Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hokkien Lesson 1

Nowadayz,everywhere i go also,every1 is conversing in Mandarin.Even in Penang itself also.Haiz.For those who dunno,Itchy here is a Banana(chinese who dun speaks mandarin).So now Itchy is trying to spread Hokkieness to every1.hehe.My prinsip,'If you can't join them,make sure they join u' (lanjutan from 'If u can't beat them,join them')

Cikgu Itchy:Yo Students,Wat U'll wan to learn today???
Student:We wan free period!!!!
Cikgu Itchy:Free Period ur Head.Today Cikgu going to teach u how to perli PPL.
Students:Oooo Interesting.Yippie.Dun wan Free Period anymore.
Cikgu Itchy:But u'll must promise me u'll only use it when(see pic below)bully u.
Cikgu Itchy:KK.Lets Start.Today i'm going to teach u this famous Hokkien Pantun.ENJOY

Tua Pui
Tua Pui Tua Lok Lok,
Pang Sai Teh Chua Lok,
Chua Lok Teh Beh Liau,
Tua Pui Tua Puak Kiau,

Kiau Su,
Tua Pui Thau Liak Tu,
Tu Chao,
Tua Pui Thau Liak Kau,
Kau Bui,
Tua Pui Tua Pang Pui .

Fatty Fatty Bom Bom,
Shit in Plastic Bag,
Plastic bag not enough to fill,
Fatty Go Gamble,

Gamble Lose,
Fatty Stole a Pig
Pig Run,
Fatty Stole a Dog,
Dog Bark,
Fatty Fart Alot.

This ah niu song uses this Pantun.(Somewhere in the middle)
Cikgu Itchy:So wat had u learn today?
Students:*points to cikgu itchy* TUA PUI
Cikgu Itchy:*blush*OK OK.Wat else?
Students:So Smellyy.Cikgu Pang Pui.
Cikgu Itchy:Oi dun simply say,i just pang sai this morning haha :P
Cikgy:Thank You for coming.You're Dismissed.

P.S. Anybody can help me to pick up mandarin?I really missed out on alot of fun just because i can't speak mandarin.Haizz.And also those who dunno hokkien,have fun learning.


seokyeng said...

Hmm since chinese who don't noe mandarin is called banana, what abt hokkien who don't noe how to speak hokkien? HAHA! but it's ok, i have the 'Learn how to speak Penang Hokkien' book u gave. =P

Rabbit said...

what do i get from you if i help you to pick up mandarin eh?

ItchyHandseng said...

seok yeng:errrr watermelon??haha.oo so u can speak hokkien dee ar?good good

rabbit:errr wat u wan eh?Carrots?

seokyeng said...

ehhh ~ cous.. i think u can read my mind. i was thinking abt tat too. and no.. i still can't speak properly. not nice to hear lar.

pinksterz said...

another ajaran sesat by you is it?!

anyway, stop living in denial. you are teaching IMAGINARY students.

*slaps itchy to awake him*

and bertaubatlah wahai chen seng dari menyesatkan orang-orang innocent macam saya.

and btw, the new banner.

the first row, fourth hand pic (or palm) from the right, the fingers are wearing erm, "multifunctional but got one main most popular function" rubber for xy chromosome. right? heheh. kan? kan?

i saw the picture before. :P

but it looks cool! hehe.

pinksterz said...

and anyway, banana means chinese who can't speak chinese! not mandarin only lah!

*boasting my knowledge on banana info*

so you are half mature banana! or mutanted genetic banana!

*hops off singing "ITCHY IS A WEIRD BANANA" over and over again*

ps: forgive me for commenting twice. but i swear it feels good to kutuk you lah my friend. heheh.

ItchyHandseng said...

seokyeng:ngek ngek i got sixsense

Pinksterz:swt speaking in medical language.xy chromosome represent guyz?

pinksterz2:i'm proud big fat and long banana:P

runawaycat said...

HAhahah! This is funny! Where's episode 2?

Eh...teh change to tay la. Haha you don't know me, I don't know you, but I'm ordering you to do things. Sorry. =P

ItchyHandseng said...

Hello run away cat,Go bak home,ur owner miss u.hehe.jkjk.Episode 2 ar?Coming soon.I lazy change dee la .:P

Anonymous said...

awesome song!!