Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Weekend in Penang

Soree for posting something ugly and disguisting on my previous post.It was Rinns fault haha.jkjk.Promise i won't do that again.haha
So last weekend i went bak to my home town.I'm so called the vice president of the PBSM club by my friends.PBSM is not persatuan bulan sabit merah lor.haha itzz Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu.haha.The president of this interesting club is jlshyang haha.But at least now we improve abit liau,dun go bak everyweek dee haha.
Anywayz wat did i do in PG.I reach on friday night.Was so tired,so i spend the whole night sleeping after some small chat with my family and my dog jackie.

On sat morning,i spend most of my time on the net(blogging and reading blogs).Then kena jadi my mom's driver in the afternoon.Haiz.By the time i reach back home,itzz time to go dinner liau.We went to Seoul Garden in gurney plaza to have our dinner.There is where i met smashpop.But didn't wan to kacau him because he'zz enjoying his dinner with his family(i think).
Here are some pictures i took in the bbq steamboat:
Didn't expect to find pizza in a korean bbq place.
The 'char siew' chicken and the fish are my favourite dish for the night.It taste so good.
I drank infinity cups of drinks and most of them are coke hhaa (my fav drink) since itzz free flow.The pic below is a coke float with jagung icecream.Taste really weird.
BBQ banana.hahaha.Learn that from Grandma Sara but i dun dare to eat after BBQing it.haha

Ice Cream Kacang.haha.Just like ice kacang,just replace the ice with ice cream.Yummy(caution:very fattening haha)

After consuming so much oil and fat of course must exercise la.So my poor bro had to be my punching bag.hahaha.Since he is fatter.hahaha
Then at night i went for supper with Dawson and Stella.Was suppose to go with Wenqi manatau......Anywayz,of course i didn't eat dee la.Perut also wan to pecah liau.Just had a drink and talk(more like gossiping).haha.I'm so pat por.haha.Dun worry not gossiping about any of U.

Sunday woke up late,went to visit wenqi again,this time in her house,She looks fine i guess(right wenqi?)One to look at her pic after the accident?Go to Boss Stewie's blog.Met Boss stewie in wenqi's house and he passed me the nuffnang stickers.Thanx Boss.(Itchy Supporting nuffnang all the way even though my blog still not good enough for any advertisers.haha)

After that i broke the Itchy Books of Records.I took 8 hours to reach KL.8 is like more than 2 times my usual time.Broke jlshyangs record too.I drove at 20km/h in the high way.Gosh terrible jam.Iguess the front drivers must be playing an april fool joke because there is no rain,no accident and no nth.Eaten my dinner at 1230am that day.Teong li and Khai chuin misses the last lrt and had to stay in booz and auntyz house.Sad case man.


Zer0 said...

Heh, just post a comment on ur previous post and now i see a new post =.=!

So president of kelab PBSM, this week mau balik kampung again? sure no more 8hrs liao...
Lucky last week din follow u back... LOL!

CheNsEnG said...

Zero booz:Dun wan la.Need to study liau.haha Must go library everyday.haha.

jia hou said...

Whao the food sure taste nice!.....erm itchy next time belanja me la(whole set)?i teach u engineering maths k?hahahah!(i m dreaming....wake up now!)
U go to lib to study or sleep?do bring along or pillows....they will help u getting a nice sleep in lib,trust me!

- PC - said...

YO.. how many car sticker u wana stick? can c at the back boh? hehe..

ItchyHandseng said...

Jia Hou:Haha u guarantee teach me till get A then maybe i belanja U la.Go library sleep ar?I think i prefer my bed.

-pc-:2 stickers nia ma.But cannot see dee haha.need to exchange their places only can see.nuffnang sticker too big

Rabbit said...

Eh? U chat with ur dog? Use what language ha? Teach teach!! =p Oh by the way, can i link you? ^^

ItchyHandseng said...

My Dog speaks English and Hokkien.haha.More kheng then Scooby Doo.Of course u can,linking u up too.

Erin said...

weiii... i want tht nuffnang sticker!!!!!!!!!!! eyerh,i'll break into ur car.. :P wah,speak in hokkien oso?? KEAT!!! oh,btw that last pic before Matthew's pic is cross breed between tht creature in LOTR and human izzit??

ItchyHandseng said...

Wah break into my car,you wan to become minah rempit dee?U can get the stickers from boss stewie ma.u still in pg right?Cross breed between golem and mrbean with a baby body.haha i guess.But it looks like me.:P

jia hou said...

actually thats a failure creation of god.....

Erin said...

ahahah XD !
still in penang,but then I got tht sticker oso no use,no car! HAHA. Unless it can be stick onto motorbike larh! XD LOL . WAH , look like you? where got???

ItchyHandseng said...

erin:can stick at ur face mar
hahaha.Dun look like me ar?Must be i look even worst than that.Haizz.haha