Friday, May 4, 2007

Big Feast After Examz

Continue from 'Celebrationz after Examz'..............
The next day(Tuesday),we're suppose to go ice skating in Sunway Pyrimid.But then leh,every1 woke up late.And as usual i woke up the latest.Around 4 like that i guess.Terlupa liau.hehe.Anywayz since so late dee we've decided to change planz.Jia Hou wanted and force us to go makan 'ho liau' because we nv waited for him when we go eat pizza.hehe.

Anywayz we go makan Chilis(not cili padi har).It might be a normal restaurent for certain ppl,but to us,super poor students from UM,itzz considered very 'ho liau' dee.(Had been talking about the 'feast' since the beggining of the Sem).Next sem we want go eat japanese buffet.So have to ikat perut and eat RM2.80 economy rice everyday next sem.

KK here are the pics........(WARNING:Hungry Ppl Do Not Proceed)

Take a look at this nice menu.Some ppl too hungry till cannot tahan dee must eat the menu la.
Ah Boo,SH Chianz and Panda(chianz wife) posing with half a menu.hehe
The not so Botak Chin and me posing with half a menu also.
Bottomless fake fruit juice.hehe.Quite nice.See Chianz drink till so seronok

My Cajun Chicken Sandwich.So delicious.But abit too Salty.

Botak Chinz Explosive Salad.After u eat u will *KABOOOM*

Pandaz Basil Chicken Pasta.Eh i taught panda eat Bamboo only 1.

CHianz and Booz Lamb Shoulder.I saw my 1 and only favourite Vege there (BROCCOLI!!!)
The triple play.Should be serve as appertizer but manatau come later then our main course.
We had lots of fun tilll this came...............

After we open that black book,Everbody *FAINTED*

The next morning when i woke up,i was bak in my pg house.haha.Thatz the end of After Examz celebrationzz.Now is Holiday time.YEAY.So must have as much Fun as possible.Abo working life no more 2 months Holiday.


baby sa said...

below g hotel, the first and only chili's in penang gonna open soon!!!
I am so going!!!

jia hou said...

erm make it clear.....i m not forcing u la.....i m just rubbing my Desert Eagle(pistol) when i m talking to u....i really not threatening me!

Qian said...

sei itchy add SH again ar..*sharpens knife*

nic ah nic said...

chili's in penang?!!
omg, i first sure gonna try out that burger.

ItchyHandseng said...

baby sa:remember to invite me along when u go.If u invite u have to chia rite?haha

jiahou:soree tailo soree tailo.Dun shoot me

qian:i cut off dee mar hehe.And now bo heng knife dee.Follow botak chin use desert Eagle la.

Nic:Soon soon.Not yet open.I went to the 1 in 1utama kl.

Rabbit said...

Aiyaya, enjoying after exam!! Grrr! And i have to suffer for another month before going through the same thing!!