Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Music Club Anniversary

Last Sunday,I've help my 'tai ka che' perform in her Church's Music Club anniversary concert

My Tai Ka Che a.k.a. Alien (opps i mean) Alan (ehhh no la) itzz Ellen

4 bars after we start playing the first song,i heard the sound *PhacKKKK*

Guess wat happens?The (terrorist aka cellolist aka cellist) punya cello string terputus.Swt,haven finish the intro of 1 song yet already putus.Thank god it was fixable.Stand there on the stage for 15 minutes staring at the audience while waiting for him to fix it.
Kids Dancing.The small little girl in the centre very the cute.Even though her steps are a bit out or opposite at times
The Music Club bday cake.Judging from the candlez,itz 15 yrs old
representative cutting the cake

After the concert is makan time.The little kid cute bo.hehe.Guess if shez smiling or crying.haha


Rabbit said...

So cute that girl!!

An jua bo nampak itchy?

Jolene said...

nice hor....that "tai ka jie"...tackle her lar....itchy cousin.....

ItchyHandseng said...

rabbit:i'm hiding somewhere

jolene:hello,lu tak faham apa tai ka che ar?cannot tackle wan :P

miChi3 said...

hehe..why tarak ur photo?
anyway, that girl look like smiling lor..hehe..
so cute..like me..
HAHA,just kidding..=p

ItchyHandseng said...

haha shez crying la.haha :P
cute like u ar.................?

baby sa said...

just to let you know, your tai ka che is my piano teacher.
Bahaha..the world is so small~~!!!