Thursday, May 3, 2007

Celebration after Examz

Solve the maths question below :
3)If 1+1=11,Wats 2+3=??
4)Itchyz CLK pick up 5 friends at his house,drop 2 at KOMTAR ,then pick up 10 from Perangin Mall,Pick up 20 from Gurney and drop 10 at Queensbay.How many itchyz friends is left in his CLK?
5)if ABC=1+2+3=6,Wats BAT=??

*Bonus Question*
When is Ah qianzz bday?(DUn have to give month and yr)*ques for his friendz only and those who is 'good' at guessing*

Hehe.After examz effects + The Number 23 movie=A Nutcase Cikgu Itchy giving stupid maths test.Hehe.

As usual,i dun give spoilers in my blog.All i can say is this Number 23 is a good show.A lot better than TMNT ,and 'pei fan ngo' movie (Seed of Darkness=Noob horror,wanted to go to the counter and say pei fan ngo my 9 bucks).

Actually i finish my examz last friday,but only get to celebrate it on Monday because must wait for my friendzz to finish theirs too.So we went to gurney 1u for lunch at Pizza Hut before the movie.The only picture i took in pizza hut is this..... (Dun Ask Me Why)

After Movie,we went to bowl.Wah i damn lama tak bowl dee.The last time i went is after SPM.Thatzz like 5 years ago.That explain the low scores i get.My best is 99 only.Sobs Sobs

See the colourful balls.Beautiful aren't they?But got 2 ugly balls at the back there.hehe Like the digi rubber duck advertisement only.5 nice yellow ducks with 2 ugly duckling.

The Noob Bowler having his throw.Siapa tu?Itchy la

Pro Boo (can see the difference between pro and noob?)

After Bowling,we went to Ming Tian to meet up with Ah yip and Jia hou to have our dinner.Then we contiunue our celebrations at 'Horus'(cyber cafe la).hehe.Dota till 5 oclock in the morning.Then makan breakfast and balik tidurzz.Hehe.Thatz not the end of the celebration.Stay tune for more......hehe


bubbly soda said...

ish... until 5 ar? summore scold me hor? pandai betul la you.

jia hou said...

i am too lazy to answer the question....some one do it and lend me the answers to me.pretty plsssss....
i forgot his birthday sorry for him.....
o thats the 20 f***ing 3 u all talking about ar......really psycho liao......
ah boo is a pro bowler....cheers for him!!!!(boo next time pls kindly show me ur stunt!)
Talking about Horus.....i still remeber that someone owe me RM6.50...he better prepare more than that amount of money.....or better ready his hand......

jlshyang said...

OMG, u miss Penang so much. 1U izit what Gurney pulak, hahahhaha!

Ping Ping said...

1. 23
2. 23
3. 23
4. 24 plus itchy
5. a bird?

ItchyHandseng said...

Melly:Got scold u meh?

jia hou:Botak Chin is loan shark now?haha.Call ur 'leng' go kutip hutang from him la

jason:Did i say gurney?Alamaks.Now too pg mood dee.

ping ping:Who say i'm in my car?Since when a bat is a bird har? bio.

miChi3 said...

i still want to ask.
why at pizza hut there took only 1 photo of mushroom soup with half of da breadstick?

eh, got 99 marks very good dee..
1 more mark already 100 marks jor..
*clap hands*
hehe..want sweet as reward mou?

Rabbit said...

Aiks, looks like its a horror movie der? *runs n hides*

Chee Hsien said...

eh, u drive bus or lorry?? pick up 20?? mahai!!

anyway, no need to calculate. just keep on reading and know all the answer is 23 d. :P

smart huh?

ItchyHandseng said...

Michie:Because my friend pointed out an ugly Rainie Yang wannabe.After that no mood to camgig liau.haha.Ice cream can mou?

Rabbit:Not horror la.Psycho show.

Chee Hsien:Ermm i drive an airplane.hehe.Chen chong ming.haha

Zer0 said...

sei itchy...
perli me ah...

i can't even pass 50 marks...

ItchyHandseng said...

No perli.U see u bowl like a pro mar,hehe.

Ping Ping said... u noe my Bio's marks is the worst in my SPM cert?? =( I hate Bio. =( Anyway,lol, bat got wings =bird la..hehehehehe...

u not in the car then how u fetch ur friends??? grrr

Qian said...

23, all answers are twenty-f*cking three..*voice of the suicide blonde*

p/s: lucky din post any of my longkang pics >_<

ItchyHandseng said...

ping ping:bats are mammals,my car can fetch my friendsz by itself ma.

qian:haha forget to take la.abo sure post.hahah