Saturday, March 10, 2007

The difference between KiaMSiaP(stingy)-ness and TaT(Worth)-ness

In Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan ItchyHandseng

Cikgu Itchy:What's the first thing that come to your mind when somebody say's Penang?

Student 1 :Char Koay Teow!!!
Student 2 :Asam Laksa!!!
Student 3 :Hokkien Mee!!!

Cikgu Itchy:How about when somebody say's Penangite?
Student 1 :KIAM SIAP!!!
Student 2 :SUPER KIAMSIAP!!!!

Alamak,primary school kids also knoe that Penang ppl kiam siap ar?HAHA.I'm not saying that all penangite are kiam siap but i do believe that majority of them is.Me myself is also a penangite lor.Am i kiamsiap ar?Dunno lor .Ask my friends la.

Anywayzz,i've divided the kiam siap ppl into 2 categories.I called them the 'KIAMSIAP' kiamsiap ppl and the 'TAT' kiam siap ppl.haha.Lets see wats the difference between this 2 type of kiamsiapness


KIAMSIAP kiamsiap ppl
Worker:Boss makan apa?
Mr kiamsiap:Apa yang paling murah har??
Worker:Murah???? Roti la
Mr kiamsiap:Roti ar?Roti mana murah?
Worker:Roti semua pun murah la.
Mr kiamsiap: Paling murah leh?
Worker:SWT.Roti kosong la
Mr kiamsiap:Ok 1 roti kosong.Boss kalau tak mau kuah dan gula boleh kurang 20 sen?

Worker:Balik la lu.Tak mau buat lu punya buisness.
Worker:Tadi baru halau satu orang gila yang tanya kami ada jual 'pork'.Sekarang satu lagi mari cari pasal.

TAT kiamsiap ppl
Worker:Boss makan apa?
Mr tat :Boleh bagi menu?
(worker give menu to mr tat)
Mr tat :Nanti datang balik.Belum decide
(After 20 minutes)
Worker:Boss mau order?
Mr tat:Nanti Dulu(Busy calculating the price)
Mr tat:Eh itu roti pisang ada berapa pisang di dalam?
Worker:Satu sahaja la.Lu mau berapa?
Mr Tat:Satu sahaja ar?
(Hmm cit tiow kin chiow 70 cents,roti is 60 cents,total baru RM1.30 nia.They charge RM 2.BoTAT boTAT)
Mr Tat:Roti telur ada berapa telur?
Worker:Satu sahaja la.Boss mau roti telur?
Mr Tat:Nanti dulu nanti dulu.BoTAT la.
Worker:Eh Encik kalau lu mau TAT lu keluar makan RUMPUT di luar sana la.FOC punya.

Can see the difference?hahaha.
The morale of the story is pg ppl dun be too kiamsiap abo later go which shop also kena halau ar.haha


Anonymous said... dat so...penang ppl kiam siap ar??? where gt la....i don't see any of my friends kiam siap also...but den gt gt ppl calculate b4 they purchase something maybe they just don't wan 2 overspend mah...why don't u take it as ppl thinkin wise while spending why must say ppl kiam siap leh...lolx....

-aH sHaN-

Ping Ping said...

eh...I am a pure penangite and I don't feel I kiam siap also..Sometimes summore let frenz tipu..keke..end up have to belanja minum...not all penangites are kiam siap la...

oh wait a minute,I am a bit kiam siap at times..just now go dinner with family,i look into the menu and wanted to order blueberry lassi..but look at the price,i say i go other place drink,cheaper..then i tot of ordering the mix juice,look at the price,i tell my mum i go home sendiri in the end I drank plain water that they give. FREE!!! XD kiam siap ah???which type of kiam siap am I,cikgu?

CheNsEnG said...

ah shan:aiks,ur friends not kiam siap but u kiam siap ma haha.Call u belanja me so many times also tak pernah sekali say yes.jkjk.Nth wrong to calculate before u buy things,but when u do to the extreme ,then u will become the kiamsiap old china man.(And i think the younger generation is not that bad anymore compare to our fathers time)

CheNsEnG said...

ping ping:haha Dun worry,We sama-sama berkiamsiap la.haha

CY said...

Wah. So true lah fren! :)

[ jN ] said...

want to ask you one quest.
now Mamak all so maju liao arr..?
Mamak know how to say "sweat"..?? HahA.. byk gaya lo.. xDD

ItchyHandseng said...

hahaha yeahhhh
mamak cannot say sweat 1 meh?? :P:P
maybe next time you go they will say
'yo wassup man'

[ jN ] said...

HahA.. yo wassup still okay kua..
sweat is like so not their thing.. LOL

no offence to the MamakS out there k..! =]]