Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Music Club Anniversary

Last Sunday,I've help my 'tai ka che' perform in her Church's Music Club anniversary concert

My Tai Ka Che a.k.a. Alien (opps i mean) Alan (ehhh no la) itzz Ellen

4 bars after we start playing the first song,i heard the sound *PhacKKKK*

Guess wat happens?The (terrorist aka cellolist aka cellist) punya cello string terputus.Swt,haven finish the intro of 1 song yet already putus.Thank god it was fixable.Stand there on the stage for 15 minutes staring at the audience while waiting for him to fix it.
Kids Dancing.The small little girl in the centre very the cute.Even though her steps are a bit out or opposite at times
The Music Club bday cake.Judging from the candlez,itz 15 yrs old
representative cutting the cake

After the concert is makan time.The little kid cute bo.hehe.Guess if shez smiling or crying.haha

Sunday, May 27, 2007

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5 Things Found In Your Bag
+Pencil Box
+Music Scores
+Head Phone

5 Things Found In Your Purse/Wallet
+My Photo
+ $$$
+IC,License... bla bla bla
+student card
+physics ques.(Suppose to ask my friend to solve it for my cous,totally forgot :P)

5 Favourite Things In My Room
+Air Con
+Guitar(still dunno how to play)
+My fav pillow :P

5 Types of Humans(Apa meaning?tak faham,leaving this ques out)
+long or short
+Fat or thin
+Smart or Stupid
+Quiet or Cakap Banyak
+ Cute or Goodlooking

5 Things Ive Always Wanted To Do
+Go Holiday(mana pun boleh)
+Sleep(lacking sleep nowadayz)
+Improve on my piano/flute(But too lazy too practice often)
+Learn up Guitar
+Learn Mandarin

5 Things you're currently in to
+eating(since i'm bak in pg)
+tvb dramaz

5 People You Tag
(Dun feel like tagging ppl this time)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hokkien Lesson 1

Nowadayz,everywhere i go also,every1 is conversing in Mandarin.Even in Penang itself also.Haiz.For those who dunno,Itchy here is a Banana(chinese who dun speaks mandarin).So now Itchy is trying to spread Hokkieness to every1.hehe.My prinsip,'If you can't join them,make sure they join u' (lanjutan from 'If u can't beat them,join them')

Cikgu Itchy:Yo Students,Wat U'll wan to learn today???
Student:We wan free period!!!!
Cikgu Itchy:Free Period ur Head.Today Cikgu going to teach u how to perli PPL.
Students:Oooo Interesting.Yippie.Dun wan Free Period anymore.
Cikgu Itchy:But u'll must promise me u'll only use it when(see pic below)bully u.
Cikgu Itchy:KK.Lets Start.Today i'm going to teach u this famous Hokkien Pantun.ENJOY

Tua Pui
Tua Pui Tua Lok Lok,
Pang Sai Teh Chua Lok,
Chua Lok Teh Beh Liau,
Tua Pui Tua Puak Kiau,

Kiau Su,
Tua Pui Thau Liak Tu,
Tu Chao,
Tua Pui Thau Liak Kau,
Kau Bui,
Tua Pui Tua Pang Pui .

Fatty Fatty Bom Bom,
Shit in Plastic Bag,
Plastic bag not enough to fill,
Fatty Go Gamble,

Gamble Lose,
Fatty Stole a Pig
Pig Run,
Fatty Stole a Dog,
Dog Bark,
Fatty Fart Alot.

This ah niu song uses this Pantun.(Somewhere in the middle)
Cikgu Itchy:So wat had u learn today?
Students:*points to cikgu itchy* TUA PUI
Cikgu Itchy:*blush*OK OK.Wat else?
Students:So Smellyy.Cikgu Pang Pui.
Cikgu Itchy:Oi dun simply say,i just pang sai this morning haha :P
Cikgy:Thank You for coming.You're Dismissed.

P.S. Anybody can help me to pick up mandarin?I really missed out on alot of fun just because i can't speak mandarin.Haizz.And also those who dunno hokkien,have fun learning.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Music in training

Before any1 starts asking,Nope I'm not giving any training in music hehe.'Music in training' is the title for the concert which is held last tuesday.The concert was perform by the Penang State Children Ensemble(PESCE),Penang State Junior Orchestra(PESJO) and Penang State Training Choir.All this bodies are training bodies under the Penang State Symphony Orchestra and chorus(PESSOC)

Usually i go to Dewan Sri to either perform or watch concerts,but this time(for the very first time) i was a backstage crew.haha.There was only 2 backstage crew,me and my friend Dawson.
I love the design of the staff tag.Looks cool right?hehe.Maybe i just have weird taste

My friend Dawson ordering the kids around.Not his specialty because he is better communicating with older ppl,especially parents.haha.I think he more fren with my dad and mom than me :P

The Penang State Training Choir.Looks like somebody sedang kena marah by the Choir Mistress.Pss Pss,the choir mistress very garang 1.Dun tell her:P

PESCE members.The 1 on the right is Maestro Jascha Y.Shimano (Conductor/Music Director) of PESSOC.
Duet by members of the penang state training chorus.(picture taken during rehearsals)

The Penang State Junior Orchestra(PESJO),conducted by maestro Shimano.They sound good that night.Majority of them are young kids with some help from the members from PESSOC.

Koay Zhi Tong,playing a solo piece that night.So Cute(very talented also),wasted didn't get a clearer and nice pic of her.By the way there were 2 soloist,didn't manage to get a pic of the other soloist.
After the concert,we went supper at Northam beach Cafe.Thatz the cakap banyak concert mistress(PESJO) *aka my cucu* with her daddy.hehe.

How much have Itchy changed in the last 10 yrs?

How much have YOU changed in the last 10 years ?
Tagged by my Mak Shan

April 1 1997
1) How old were you?
2) Where did you go to school?
SRK Wellesley
3) Where did you work?
Work??Mana ada
4) Where did you live?
5) Where did you hang out?
Hang out in my house la,that time not allowed to lepak la
6) Did you wear glasses?
7) Who was your best friend?
Too many to state
8) How many tattoos did you have?
9) How many piercings did you have?
10) What car did you drive?
Bumper Car
11) Had you been to a real party?
Wat party?Birthday party i 1 yrs old also been dee
12) Had your heart broken?

April 1 2002
1) How old were you?
2) Where did you go to school?
Penang Free School
3) Where did you work?
No work
4) Where did you live?
Same House
5) Where did you hang out?
Band room
7) Who was your best friend?
Too many to mention
8) Who was your regular-person crush?
regular-person crush?Hamilai?
9) How many tattoos did you have?
10) How many piercing did you have?
11) What car did you drive?
Still Bumper Car.After 4 months i've gotton my CLK hehe
12) Had you had your heart broken?

April 1 2007
1) How old are you?
2) Where do you work?
No work la,studying
3) Where do you live?
ermm pg and kl
4) Do you wear glasses?
Once a month
5) Where do you hang out?
Shopping malls,coffee shop,McD,Mamakz
6) Who is your best friend?
Too many to mention
7) Do you talk to your old friends?
Eh i dun category my friends to old and new
8) How many piercing do you have?
Still Elek
9) How many tattoos?
11) What kind of car do you drive?
12)Who you wanna tagged now?
Chee Hsien(backfire haha)

Hui Hui

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mamazz Day Dinner

Mamaz Day=YaHooooo get to chiak ho liau
Haha,everyyear on motherzday my dad will bring the Momz (ah ma,por por and mom) go makanz.Usually we will go to some chinese restaurent,but this yr abit diff.We went to Victoria Station.hehe.
The 1 and only victoria station in Penang.(Used to be my fav).Last time ,during my birthday or when i get good results,i will luan my father bring me there.hehe.OKOK lets go to the food.
Ma favourite Snail Dish.hehe.Escargot.I like the sos more than the snail itself.haha.I wonder get to order only the sos anot 1.

My momz 'seafood al glatuel'(Wrong spelling again)
My Dadz Salmon.haha.I think TGIFridayz salmon is much bigger and better than this.But this is cheaper.

Fillet-o-fish.Dun look anything like the McD fillet o fish har?

Victoriaz steak.Beefz my broz favourite meat.Alwayz go makan also order steak 1.

Itchy is young and still needs a napkin to eat so that he dun spill his food on his shirt hahah.:P

Itchy with all the momzzz.haha.My por por on the left,ah ma on the right and Mummy bottom.

ooo and here is my dad and bro.Later they jealous i take picture with the girlz and didn't take with them.hahaha.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Motherz Day

Todayz post is dedicated to my beloved itchy MOM.(Shez going to kill me if she knoes i post so many pictures of her up here).Itchy better go hide after this.

My mom is an ex-georgian.Means shez from St.Georges la,the school for all nerdy girls haha jkjk.SGGS ppl dun come flame me ok.See my mom also so nerdy that time,with her specs.

But after school,when she take out her specs,she can be cute and innocent like itchy also.haha.Like Mom like Son mar.hehe.(Although i'm not a nerd at school)

Being a normal girl/lady my mom also love soft toy.See the teddy bear and mickey mouse,must be my daddy buy 1 la.hehe.But dunno lor,according to her my daddy very stingy like china man.haha.Psss dun tell my dad

1 more ciri-ciri that Itchy inherit from his momz genes.haha.The nv old genes.Playing the slide when u're too old for it.Way to go mom.hehe.I'll make sure i continue playing computer games and blog when i reach 80yrs old.:P

My mom and dad with their first born entau son.Hehe.Alamak,i was born botak head la.zzzz.Dunno the baby is me lai anot also,since dun look like my face also.But should be la,see my parents smile so happily.
This is my momz most latest picture in her hand made kebaya.haha.Pretty bo?Who dare say no will find my itchy hands scratching them in the middle of the night.haha
*Happy Mothers day Mom*from me and my bro.Thatz my fatty fatty bom bom brother.I think i got not enough strength to carry him that time also. Aiks,almost forget,this rose is for u mom.hehe.First female to receive rose from itchy.

Oo ya the lyrics of the song i dedicate to my mom......
Brahma Of My Heart
Do you remember the nights,
You lullabied me to sleep,
Turning my tears to confort and to laughther,
Do you remember the days,
Being the flower in the sky,
You showed me wisdom and guide me all the way,

You have sacrificed for me,
Leaving heartprints of your love,
Brahma of my home,teacher and my saviour,
You're the hero of my life,
Gave me everything and more,
Brahma of my joys,
Brahma of my heart,
I will remember your hopes,
I will make your dreams come true,
I will turn your fears into courage and compassion,
I promise to take care of you,
Share with you all the love i have,
Please do believe me,
My love for you shines true.

CLK getz new step brother,Itchyz getz haircut

Today,Itchyz Cute Little Kellisa step brother was born.Why do i say step brother?Because diff mother born 1 mar.Now my clk got 2 step brother dee.1 of them is my fatherz Old Wira.And the newer addition to the car family is Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.............................................

The brand new (Blackish Blue/Bluish Black) Satria Neo hot from itzz motherz womb.*My dad and bro busy checking the car *(Must make sure got no kecacatan,u knoe la Proton carz are famous for wat.)hehe

The SatriazNeo Ass.Which 1 more sexy?My Clk'z ass or my brozz SatNeoz Ass?hehe.I kinda like this new car,but the fuel consumption is much higher than my CLK.So i'm still a faithful CLK fan.But then i heard there will be no more CLK in the future.Going to PUPUS.*sobs*
If u'll haven't notice yet,the registration number for my broz car is not 1 of the nice numbers.In fact it can be considered a very bad 1 for the 'Chinese'.hehe.2464 in cantonese is 'ye sei lok sei' which mean 'easy die go down also die'.

But then leh,there is alwayz the brighter side right?The number 4 can mean die as well as taukeh/boss.Why i say taukeh or boss?Wat do taukeh and boss alwayz do leh?Shake balls like itchy ar? haha.Of course not.They will sit down with their leg cross ordering ppl around right?And if u're observant enough,u will see a number 4 when u cross ur legs.HAHA.
Can see the Number?Highlighted in red.So now my broz number plate means 'Easy to become boss,fall down still can become boss' :P

Oo ya,finally Itchy decided not to be lazy and went for a haircut yesterday.Yeay my hair is bak to standing :P Spend RM50 for the hair cut +highlight.Cheap or expensive?Dunno ,u'll decide.Any comments on the hair?(Dun mind my half nakedness,that day very hot lor)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cruise Ship=Puak Kiau Chun

Hi everybody,soree for lack of updates.Blame it all on my bed and balls.Hehe.Busy sleeping and shaking balls since i came bak to pg.
Anywayz last tuesday,i went on a Cruise Ship with my Mom and Aunt.Say only Cruise Ship la,itzz just a nice name for Puak Kiau Chun(Puak Kiau=gamble,chun=ship).The only attraction in the ship is the Casino nia.(Itchyz first time in Casino,Itzzz Boring).
The so called Cruise Ship.Picture taken from the smaller boat that take us from the port to the ship.
Itchy on the top deck of the ship.Can't open my eyez because of the glaring Sun.Makes my face looks weird right?

The restaurent in the ship.We were given 2 free buffets mealz(lunch and dinner).The food kinda sux though.Normal dishes like fried rice,fried mee, chicken and bla bla bla.And Itz not halal also,got Tau Eu Bak hehe(refer to the pic below)

I called the captain to bring me go find my pembuli in Egypt so i can bully her bak.But manatau can't find her anywhere,dunno which pyrimid she hide in.Hehe.So i end up taking picture with the Sphinx.(Picture taken at the entrance of the Casino).They dun allow cameraz in the Casino,So there is no proof of Itchy gambling.So i'm still a good boy.hehe

After losing all my harta and also the money i borrowed from the loan shark.Itchy went to watch the magic show.(The magician trying to burst that guyz balls,hopefully he target the correct ball).*Pss Psss dun tell the loan shark itchy was here*
The weirdest facility i found in the Cruise Ship was the Hair Salon.Anybody wanz to go to a Cruise Ship to get their hair done?U just have to pay an extra RM60 and 11 hours of ur time.Very worth it.After ur hair is done,u can go to the casino and donate to the taukeh of the ship somemore.

After dinner,there was a show from this group,err forget the name liau.More like a 'ko tai' show.But ok la,quite entertaining,especially when got 1 sporting ah po go up and dance ahaha.That ah po damn energetic,dance better than the singers.hehe Enjoy the video..

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Itchyz Mamee'z Bday

Last wednesday was Itchyz Momz 51th Bday.Thatz y i had to rush bak to pg but manatau she say she 1 to celebrate 1 day later because i came home late.Swt.Anywayz the next day,we went to T.G.I. FRIDAYZ to celebrate(since tak pernah try yet,baru buka di pg last yr)
K now lets take a peep at the bday girl(alwayz call me dun post her pic on the net 1).Candid shot of my mom waiting patiently for her food.When we reach there already 9 oclock dee,every1zz perut playing music liau.Some sound like piano(Do Re Mi Fa So..) but mine sound like the percuassion (Bang Bing Pong Piang CHiang)
Actually the food arrive quite fast,the service at TgiFri is alot much better than those in Chilis.And the guy that serve my table is an old free.He rememberz me,but i dun remember him wor.Soree Dude.Anywayz all the waiters there are damn cool.KK now lets go to the food(Warning again:Hungry ppl skip this hehe)

Salmon with rice.Forget watz it called dee.Forget to take pic of the menu.

My momz seafood platter .Soree for the weird angle,my bro is a noob photographer(me noob too but not so noob only)

Itchyz salmon with shrimp.The sos taste weird.

My broz steak.Forget which 1 dee.

My momz Tiramisu bday cake (sponsered by Itchy.I dunno wat to buy for my mom dee.Ladies bday very mafan 1 .Buy wat also she dun like)

Itchy posing with mom.

Just now i did mention that the workers at Tgi are cool right?Hehe this is why.......check the video out.

I heard they said my mom 'very old'.Somebody pls watch and comfirm with me.haha.If itz true ,my mom wanna go claim bak the tips hahaha jkjk