Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ITCHY BOX 1 (Fei Ni Mo Shu)

2 years ago.before entering uni,i told myself that i must pick up the mandarin language but wat happens??After 2 years,the only hua yu that i knoe how to say is 'Wo bu hui jiang hua yu'.Trust me,i can say this sentence real good,till those ppl that i reply to dun belief that i can't speak mandarin.Haizzzz.

So now,i'm going to memperkenalkan ITCHY BOX to my blog hehe.Trying to kill a few birds here:

  1. Main Reason: To pick up and practice my MANDARIN.
  2. Practice my piano.haha.Haven't touch for years liau(I'm a noobie)
  3. Increase traffic?haha my traffic drop to below 20 liau.sobs sobs.(all my fault,for not updating frequently)

Without wasting anymore time,ITCHY presents to u the first song of ITCHY BOX.hehe.FEI NI MO SHU.Lehbit introduce this song to me sometime ago,she say after listening to this song then can get very LUM 1 haha.But that time i dun understand a word of this song.Now baru paham.

(This was played by ITCHY,so dun expect to much from it k?haha.I'm a noob) (can u'll listen to the full song?)

P.S Before you'll start singing,lets together-gether wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MITCHY.


pinksterz said...

so long the lyrics one

miChi3 said...

haha..thanks a lot ICHIE!

-sHaN sHaN- said... can you say "wo bu hui jiang hua yu"??? dat sentence is mandarin and u noe hw 2 say
nice dis song 2..

Abu said...

which uni are u in now?

jia hou said...

come to my mandarin tuition class.....tuition fee is RM 700 per month including lunch and dinner(RM 2.80 x 2)......if u interested pls contact me 017-1487561....
just kidding...=d
actually,wo ye bu li hai jiang hua yu (i also not good in mandarin)
qing ni jiao wo hua yu,wo de hua yu lan dao chu zha,hong mao ren de hua yu dou bi wo hao,tu xue!!!
(pls teach me mandarin,my mandarin is damn lousy,even foreigner better than me,vomiting blood!!!!!

Rabbit said...

YOu easily "langgar" into my heart.

OMG chio si wa! Kekeke!

So u now pro in singing this song already lah?

Oh, happy belated birthday MiChi3!!

Eve said...

hey, u play piano? can send me that score ah ?

ItchyHandseng said...

pinksterz:haha long long only can learn more mah.

michie:U're welcome MITCHY

Shan shan:thatz the only sentence i knoe how to say leh.haha i like the song alot also

abu:haha I'm in UM.How bout u?

Jia hou:aiya u teach me mandarin then i belanja u makan 2.80 la.i belanja u soup also ahha.

rabbit:haha correct translation wat.haha.Yeah now pro dee.can memorize dee

eve:Yeah i play piano but very bad in it.ermm how to send u?

baby sa said...

hehe...scan the score and send it to me too:P

[ jN ] said...

ni zhen de na mo cha ma..?
ke shi ni nen "interprete" ee tiao ke worr..

wo ye shi xiang ciao ren..
ke shi ing kai shi mei you ni na mo yang cha ba.. xDD

interprete it..! HahA..
my romanization got problem a bit i think.. LOL.