Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cruise Ship=Puak Kiau Chun

Hi everybody,soree for lack of updates.Blame it all on my bed and balls.Hehe.Busy sleeping and shaking balls since i came bak to pg.
Anywayz last tuesday,i went on a Cruise Ship with my Mom and Aunt.Say only Cruise Ship la,itzz just a nice name for Puak Kiau Chun(Puak Kiau=gamble,chun=ship).The only attraction in the ship is the Casino nia.(Itchyz first time in Casino,Itzzz Boring).
The so called Cruise Ship.Picture taken from the smaller boat that take us from the port to the ship.
Itchy on the top deck of the ship.Can't open my eyez because of the glaring Sun.Makes my face looks weird right?

The restaurent in the ship.We were given 2 free buffets mealz(lunch and dinner).The food kinda sux though.Normal dishes like fried rice,fried mee, chicken and bla bla bla.And Itz not halal also,got Tau Eu Bak hehe(refer to the pic below)

I called the captain to bring me go find my pembuli in Egypt so i can bully her bak.But manatau can't find her anywhere,dunno which pyrimid she hide in.Hehe.So i end up taking picture with the Sphinx.(Picture taken at the entrance of the Casino).They dun allow cameraz in the Casino,So there is no proof of Itchy gambling.So i'm still a good boy.hehe

After losing all my harta and also the money i borrowed from the loan shark.Itchy went to watch the magic show.(The magician trying to burst that guyz balls,hopefully he target the correct ball).*Pss Psss dun tell the loan shark itchy was here*
The weirdest facility i found in the Cruise Ship was the Hair Salon.Anybody wanz to go to a Cruise Ship to get their hair done?U just have to pay an extra RM60 and 11 hours of ur time.Very worth it.After ur hair is done,u can go to the casino and donate to the taukeh of the ship somemore.

After dinner,there was a show from this group,err forget the name liau.More like a 'ko tai' show.But ok la,quite entertaining,especially when got 1 sporting ah po go up and dance ahaha.That ah po damn energetic,dance better than the singers.hehe Enjoy the video..


jlshyang said...

omg, the singer shouts like stella, hahaha.

the ah po really damn energetic, probably she was a former superstar? lol

miChi3 said...

true true..

anyway..itchy din gamble ma?
if don't gamble your hand will be more itchy wor..=p

seokyeng said...

wah, the ah po is super energetic.
I wonder if our ah ma is like that too? =P We'll never know. Haha.

vvens said...

itchyhands then go gamble. hahaha. his is funny.

anyway i wanna go n a cruise too!!!

ItchyHandseng said...

jlshyang:U going to be dead if stella read this.haha.Yea,i think she winz money la,thatz y so energetic.

michie:i did gamble la.But with my momz money.hahaha

Seok yeng:hahaha.Show Ah Ma this then maybe she will go up dance in Sharonz jie jie wedding.

vvens:U sure u wanna go?will be quite bored there if u dun gamble.Maybe because i go alone la.

pinksterz said...

who is the pembuli in egypt?

so far can bully meh?

seokyeng said...

HAHAHA~! yup yup.. show her! show her! =P

Kenny Ng said...

The puak kiao chun so chio... beh tahan lah!

ItchyHandseng said...

pinksterz:haha how many pembuli that i knoe from egypt?haha.Dunno how lor,u should go ask her

seokyeng:Hahaha i will,when got the chance

kenny ng:Haha,U can go mar.Everyday also got.7 dayz a week,2 times a dayz.

Rabbit said...

itchy go cruise bo jio! Sob sob.