Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chee Boo and Yee Sze Bday (Part 2:Aloha)

After makan full full in Saisaki.We walk to Aloha club(very near only down the road nia).This is my first time clubbing.You see la i so kuai 1.haha.This Ah Boo kak pai wa nia.haha.jkjk.On the way there we pick up Captain Oh(my ex-classmate,not some kind of superhero)

Itzz so pack in there,maybe because itzz Saturday night.We can't even find ourself a table.Have to share with 2 apeks and a women.But the apek very cool 1.I think they are more high then most of the youngsters there.Somemore belanja my friend some of their beer.So wat is there to do in a club beside Drinking ,Dancing and loooking at hotbabes?haha Maybe can camgig abit also.haha
Me and birthday boy.haha.Still birthdayboy because this pic is taken before 12 am.

Cheers or Yam Seng.I dunno watzz the drink called.Some kind of whiskey.
Did u realise the extra glass?The club is haunted.hahaha

The guyzz acting cool.(except for me,i look stupid) Desmond was suppose to do a strip tease for the bday girl.hahaha
Picture in the dance floor.You see la call the camera man to take our group pic ,he go take pic of the hot girls dancing at the back.As u can see the girls there are so hot until some ppl need to wear Sun glasses as if there is a hot sun there.

This is a perfect picture.But then u see la those 2 guyzz .Guess wat are they looking at?

Haha the most important thing that nite is to get the birthday boy and girl drunk.Looks like we've done a good job in the pics,but actually they are not drunk.:(

We left Aloha at 3am then went for breakfast/supper then after that we went to CC for counterstrike and Dota somemore.I reach bak home at 830am.:P Really enjoyed the whole night and morning.:P

P.S. And i forgot to buy any presents for both the Bday Boy and Girl.Next year i pay bak with a big big present ok?Boo u wan Big Big Bear or Big Big Monokuro BOO?haha.


bubbly soda said...

you had fun! they had fun! everyone had fun! that is important.

hey.. if the bday boy saw what you replied to my comments... you sure kena kerja one.

conan_cat said...

ooo? aloha is at kl or at pg or...? lol sorry i oso no clubbing boy so ur not da onli one XD

and walao dota until 8.30am morning?? so syoknya!! :D

jia hou said...

so nice ah boo can cuci mata...itchy hand u shud be careful at that place since ur hand is so itchy....later u raba raba ppl's butt then how?!i cant help u even though i m botak chin liao!

ItchyHandseng said...

Bubbly Soda:haha i'm in his house now wor.haha.Tak dikerja lagi.He busy play game.

Conan:Aloha in kl.hahaha.We started dotaing at 4am mar.

Jia Hou:haha i kena raba got la.haha.over there everybody is rabaing everybody.Botak chin also cannot help ar?Die liau lor

Zer0 said...

hey bubbly soda, i saw ur post alrd... lol~
u help me take the money back from itchy then we share share ok? XD

eh jia hou, i very kuai wan... i go in there stay in the toilet only... dun see girls wan ok...

jiahou said...

......ah boo u got weird taste ar?..u see people pee?!haha joking!

ItchyHandseng said...

Zero:Reply to last post:Ya my cousin.haha.NaNaDeBuBU.Dunwan pay bak.My birthday time belanja u makan roti canai ok?hahaha

Zero:Wah now pakat with green eye monster 1 to rob me ar?*itchy panggil polis*And dun alwayz go girlz toilet and peep .Later the bouncer kick u out

Jia Hou:Haha.Thats y la he'z eyez red everyday.:P jkjk

miszmilk said...

Wah clubbing!
What did you drink? :P

If you ever come to Melbourne, try Bacardi 151. It's banned in Malaysia because of high alcoholic content. (70% alcohol). Don't worry you won't die. I tried twice already :)

ItchyHandseng said...

MissSUSU:The next time u come bak make sure u sneak me in ur back lor.haha.Wah 70% ar?Later i 1 sip only KO dee

jia hou said...

miszmilk: is it 75.5% ? i thought the rum is flammable....erm...maybe is other kind of dangerous drink.....

itchy: better u drink it without any addition of water or as ingredient of cocktail since the rum can help to burn some fat for u...joking!
(by the way if u REALLY drink that "straight" u can burn ur organs....)

Zer0 said...

wah, jia hou pro in this thing...
really johor taiko loh...
jia hou u got seludup dat bacardi inside malaysia and sell?
give me 1 for freeXD

itchy ah... dun drink liaolah... learn like me...
go drink coke can dee~

miszmilk said...

Jia Hou : Yeap, I did some searching (not just wikipedia)but yeah, Bacardi 151 alcohol content is 75.5%. 70% is still high anyway :P

Other flammable ones is probably Abstinthe aka Flaming Green Fairy.
Or Flaming Lamborghini. Tried the former not the latter.

and yes,151 burns.

jia hou said...

zer0:sorry i dun have any bacardi now.....if u dun mind i can belanja u
my own made alcohol....if u wan u can always follow me to the chemist lab....i will made some 35% alcohol special for u!

miszmilk:wah really got do survey one....u shud be called miszalcohol....or miszwine.....more suitable...XD joking

itchy:go go itchy dun care about zer0 just go ahead and drink tonight until u forget about ur tomolo exam!

jia hou said...

my last comment on this post:

hey itchy i introduce u to the US made vodka : Everclear Vodka 190 proof!wee haa!!Drink this directly and u can wait me in the other world!(actually i cant really sure that it is made in US or Russia since the word vodka refer to some kind of wine in Russia....watever...) :(

ItchyHandseng said...

Zero:of course he taiko lar.Botak Chin wor.What do u expect?Eh coke is mine mine all mine.You dun get to share.You go drink ur whisky

MiszAlcohol:hahaha nice name.Eh cous taubat.Drink coke like me enough.haha

Jia Hou:Wah later i cannot wake up for exam again lor.Wah u banyak pro in all this hard drinks har?Taiko memang Taiko.Me only expert in soft drinks :P

miszmilk said...

Hey, I drink so much coke over here it's not funny.