Sunday, April 8, 2007


Hitz fm 10th Birthday Bash? NO
Speed Zone Tour Rave Party?NO
Then where did Itchy go yesterday night leh??
Actually i dun plan to go for any of the above because my examz is like so near(next week).But since my cous keep bugging me and my idol (ah niu )is going to sing so i mah go lor.U'll might call me ah beng for idolizing MrCow,but i dun care la,i tai ko mar :P My most fav song from him is 'Sui Cha Bo' anybody haven't listen before?

Bak to the concert,
Actually we need invitation pass to masuk this concert 1 which,me,my cous and booz didn't knoe.So reach there dee how ar?Takkan wan to go bak meh.So we sneak in la.The guards there also SH SH(stupid) abit wan.

This picture is taken when on my way down to Sunway Lagoon(the concert is held there).Alot of ppl right?hahaha.Wait till u see the pic below

Ta Da.A colony of Ants opps i mean Humans.So crazy la,dunno how many ribu ppl went.Pack until got ppl fainted halfway through the concert.And as u usual,Me 'banjir' dee la.

This is some local artist,i dunno who la,but her style of dressing ,singing and dancing almost same like Jolin Tsai 1.

This is my idol,Mr Cow.haha.That day he nv sing my fav song la.sobs sobs.Sing all new song which i dunno.

Hmm,Janice Wei Lian.The star of the night.First time in Malaysia,after her performance everybody belah liau lor,pity Cao Ge who perform after her.Half the audience is gone

Hmm u see,the guard stop the other ppl and let my go bak first haha.Y leh?Because i'm the VVIP la.hahaha.The actual reason is because i'm a PPIG.They scared me spoil the escalator because i'm too heavy.hahaha


pinksterz said...

bad bad itchy! sneaked into a concert like that!

*spanks itchy*

*rotans itchy*

*smacks itchy*

Kenny Ng said...

Wahhh... looks so happening leh. LOL at pinksterz's comment.

ItchyHandseng said...

pinksterz:Soree mama.Promise i won't do again.
*ouch ouch*

Kenny:Itzz not really that fun to get stuck in teh middle of a few thousand ppl.:)pinksterz kejam right?

jia hou said...

cant comment good thing on this post since itchy sneak into a concert......i help to rotan itchy some more....
"pak" "pak" "pak" (smacking sound)

ItchyHandseng said...

Jia Hou:Wah every 1 wan to be my parents and teacher
*sobs sobs*

Ping Ping said...

i think the girl u think looks like jolin is shi xin huey. Singapore Superstar, girls team, 1st runner up. A Malaysian with Singapore PR

ItchyHandseng said...

ping ping:wah,expert in super star hahaha

Rabbit said...

Eh! I also like ah niu! Mooo mooo!!

I like his tao hua duo duo kai~ keke!

ItchyHandseng said...

rabbit:yeah ah beng got kaki dee.hahaha.:P

Zer0 said...

jia hou i'm here =D
wasted u din follow us there...
if not u say ur botak chin then give us go in free dee...

Pinksterism i help u...
sneaked in...

*spanks itchy*

*rotans itchy*

*smacks itchy*

eh i also ah niu fren leh, but i dunwan be ah beng... :)