Sunday, May 27, 2007

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Itchy was tagged by the evil Joshua .

5 Things Found In Your Bag
+Pencil Box
+Music Scores
+Head Phone

5 Things Found In Your Purse/Wallet
+My Photo
+ $$$
+IC,License... bla bla bla
+student card
+physics ques.(Suppose to ask my friend to solve it for my cous,totally forgot :P)

5 Favourite Things In My Room
+Air Con
+Guitar(still dunno how to play)
+My fav pillow :P

5 Types of Humans(Apa meaning?tak faham,leaving this ques out)
+long or short
+Fat or thin
+Smart or Stupid
+Quiet or Cakap Banyak
+ Cute or Goodlooking

5 Things Ive Always Wanted To Do
+Go Holiday(mana pun boleh)
+Sleep(lacking sleep nowadayz)
+Improve on my piano/flute(But too lazy too practice often)
+Learn up Guitar
+Learn Mandarin

5 Things you're currently in to
+eating(since i'm bak in pg)
+tvb dramaz

5 People You Tag
(Dun feel like tagging ppl this time)


Rabbit said...

"5 things you're currently in to".. Where's sudoku? Kaka!

seokyeng said...

I know your fave pillow. =P

ItchyHandseng said...

Rabbit:Aiks forget to include.haha

Seok Yeng:Really ar??Swt

seokyeng said...

Of coz i know lah. That square square wan mar. I still rmb.. If it haven't change. =p

baby sa said...

ithcy is a!

miChi3 said...

5 Things Ive Always Wanted To Do
+Learn Mandarin

come..i teach you manderin..XD
itchy = "yang" η—’

ItchyHandseng said...

seokyeng:hahaha shhh dun tell ppl

babysa:Haha u trumpist opps i mean trumpeter lagi cool

michie:ahaha u wanna be my teacher? hahaa.How to say i'm very itchy?'Wo hen yang'?

miChi3 said...

i'm very itchy = wo hen yang (ζˆ‘εΎˆη—’)