Thursday, April 5, 2007

RoTi CaNaI Promotion

Still remember the post on Cikgu Itchy teaching their students not to be kiam siap?haha.Those of u that missed it can check bak here.

A month after the incident itchy visited the mamakz.

Itchy:Hey Boss apasai duduk sana pak bang(hit mosquitoe)??
Worker:Tak ada customer,tak pukul nyamuk mau buat apa?
Itchy:Tak ada customer pergi sebelah punya CC main DOTA la.
Worker:Gilakah,Nanti Boss cincang saya masak curry.
Itchy:Hahaha.Lu takut Boss macam takut isteri saja.Mana customer semua lari?
Worker:Hari itu saya halau itu dua kiamsiap punya orang lah,customer lain salah faham ingat service saya tak baik.Lebih lebih lagi customer sekarang lebih suka pergi MacMamakz.Haiz
Itchy:Nvm Nvm.Saya ada idea.Kita buat promotion roti canai.
Worker:Apa promotion?Saya tak ada duit untuk bayar you la.Sudah hampir bankrupt.
Itchy:Tak payah bayar.Tiap tiap hari bagi free 2 keping roti canai cukup.haha
Worker:Boleh boleh.Saya bagi free curry juga.
Itchy:Yeah buat tak kiamsiap di balas tak kiamsiap.:PSerahkan kepada saya la.

So herez how itchy going to promote Roti Canai.....

and the song (not i sing 1 lah)

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jia hou said...

.....u made me think of "somebody"(ur buddy,itchy)...better not mention directly the name here or there will be war here.....
i maybe kiam siap in some ways but definitely not in eating.....walau eat also wanna calculate price.....maybe this type of person will also calculate how much toilet paper or how many mm water they used to clean their butt after poo....
(acting)look at the flooding shit (counting)....1...2...3...4....ok 4 pieces....the type is (censored).....ok i need to use wat wat wat mm of water or wat wat wat pieces of toilet paper.....
forgive me for the disgusting example but....hey i have a fren like that too!and hes not penangite!itchy shud know too....

ItchyHandseng said...

jia hou:Alamaks,ur comment so disguisting untill nobody else dare to comment.hahaha jkjk.

Rabbit said...

eh~ i don remember when was the last time i had roti canai already.

*rabbit reaches out paw and minta roti canai from itchy*

Zer0 said...

jia hou study till gila dee...
simply say things... LOL!
whose the other fren of urs?

itchyhand next time belanja makan roti canai ah... since u got free two pieces of roti canai alrd... =D

ItchyHandseng said...

rabbit:hahaha go eat la.everynight mamak also open ma

zero:No NO.The 2 piece is for me and my imaginary wife.hahaah