Friday, April 27, 2007

Why is the coffee gone?Opps i mean the Rum

Why is the Rum gone?Aiyah Why somemore?Itchy and friends already finish it last week mah.Lupa liau ar?Hehe.
Any fan of Captain Jack ass Sparrow here? Itchy is 1 of them.I'm sure all those fans out there tak sabar sabar waiting for Pirates of the Coffeebean 3(Did i get the title right?).Next time you go to coffee bean remember to look out for Mr Jack sparrow.His black pearl might be hiding inside ur black coffee.(Nonsense End Here)

NuffNang(takkan you dunno apa itu NuffNang) booked an entire cinema hall at Cineleisure for the Opening Night of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and they’re giving away tickets to Nuffnangers FOR FREE!!! There is only place for 250 nuffnangers.(So wat the hell are you waiting for?*from Numb*)Aiks forget to tell wat are u'll suppose to do.(Refer below *itchy getting lazy*)

So whoz planning to go?Now itchy tak adak kawan to go together gether.And somemore i will be bak in Pg at that time.Hehe.But i really do wan to go for it.Will try my best.Boss STEWIE I wan the TICKETS.(Dun wan to dress like pirate can ar?:P)


jia hou said...

ya i m a captain jack ass fan too.thanks for the information but i m not planning on getting it.maybe itchy u can film "Itchy gang of Malaysia"....i will find the suitable actors for u.....excluding me!

ItchyHandseng said...

apa itchy gang of malaysia pulak.hahaha.U will be the watak utama.Taiko Botak Chin.hahaa.Eh u exam belum habis.GO GO STUDY