Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Motherz Day

Todayz post is dedicated to my beloved itchy MOM.(Shez going to kill me if she knoes i post so many pictures of her up here).Itchy better go hide after this.

My mom is an ex-georgian.Means shez from St.Georges la,the school for all nerdy girls haha jkjk.SGGS ppl dun come flame me ok.See my mom also so nerdy that time,with her specs.

But after school,when she take out her specs,she can be cute and innocent like itchy also.haha.Like Mom like Son mar.hehe.(Although i'm not a nerd at school)

Being a normal girl/lady my mom also love soft toy.See the teddy bear and mickey mouse,must be my daddy buy 1 la.hehe.But dunno lor,according to her my daddy very stingy like china man.haha.Psss dun tell my dad

1 more ciri-ciri that Itchy inherit from his momz genes.haha.The nv old genes.Playing the slide when u're too old for it.Way to go mom.hehe.I'll make sure i continue playing computer games and blog when i reach 80yrs old.:P

My mom and dad with their first born entau son.Hehe.Alamak,i was born botak head la.zzzz.Dunno the baby is me lai anot also,since dun look like my face also.But should be la,see my parents smile so happily.
This is my momz most latest picture in her hand made kebaya.haha.Pretty bo?Who dare say no will find my itchy hands scratching them in the middle of the night.haha
*Happy Mothers day Mom*from me and my bro.Thatz my fatty fatty bom bom brother.I think i got not enough strength to carry him that time also. Aiks,almost forget,this rose is for u mom.hehe.First female to receive rose from itchy.

Oo ya the lyrics of the song i dedicate to my mom......
Brahma Of My Heart
Do you remember the nights,
You lullabied me to sleep,
Turning my tears to confort and to laughther,
Do you remember the days,
Being the flower in the sky,
You showed me wisdom and guide me all the way,

You have sacrificed for me,
Leaving heartprints of your love,
Brahma of my home,teacher and my saviour,
You're the hero of my life,
Gave me everything and more,
Brahma of my joys,
Brahma of my heart,
I will remember your hopes,
I will make your dreams come true,
I will turn your fears into courage and compassion,
I promise to take care of you,
Share with you all the love i have,
Please do believe me,
My love for you shines true.


Cedric said...

Oh my god, it definitely is a very sweet post!!! Your mom is lucky to have a sweet child like you. And you are lucky to have sucha wonderful mommmy. Haha hey... the song you posted... Really touching ler, for real, i have tears in my eyes seeing how children appreciate mommies. :) You're sucha wonderful person!

Ping Ping said...

oh...u reminded me about my post for my mum...haha... =) Cedric,better come and say I am a sweet child too. And I not copy u hah itchy. I wrote it days before. If my computer break down then too bad la. This morning kenot on. =(

seokyeng said...

awwww ~ so sweet!!
Huh? your mum made the kebaya or ppl make for her?

miChi3 said...

after reading the lyrics and listen to the music..
quite touching..
you must be a great son to your mother..=)
ur mother must be proud of you..
happy mother's day!

ItchyHandseng said...

Cedric:Thanx bro.haha.I scared she kena diabetic only.hehe.And u're a sensitive guy.Ur mom and ur gfzz sure love u alot.hehe

ping ping:haha copycat catch rat.jkjk.faster post then show ur mom la.Make her cry hahah.jkjk

seok yeng:ppl make for her la.Y?u also wan 1? haha

michie:got cry bo?great son ar?haha.Ask my mom la,last time everyday she kena bring cane out 1 :P hahaha Happy mothers day to u too

Abcchin said...

oi brother.. nice post wei.. ur mum punyaskills on making fine arts very KENG!! btw ar nice pic on ur bitting the rose lolll cute!

CY said...

Cute pics of your mum and you! :)

ItchyHandseng said...

abcchin:oi sister.i think ppl salah faham dee.The batik not my mom do 1,she buy from butik 1.But itzz hand made la.hehe.Thanx for ur compliment on the pic:P or thatz not a compliment?

ItchyHandseng said...

CY:hahaha thanx thanx.Hopefully ur definition of cute isn't 'ugly but adoreble'hehe

Rabbit said...

Ah booo!

Your mom's so cute!

And the last pic of yours is really cheeky. Haha!

Happy belated mama day to itchy mama ya!

pinksterz said...

the last pic: makes me laugh! BWAHAHAHA!

*ehem* *cough* *breath in deeply*


and you know, after imagining you singing that song, sini sudah ada guruh dan kilat hor!

seokyeng said...

haha. i don't mind. =)
Btw, that's my fave songggg. =P hehe.

ItchyHandseng said...

rabbit:ah bitttt!My mom cute kah?like son like mom mar.haha.Cheeky?:P

pinksterz:Pinksterz cannot stop being evil kah?haha.Laugh pulak.Hmpphh haha.Wah Egypt also can got guruh and kilat ar?i thought there alwayz dry spell 1?

seok yeng:haha.Ur Cd still with me horrr.hahaha

Ping Ping said...

gua pun ingat dia akan nangis..mana tau, kemarin dia kasi gua tau, I guna silap term dalam blog post itu. Cis. Potong stim. Orang tulis so gam tung, she say I use wrong word and got grammatical error. =( Sedih I...

ItchyHandseng said...

hahaha.She kesi kesi only la.She kamtung but dun wan to show u mar.So must cover up.

Fonda said...

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Anonymous said...

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