Thursday, May 17, 2007

Music in training

Before any1 starts asking,Nope I'm not giving any training in music hehe.'Music in training' is the title for the concert which is held last tuesday.The concert was perform by the Penang State Children Ensemble(PESCE),Penang State Junior Orchestra(PESJO) and Penang State Training Choir.All this bodies are training bodies under the Penang State Symphony Orchestra and chorus(PESSOC)

Usually i go to Dewan Sri to either perform or watch concerts,but this time(for the very first time) i was a backstage crew.haha.There was only 2 backstage crew,me and my friend Dawson.
I love the design of the staff tag.Looks cool right?hehe.Maybe i just have weird taste

My friend Dawson ordering the kids around.Not his specialty because he is better communicating with older ppl,especially parents.haha.I think he more fren with my dad and mom than me :P

The Penang State Training Choir.Looks like somebody sedang kena marah by the Choir Mistress.Pss Pss,the choir mistress very garang 1.Dun tell her:P

PESCE members.The 1 on the right is Maestro Jascha Y.Shimano (Conductor/Music Director) of PESSOC.
Duet by members of the penang state training chorus.(picture taken during rehearsals)

The Penang State Junior Orchestra(PESJO),conducted by maestro Shimano.They sound good that night.Majority of them are young kids with some help from the members from PESSOC.

Koay Zhi Tong,playing a solo piece that night.So Cute(very talented also),wasted didn't get a clearer and nice pic of her.By the way there were 2 soloist,didn't manage to get a pic of the other soloist.
After the concert,we went supper at Northam beach Cafe.Thatz the cakap banyak concert mistress(PESJO) *aka my cucu* with her daddy.hehe.


Rabbit said...

Aiyer.. I also wanna go to these kind of concert ler. Tsk tsk! Itchy play apa instrument one?

baby sa said...

you were a pessoc member? do you a guy named seng chun quan???

ItchyHandseng said...

rabbit:i play the fool.Opps i mean flute.hehe.Kl also get to watch ma,go MPO.

baby sa:i'm still a pessoc member.Err he play wat 1?

miChi3 said...

i didn't know that itchy loves music de..

ItchyHandseng said...

michie:haha Now u knoe