Saturday, May 5, 2007

Itchyz Mamee'z Bday

Last wednesday was Itchyz Momz 51th Bday.Thatz y i had to rush bak to pg but manatau she say she 1 to celebrate 1 day later because i came home late.Swt.Anywayz the next day,we went to T.G.I. FRIDAYZ to celebrate(since tak pernah try yet,baru buka di pg last yr)
K now lets take a peep at the bday girl(alwayz call me dun post her pic on the net 1).Candid shot of my mom waiting patiently for her food.When we reach there already 9 oclock dee,every1zz perut playing music liau.Some sound like piano(Do Re Mi Fa So..) but mine sound like the percuassion (Bang Bing Pong Piang CHiang)
Actually the food arrive quite fast,the service at TgiFri is alot much better than those in Chilis.And the guy that serve my table is an old free.He rememberz me,but i dun remember him wor.Soree Dude.Anywayz all the waiters there are damn cool.KK now lets go to the food(Warning again:Hungry ppl skip this hehe)

Salmon with rice.Forget watz it called dee.Forget to take pic of the menu.

My momz seafood platter .Soree for the weird angle,my bro is a noob photographer(me noob too but not so noob only)

Itchyz salmon with shrimp.The sos taste weird.

My broz steak.Forget which 1 dee.

My momz Tiramisu bday cake (sponsered by Itchy.I dunno wat to buy for my mom dee.Ladies bday very mafan 1 .Buy wat also she dun like)

Itchy posing with mom.

Just now i did mention that the workers at Tgi are cool right?Hehe this is why.......check the video out.

I heard they said my mom 'very old'.Somebody pls watch and comfirm with me.haha.If itz true ,my mom wanna go claim bak the tips hahaha jkjk


Ping Ping said...

its their normal thing la...whoever's bday oso kena say old one..hehhe..lagu yang sama..they dun have special songs for age group..anyone oso kena that... =)

lol..bday dun go TGI..scary...

jlshyang said...

erm...i wouldn't really enjoy that. I think they kinda over do it? Just not my type. I think Italiannie's isn't so elaborate?

Rabbit said...

HA! im gonna tell itchy mama u posted her pics on the net!

vegemaster said...

Happy Birthday Itchyz momma.. lolz
Without you there wouldn't be Itchy SenG.. =)

ItchyHandseng said...

ping2:Yeah u must be sporting if u wan to celebrate there.They might play tricks on u.

jason:i dunno.Haven't be there before.Ur next bday i sing that song for u?hahahaha

rabbit:U seh tak itchy kena caning ar rabbit? :(

vegemaster:haha.Yeah.No her No tangan gatal.

pinksterz said...

boy's birthday is more mafan!

girls very ez!
chocs, flowers, clothes (bra is not included!), books, see?


so far i only have boxers in mind! LOL!

miChi3 said...

haha ..
i macam at 00.32 got heard they said "very old! "
or maybe they said "very good!"

anyway, happy belated birthday to itchy's mama..=)

ItchyHandseng said...

pinksterz:cannot buy bra ar?I buy u thong for ur bday?u wan wat colour?

michie:kk i call my mom go claim bak the tips.hehe.Thanx

williamt said...

yeah, william.
Chiew chun.
hehhe...i found ur site...finally!
Have a niceee day!! Chen Seng, the ithcy!

ItchyHandseng said...

taiko William:hehe.How are u doing ar?Got kau any ah mo kau dee?