tiok ho.haha.anywayzz if u wan a reason..itz the same old 1.

Anonymous said...

aiyo...merajuk like girl only

Wan Yean said...

actually, the one confirmasi indication you are handsome is when the waitress bring your food to your table. MUAHAHAHA. all of you lose to me d

CheNsEnG said...

anonymous:whoever u are,i have no comments

wan yean:i'm sure only guy waiter will bring food for u la.Because u got the gay look hahaha offence