Monday, April 23, 2007

Chee Boo and Yee Sze Bday (Part 1:Restaurent Saisaki)

Birthday lagi.Haha.This time is Chee Booz aka Ah boo aka Zero and Yee Sze time.Actually their bday falls on different dayz.Boo on sat and Yee Sze on Sunday.So to celebrate together,we celebrate from Sat nite till the Sun morning la.

The first part of the party is held in...............................................ta daaaa.Restoran Saisaki Japanese Buffet.1 of the best buffet i had ever eaten.Super banyak choice 1.I can't finish trying each and every type of food there.My perut got no space for dessert also lor (my perut very big u knoe).And all that for just RM52++(around 60 la).Considered cheap for japanese buffet liau.
Should i let the pics do the talking?Today itchy no mood to crap la.

I had to come up with this since the Saisaki ppl dun allow me to take a pic on their 'chiew pai'.Wan to promote them also so susah.The innocent baby itchy crab cute bo?

Bday boy and friend tak sabar sabar wan to eat dee.*Kena marah after take this picture isshhhh*

Oyster baked with cheese.Sedapz betul.Ur trip there will be worth it if u hentam 10 of this oyster.The other solution is drink 50 cups of milo haha.I use my maths skills to count liau.*My mouth still smell like oyster*

The delicious sushi.What sushi also got ar.I'm a sushi noob(dunno watz it call and can't differentiate the taste).But at least when ppl ask me if i tried this bla bla bla sushi?I can anwser yes because i try all dee.

Over here we have the Tempurazzz.Used to be my choice over Sushi.But now i prefer sushi alot more than tempurazz.Most tempuraz taste the same to me too.(And is still dun eat green vege even after itzz deep fried)

After feeling up each and every empty space in my stomach.Itzz camgig time.*haha like the new name for male camwhorez?*

Birthday Boy with the (few overs later) Birthday girl.

The 4 entaubazz.Actually got 1 more.I think he still busy eating until forget to camgig.:P

The 3 leng luiz

And when u group the leng chai and leng luiz together u will get a whole bunch of good looking ppl :P
*And the other entauba is bak on the left*
P.S This post is also to promote the bday boy.He say he needs to sell ass because sudah pokkai.Anybody wan to buy? hehe.Anywayz he and the bday girl combined to belanja all of us.Thank You har Boozz and help me thank Yee Sze also.


bubbly soda said...

Eh, you blanja baru betul ma! ppl's bday kena blanja u summore! but the food looks good! yum! everyone is going for jepun food!!! Me want!

jlshyang said...

Ahh...i didn't remember the cheesy oyster when i was there last time. I love cheese!!

I'm sure ur stomach grew bigger d now, lol.

jia hou said...

all seafood?i quite allergy to seafood....but looked yummy la!Itchy ar....dun eat too much liao ar....later u become michelin(tyre man)then how?i ll pretend i dunno u if u become like that! XD jk jk!

ItchyHandseng said...

Green Eyed monster:haha.I poor ma.Where can belanja.And i dun have sexy ass to sell like the bday boy.hahaha.

Jlshyang:haha.Yeeapz musn't eat for 2 dayz liau.

jiahou:haha Michelin is ur buddy la.Not me.haha.Wah become fat dee u dunno me liau la?ishh

Jolene said...

birthday??,,,,din call me also...i like to eat sushi..but luckily you din call me, if not i need to prepare two presents de..haha,,

ItchyHandseng said...

jolene: Next time u belanja me eat sushi then i bring u there la.hahaha talking about presents i macam lupa beli lor.hahaha.:P

Zer0 said...

o.O jolene ur cousin ah...
yahor should ask her go ma...
can get free present...

itchy pay me back RM120? mine + urs... XD jkjk