Sunday, April 1, 2007

SiCk SiCk SiCk after this accident thingy

Wat a terrible year this is?So many accidents happen among my friends.The number of accidents(in my circle of friends) had just increased to 5.The worst part is out of the 5,3 of them involve my Cute little kellisa's brother and sisters(meaning my friends also drive kelissa la).

First was Jason aka jlshyang.Bang somebody'z back and is CLK faced kemek.

Curi from his blog again.His winking car.

Next was Mr. NNCY's car.His ah beng new Proton Saga was molested on the right ass chick.The molester manage to Run away before NNCY come with his parang.

Harga sudah jatuh

Next in the soooooooo lucky list was ME.My cute little kellisa was bang for nth.I've park in like 1 of the most safest place,manatau also can kena.haha

Now my kellisa got fake ass

Then next is errrm,not really my friend.More like my moms friend.But she reads my blog(according to my mom).Once drop a msg on my tag board with the nickname bubble frog (if i'm not wrong).Haha.She said that the night after she read my post on my accident,her car also kena hit.And she say my blog sui and not going to read anymore haha right?sobs sobs.haha soree for mengjangkiti the penyakit accident.

And now the latest 1,my Ah Chor (Wenqi for ppl who dunno who my Ah Chor is and NO she is not old).Her accident is the worst,compared to all of us.Got to knoe about it when me and dawson wanted to chio her out yam cha with us.So we went to the hospital to check out her condition,but the stupid guard only allow us 10 minutes to visit her and that also need to mafan her father to come down and bring us up(that time very late dee,over visiting hours).Thank god,nth serious happen to her,just a deep cut on the head.Haiz.Anywayz Ah chor,rest well and get well soon. Forget about the nuffnang stickers till u're fully recovered.

After visiting wenqi,i went for supper with my friends and on the way back guess wat i saw????

A turtled car.I'm not sure wat car it is.And macam mana dia so hebat overturned.Itzz happens at before the island hospital(u can see the hospital at the bak of the car).Haiz.This proves that Itchyhand's kempen on 'Safety first Kap chai/lui later' is a failure.

And too all my friends,pls be extra carefull when u're driving.I dun wan any1 else to get this bad luck jinx thingy ever again.

P.S. Rinn,soree har i do ur tag later can?haha


jia hou said...

Hope i can get pass this "curse of itchy hand"....sad to hear SLK being raped by the other cars.....maybe its "cuteness" has cause it?just like when u see a cute little gal what ll u do?of course u ll try to cubit her face la!!!

Ping Ping said...

i so sked la...although I drive kancil nia.. I not very pass, I think I would be like the person who bang ur CLK.. I shud practise more. =)

CheNsEnG said...

jia hou:you cubit her face or cubit her backside?hahahaha.

ping ping:hahah langgar my clk nvm(i just ask for lots of duit pampasan haha),dun get urself into danger can dee.

jia hou said...

where would u cubit then?o itchy hand itchy that u cubit small children _ _ _ _....bad bad hahaha.Actually i strongly suggest to be a safe driver on road...but i m an extreme bad driver =.=||

pinksterz said...

jia hou: interesting theory. haha. so i sure kena la one day becuz i am comel? kakaka!

eh you drive carefully la too. *my attempt to clean my kejam image*

CheNsEnG said...

jia hou:i good 1,i dun cubit ppl hhaha

pinksterz:yeah i can't wait to cubit u.hahaa.even though u're not comel hahah jkjk

jlshyang said...

omg, it all started from me. Pai seh pai seh.

Wan Yean said...

since jason started it, so like the last car on the long line of crushed vehicles during an accident, jason should be the one paying for all the other cars rite?

kahpeng said...

wah so many car got kissed and molested ? haha...the most kesian is ur fren saga eh...kena on the back there ... :P good luck and lets hope those ppl dat hit n run, die on the road ...muahaha..

CheNsEnG said...

jason:haha going to pay for a ll the repair?????hahaha

wan yean:haha i like ur idea ahaha

kah peng:haha kejamnya.But they deserve it.Die u blady 'hit and run'-ers

Zer0 said...

Eh, is all the picture true?
or u edit with photoshop to prank us?

It's the 1st of April man...
April fools?
LOL! (jk)

Wah, like dat i dun dare to drive car alrd, seems more dangerous than riding a bicycle or a motorcycle...

Jia Hou, does ur theory apply to my ULK?

CheNsEnG said...

Zero Booz:true wan la.i dun prank ppl.haha.ULK ugly little kellisa ar?

jia hou said...

to zer0:
well....wat is ULK...if as itchy said is ugly little kelisa then sorry pal....this theory cannot be applied on u.....sob...althogh the driver is baby face but still it cannot be applied....if applied then some cars gonna "cubit" ur face!