Friday, April 13, 2007

Itchyhand DNA

Countdown:5 More Dayz to Stupid Exams

5 more dayz nia.And i still bo kiasi(not scared dead) can blog.haha.Wattodo leh.Hands too itchy wat.But hopefully this is my last post before my examz Endss :P Must tahan itchyness for a week.So now i would like to apply for study leave for a week (till my exams over) .Approve anot?
Whoever see me blog another post before next friday(20th april 2007) pls scold me and report to my mum ok? haha.U see la i so good give free pass for ppl to scold me.haha.(Bulliers dun take advantage har)
Haha for those of u that dun have EXAMS can slowly see and kaji itchyz DNA ok.Miss Lehbit says my itchyhand so itchy so i have to do this DNA test wor.Scared i got 1 extra mutant gene in my hands.Hehe.Dun worry,this is not the boring stuff u learn from Biology class.Itchyz DNA canggih 1 mah.Got pics 1.haha.So buta huruf also can read 1.

K la better go bak to maths.
1+1=3 right?
U see itchy so smart.hahaha.Must add carrot oil dee.
*itchy goes bak to study table*


Rabbit said...

Leave approved!! I will tell ur papi mami one if u post samo! =p Eh, but how to tell lah? Gib number!

eh 1+1 bukan equals to 4 meh? *scratch head* rabbit only add carrot der! But if u wanna add oso can lah. I sponsor u some carrots wokey?

miChi3 said...

eh...same goes over here..i also got exam on 23th april..=(

if cannot blog, then can online ma? hahahaha..

ItchyHandseng said...

rabbit:haha u also need go study maths moms number is 016-XXXXXXX.Thanx for sponsoring the carrots.Oil nowadayz very expensive.

Michie:Good luck for ur examz.haha.Cannot online ar?later i go crazy wor.

EveLYn said...

itchy itchy, good lucky for exams. scratch scracth. =p

baby sa said...

but I am not close with your parents..

Mischique said...

heyy itchy..good luck for your exam! you'd better kick ass in it!

ItchyHandseng said...

evelyn:Thank you.*itchy scratch bak*

baby sa:I told lehbit her phone number dee.Ask her for it.haha

mischique:thanx mischique.I dunno how to kick ass 1.I knoe how to scratch ass only.haha :P

pinksterz said...

goodie luck!

ItchyHandseng said...

Thanx pinky

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