Sunday, April 29, 2007

If Girlz are treated like Guyz

Girlzz alwayz wan to fight for equallity with Guyz .But u'll got ever think before wat will actually happen if Girlzz are treated 100% like guyz?

1)You won't get to enjoy ur 'ladies first' rule anymore

2)There will be no more 'I dun hit girls' thinking from the guyz.Ngek Ngek.Dun get to hit guyz without being hit bak dee.

3)No more ladies night.Must pay for clubbing

4)Nobody will care when u cry

5)When u go out for a date,dun expect ur bf to pay for u anymore.

6)No more flowers,teddy bears,chocolate on ur bday or valentines day

7)Kekurangan 1 job profession to choose dee,no more 'House wife' job.

8)When u're down,ur bf won't be there to gently conforting u and listen to ur probs anymore.You will get a hard pat on the back and invited to go to the bar and get drunk instead.:P

9)U must learn to like DOTA and computer games because that will be the kind of 'dating' u get.No more movies,candlelight dinner and bla bla bla.At most also candlelight dinner in 'maple story' hehe.

10)I'm out of ideaz and kekurangan time to think because i got less than 10 minutes to post this up.

So guyzz if u can come out with more pls tell me.And girlzz dun get angry because this is a true fact joke.And if u're angry scold me after tml because tml is a day of silence dedicated to the victims of Verginia Tech.Let us be silence for those innocent ppl killed

One Day Blog Silence


pinksterz said...

that's why being a girl is super cool!

so i can hit you freely and all you can say is 'i don't hit girls'

so here goes:


just for you itchy! weeeeeeeeee~

btw, if our bf don't care that we cry, there is always friends to comfort mah! no need those bf adie! LOL

Zer0 said...

i also wanna be a girl leh...


miChi3 said...

Haha..i got a feeling like I'm not a gal..first of all, i seldom go clubbing wan..then i hate guys pay for me geh..especially those who haven't start to work. If i cry, my fren will come and comfort me..then I love online games!

p/s : if gals treated 100% like guys, then how to have babies?

baby sa said...

That's why I am glad that I am a girl ithcy.
Regard to your post, I wanna post something like "10 things why guys are jerk"

cHrIstInA_YY said...

haha... i enjoy being a lady *grinz*

ItchyHandseng said...

pinksterz:ur friends might not care also.Since guyz are not expected to cry or at least not too much.:P

Zero:I thought u're a girl dee

michie:Perfect Wife candidate.Guyzz faster send mas kahwin lor.First come first serve :P jk (Human species going to pupus)

Baby Sa:Can can but u must use this title.'10 things Why guyz are jerks besides Itchy?haha

ItchyHandseng said...

Christina YY:The World is Not Fairrrrrrrrrrrr.:P I'm not enjoying being a poor guy. :(

Rabbit said...

La la la~ So itchy wanna become a girl or not? Got lots of benefits and priorities tau! Kaka!

Ying said...

Hahaha...that's why I'm glad I'm your SISTER not ur bro.. Hmm..come to think of it, you nv give me teddy bear for my birthday also...lousy Ko...:p

ItchyHandseng said...

rabbit:Tak mau la,later everymonth also got bad mood.

ying:Wan to be my bro?Teddy bear ar?wait for ur entauba to give u la.