Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mamazz Day Dinner

Mamaz Day=YaHooooo get to chiak ho liau
Haha,everyyear on motherzday my dad will bring the Momz (ah ma,por por and mom) go makanz.Usually we will go to some chinese restaurent,but this yr abit diff.We went to Victoria Station.hehe.
The 1 and only victoria station in Penang.(Used to be my fav).Last time ,during my birthday or when i get good results,i will luan my father bring me there.hehe.OKOK lets go to the food.
Ma favourite Snail Dish.hehe.Escargot.I like the sos more than the snail itself.haha.I wonder get to order only the sos anot 1.

My momz 'seafood al glatuel'(Wrong spelling again)
My Dadz Salmon.haha.I think TGIFridayz salmon is much bigger and better than this.But this is cheaper.

Fillet-o-fish.Dun look anything like the McD fillet o fish har?

Victoriaz steak.Beefz my broz favourite meat.Alwayz go makan also order steak 1.

Itchy is young and still needs a napkin to eat so that he dun spill his food on his shirt hahah.:P

Itchy with all the momzzz.haha.My por por on the left,ah ma on the right and Mummy bottom.

ooo and here is my dad and bro.Later they jealous i take picture with the girlz and didn't take with them.hahaha.


-josh- said...

one day u oughta take ur itchy fingers and chia me Victoria Station

pinksterz said...

and me too mr burung hantu!

belanja me when i got back to msia!


Chee Hsien said...

Victoria was my fav too.. But now not really like it adi.. The food not taste as good as before.. Did you tried The No Eye Dear in Tanjong Tokong?

ItchyHandseng said...

joshua:wait till i kena lottery first ok?haha

pinksterz:Same to u Miss Bully

chee hsien:oooo Haven't tried,which part of tanjong tokong?

seokyeng said...

so nice get to makan ho liau. You also must chia your cous here when u work and get gaji next time k? =p
I spent Mother's day night at a aunty's hse ( u go before wan), eating, eating, eating & watching tv while the adults play mahjong ( as usual) and chit chat.

ItchyHandseng said...

seokyeng:haha sure sure.Wah eat so much,got tummy like the chew guyz liau boi? :P

pinksterz said...

same to me what?

miChi3 said...


where can like this wan??
why you and chee hsien also get to ciak ho liao..geram liao..

ItchyHandseng said...

pinksterz:i kena lottery then only belanja u

michie:haha y not?But there is the negative side,i'm growing fatter and fatter.I dunno about chee hsien haha.

miszmilk said...

Holy shit, the escargot is huge!
I want :(